Digital Art Resources

Floating Cities - Audio visual art. Requires flash.

Galanter, Philip - Portfolio of art created using generative software, academic papers on generative art and complexity science and software for these, notes for a course taught on generative art practice, links and topic bibliography.

Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam - An organization which works toward the complete automatization of art production. Sample visual, musical and performance pieces, as well as publications on the theory of machine-generated art.

Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium - Visual art in the style of a planetarium. Stocks are displayed as stars, flickering when bought and sold and clustering according to market fluctuations. Online and offline versions.

Blinkenlights - Online gallery of public interactive light installation by Chaos Computer Club turning a building at the heart of Berlin into a huge computer screen. People can play Pong using their mobile phone and create animations with downloadable tool.

├Ąda 'web - Research and development platform, digital foundry with artists invited to experiment with, and reflect upon, the web as a medium.

Artnetweb - One of the first hosts.

Asseptic - Network of projects. A foyer leading to art, design, essays and web experiments.

Experimental Intermedia - Experimental Intermedia has been supporting musicians and artists experimenting with "intermedia" since 1968.

IPL Pathfinder: - A research guide from the Internet Public Library.

Ljubljana Digital Media Lab - Open-access media laboratory, an initiative of the Open Society Institute, Slovenia, supporting education and research in many fields related to Operates a guest program presenting international and local artists.