Animal Health and Petcare Websites

American Veterinary Medical Law Association. - National association of attorneys, veterinarians, and other individuals and organizations with an interest in veterinary medical law and how it pertains to the veterinary profession and allied fields.

Animal Health - The UK government's executive agency primarily responsible for ensuring that farmed animals in Great Britain are healthy, disease-free and well looked after, and that risk to public health from animal disease is minimised.

Animal Health Centre Newsletters - Informative articles about interesting cases, diagnostic tests, field disease investigation, and general happenings in the laboratory from the "Diagnostic Diary", a quarterly publication from the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Animal Health, Emerging Animal Disease (AHEAD) - Federation of American Scientists' project for proactive surveillance of zoonoses and other animal diseases. Includes information on rabies, West Nile fever, ehrlichiosis, equine encephalitis, anthrax, Pfiesteria, "mad cow" disease, deformed frogs, and diseases of both wildlife and farm animals.

Bayer Animal Health - International Animal Health Portal - Provides information about companion and farm animals. Organized in four sections, gives advice on how to prevent and to treat diseases.

Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health - CEAH is an organization that aims to produce timely, factual information and knowledge about animal health and improve international disease surveillance.

CSIRO Animal Health - Australia's national research organization for animal health, developing the country's capability to quickly diagnose exotic (foreign) and emerging animal diseases.

Exotic Pet Vet.Net - Committed to providing current information for owners, breeders, and veterinarians, written by a Board Certified Avian Specialist veterinarian and exotic animal consultant.

Morris Animal Foundation - Improves the health and well-being of companion animals and wildlife by funding humane health studies and disseminating information about these studies.

National Biosecurity Resource Center - A United States data resource to enable preparation for animal health emergencies.

National Center for Animal Health Surveillance - Provides a gateway to the USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service departments covering the monitoring and reporting of animal health issues in the US.

NOVA Online - Animal Hospital - Website for a television program. Includes information and links about animal behavior, working with problem pets, and related animal health topics.

USDA: Animal Health - The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service provides information on the health of domestic animals in the United States including an animal health report, disease information, laboratory services and veterinary services.

VetMed - Information on how to subscribe to this email discussion group - for veterinarians and others interested in veterinary topics. Online archives, for members only.

Veterinary Medicine  

The Animal Blood Register - Helps vets find animal blood donors. Information for pet owners and vets and a searchable database of animal donors to help match blood types.

Animal Science - Animal science, animal production, and veterinary medicine community. Literature search, news, reviews, and a job service.

AONA Veterinary Cases - Information on veterinary health care education and treatment concerning musculo-skeletal injuries.

Case Studies in Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine - The site presents veterinary patients in a grand rounds format. The participant is asked to examine all of the relevant material and then to make a diagnosis and answer questions regarding the case. Follow-up information and a case discussion follows.

Center for Animal Health and Productivity - Established to implement teaching, research and service programs directed toward the improvement of health and productivity in food animal herds and flocks.

Center for Veterinary Medicine - The United States federal agency that regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. Includes antimicrobial resistance information, topical index, and agency information.

Consultant - Online computer-assisted veterinary diagnosis tool. Enter signs or diagnosis in search box and get possible matches.

Current Veterinary Journal Database - Provides a searchable veterinary and animal science bibliograpical database: indexes all articles from veterinary and animal science journals, papers of most important veterinary conference proceedings, electronic papers and theses.

Database of Approved Animal Drug Products - A searchable database provided by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine.

David Levine - Links and general information concerning rehabilitation and physical therapy for animals.

E-Vet - Includes sections for veterinarians only, with e-mail lists, message boards, and client handouts. Also includes pet health information, and databases of veterinarians and veterinary supply companies.

FARAD - Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank - Databank listing the withdrawal times for drugs used in food producing animals in the United States.

For Vets Only - Includes help wanted, practices and equipment for sale, and positions wanted.

Martindale's Health Science Guide: Veterinary Center - Includes directory of veterinary science links.

The Merck Veterinary Manual - An online reference for animal health information.

MyVetOnline - Provides a directory of veterinary clinics, reference articles for pet owners, and a complementary web site service for veterinarians.

National Board Examination Committee for Veterinary Medicine - NBEC provides standardized examinations for use by state and provincial licensing boards as part of their procedure for licensing veterinarians. Provides details of examinations, addresses of licensing boards and a forum.

Nearly Dr Ferox - The blog of a veterinary student at Melbourne University during the last two years of her degree course.

NetVet Veterinary Resources - Large collection of veterinary medical and animal related internet resources.

The Neurology Service Pages - For the VMTH at the University of Florida. These pages are presented for the benefit of students, veterinarians and animal owners throughout the world.

NomadVets - Provides a service advertising jobs for vets, assistants, locums and nurses in South Africa.

Side Effects of Rimadyl - Includes information on the use and possible side effects of Rimadyl, provided by the Senior Dogs Project.

Stem Cell Therapy - Provides information in a question and answer format on regenerative cell therapy for pets.

Tails of Hope Foundation - Not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine and helping to eradicate cancer and other life-threatening diseases affecting companion animals.

Texas Cooperative Extension: Veterinary Medicine - Provides information on livestock and herd health matters. Includes a list of publications, FAQs, a quarterly review and an events program.

UC Davis Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service - Veterinary dentistry for veterinarians, students and pet owners. Provided by the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of California at Davis.

USDA APHIS -Veterinary Services - United States regulatory body charged with protecting, sustaining, and improving the health, quality, and productivity of U.S. livestock and poultry. Includes departments and programs.

UT SkinVet - Designed to assist practicing veterinarians and pet owners with various problems associated with veterinary dermatology.

VET Helpline India - Provides information on the veterinary profession and education in India. Also gives vets the opportunity to interact with online experts for a second opinion.

Vet Surgeon - Portal for all veterinary practitioners. Includes professional news, forum, jobs, products, and training calendar. Based in the United Kingdom.

VetConnect - Information resource for veterinarians. Includes diagnostic laboratory reports, medical and product information, and electronic commerce, and free web pages for veterinarians.

Veterinary Accreditation - USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service offers information on the accreditation program which allows private veterinary practitioners to work cooperatively with Federal veterinarians and State animal health officials in connection with the export of animals.

Veterinary Information Network - VIN - Large online community for veterinarians. Includes vet finder, forums, membership information, consultants, and contact information. Must be a VIN member to access all of the site.

Veterinary Medicine Resources - Veterinary medicine links, articles, chat, bulletin boards.

VetExplorer - Collaborative veterinary portal with interactive services for veterinarians and vet students including a forum, free classifieds, articles, news, contributions and downloads.

VetGate - Gateway to a search of evaluated internet resources in animal health. Aimed at students, researchers, academics, and practitioners in animal health.

VetLearn - Several journals of veterinary medicine with contents available on subscription as well as veterinary news, veterinary conferences and veterinary discussion boards.

VetMedCenter - For veterinarians and pet owners. Features searchable formulary, case studies, practice tips, news, procedures, and specialties for veterinarians and pet care information, breed center, first aid, and medical resources for pet owners.

VetNurse - Portal for veterinary nurses and technicians. Includes professional news, forum, jobs, products and training resources. Based in the United Kingdom.

VetProf and VetPlus - International e-mail list for professional veterinary discussion. Includes list charter, online subscription application form, archives, client information sheets, and FAQ.


Alternative Pet Health - Articles and discussion forums on alternative pet health and natural rearing, indexed by animal and by treatment method.

Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre - Centre of excellence for the provision of holistic natural medicine techniques, for the treatment of all kinds of animals. The first veterinary centre dedicated to Alternative Medicines in the UK.

AltVetMed - Information on acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional therapy and other alternative modalities, from veterinarians Susan Wynn and Jan Bergeron.

Animal Institute of Holistic Health - Organization offering clinics, classes and seminars which provide training in natural and alternative therapies for animals.

Animal, the Wellness Magazine - Articles on natural healing and nutrition, advice from leading animal experts, coping with pet loss, and acting on behalf of endangered animals.

Caninenergy Ltd - Provider of courses in complementary canine health care science. Gives a calendar and details of courses available which are held in Essex, UK.

Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine - Working Dogs book review of veterinary reference/text book of the above title, by complementary/alternative veterinarians Allen Schoen and Susan Wynn.

Complementary Veterinary Medicine - American Animal Hospital Association article.

Connections Reiki: Animal Healing and Wellness - Offers Reiki and other natural and holistic healing techniques for pets.

EthnoVetWeb - Information on ethnoveterinary medicine, or how people around the world use traditional methods to keep their animals healthy and productive, and how development can build on this information.

Gold Bead Implantation in Small Animals - Paper by Dr. Terry Durkes about the use of this therapy to treat a number of conditions.

Hirudolab: International Medicinal Leech Center - Breeders of leeches. Provides information on leeches and how they can be used in veterinary medicine for treating abscesses, painful joints, glaucoma, myasthenia and to heal venous diseases and thrombosis.

Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies - Courses on Shiatsu, massage, flower essence therapy, and energy healing.

Natural Animal Health - Chiropractic, homoeopathy, massage, herbs, acupuncture and other natural/alternative therapies for animals, how they work and who can do them. Practitioner search and animal health forum.

Natural Pet News - Online resources and articles to help keep your pets healthy the natural way. Focus on prevention, nutrition, aromatherapy and other holistic and natural pet care.

Natural Rearing of Dogs and Cats - Information on holistic health care for animals. Articles on diet, vaccination, herbs, homeopathy, NAET allergy treatment, applied to pets.

The Naturally Healthy Pet - Provides informational articles and a forum for discussion of natural therapies for keeping animals healthy. Membership required.

Out of the Earth - Natural healing alternatives for pets and their people, including aromatherapy and flower essence blends, goddess, yin, affirmations, inspiration, astrology, chakras, and crystals.

Pet Sage Articles and Books - Articles and Books on pet nutrition, nutritive herbs, vitamins and supplements, pet food labels, holistic therapies, canine acupressure, joint diseases, non-violent training, and a holistic view of pet allergies.

Reiki Me Well - Describes how Reiki can help animals. Offers healing in the home for pets and owners in the Orange County, California area and free distance healing.

Taranet Alternative Animal Therapies - Online information source of complementary animal therapies, including acupuncture, animal communication, chirpractic, equine massage, herbal remedies, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, magnotherapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, radionics, reiki, shiatsu, ailments, and training.

Theravet - Information on chiropractic manipulation, hydrotherapy, laser treatment, acupuncture, nutrition and behavioral therapy. Listing of animal therapists throughout the UK.


Avian Health - Email list group which is focused on general care, disease prevention, and nutrition.

Avian Nutrition - Provides the basic guidelines of a birds nutritional needs.

Avian Vets & Veterinarian Services - Find veterinarians, pet hospitals, tips, and advice. From Birds n Ways.

Baby Bird Science and Medicine - Veterinarian discusses in detail the female reproductive anatomy, the formation of eggs, incubation, hatching, and newborns.

Bathing the Psittacine - Presents the how and why of bathing, proper approach, methods, species specific showering behaviors, water temperature, and winter care.

Bird Health - An Australian veterinarian provides detail on emergency care, signs of illness, feeding, breeding, and hand rearing in the more popular species of pet birds.

Dairy Products and Birds - Discusses what forms are acceptable to offer to pet birds.

EPAH : Avian Nutrition - Presents dietary requirements of birds including hand feeding diets.

Feeding Finicky Birds - Article discusses methods of breaking seed addictions in birds and converting them to balanced pelleted diets.


Combating Fish Disease - Information from DEFRA on notifiable fish diseases in the UK, and the checks and controls used to prevent the spread of disease outbreaks. [PDF]

Diseases in Pond Fishes: The Role of Stress - Article discussing the factors which may affect fish and make them more susceptible to infectious diseases or protozoan parasites.

Effects and Benefits of Fish Vaccination - Fish vaccination has proved to be effective in reducing economic losses caused by mortality and lower growth rates. This fact sheet illustrates how prevention is better than cure and provides a cost-benefit analysis for vaccination.

Emerging Problems in Fish Pathology - Abstract of an article by Professor Hugh W. Ferguson on the current and expected future health problems facing the farmed fish industry.


AAHA Healthypet - Pet care resources by the American Animal Hospital Association to find a veterinarian, veterinary clinic or animal hospital for pets and provide pet care tips to pet owners.

Alaska Science Forum: Cats, Dogs and Other Pets - Articles on color genetics, animal senses, and other topics.

Allexperts Veterinarian Q&A - Vets and Vet assistants answer your questions about the health of your pet for free. Get quick answers to your questions.

All-Natural-Pet-Care - Provides guidance on natural health care for pets including nutrition, seniors and neutering.

American Red Cross Disaster Services - Discusses need for pet owners to devise disaster plans so pets are protected if evacuation is necessary. Offers first aid tips.

Animal Allergy and Dermatology Services of Connecticut - Here you can find out about the services, meet doctors and staff, read about health issues, answers to the most frequently asked questions, directions to the offices.

Animal Doc Com - For kids who would like to be veterinarians. Pet health and care information, puzzles and contests.

Are we Overvaccinating our Pets ? - Links to veterinarian sites discussing vaccination protocols, latest trends, rise in autoimmune diseases, nosodes and efficacy of certain vaccinations.

Conditions and Diseases

American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists - Diplomates' profiles, articles on eye diseases in animals, and quizzes for professionals in veterinary medicine.

Ask a Vet: Pet Health - Forum for questions about all aspects of pet health, with replies by a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Bladder and Urinary Diseases - Article by holistic vet Dr. Belfield on this chronic problem of dogs and domestic cats.

The Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory - Presents cases of neuromusclar diseases in companion animals.

Idiopathic Epilepsy - Article by holistic vet Dr. Belfield on the conventional treatment of epilepsy and new advances in modern medicine.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Article by holistic vet Dr. Belfield on this common cause of gastrointestinal problems in both dogs and cats.

PetVet - Provides information on the conditions and diseases that affect dogs and cats.

Skin Allergies - Article by holistic vet Dr. Belfield on this perplexing and difficult condition to treat.

SouthPaws: Topics of Interest - Provides information on a number of veterinary topics including internal medicine, oncology, neurology and surgery.

Stop Pet Arthritis - Provides information on the signs of pet arthritis, x-rays and correct diagnosis, treating the condition and making life easier at home.

Animal Health Products

Agri-Med - Retailing pet and livestock pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and feed additives.

AllergicPet - Products, articles, and information for a variety of allergic conditions. Also holistic information for non-allergic pets.

American Livestock Supply, Inc. - Retail sales of vaccines, medications, supplements, and equipment for horses, livestock and pets. Includes searchable catalog and ordering information.

BioVets - Provides wide range of products to include flea control, antioxidants, nutritional supplements, and shampoos for dogs, cats and horses.

Canada Vet - Offers flea and tick preventatives along with eye, skin, and dental care products.

A Cat Dog - Features products to include flea control, ear and eye care, grooming, and hair ball treatments. Offer tips on grooming and health basics.

Discount Pet Drugs - Features medication and grooming products.

ePetExpress - Offering medicines for flea treatment, worms, arthritis, and heart worms as well as shampoo. Australian location.

Ethos GmbH Schweiz - Promotes a topical solution for prevention and healing of cataracts. Located in Switzerland.


Animal Health Publications - A series of animal health manuals written by veterinarians for dairy producers, cattle ranchers and horse owners.

Animal Science Program at SWFREC - We conduct research and disseminate information through Extension programs to assist Florida's livestock industry to achieve efficient production.

Biosecurity: Protecting Your Health and the Health of Your Animals - Provides information for exhibitors at shows and fairs on what measures they need to take to prevent the spread of disease among animals and people.

Canadian Animal Health Coalition - Canadian livestock health and biosecurity information, newsletter subscription.

FarmDoc - Includes farm related information such as finance, management, and farm decision making under risk through education and research.

Fundamentals of Livestock Entomology - Common insect and mite pests of livestock and pets in Kansas sorted according to type of animal affected.

Pet Insurance

B.A. Smith Insurance Associates - Provides equine and property insurance for horse owners.

Buxton Equine Insurance - Coverage for the equestrian in USA and eastern Europe. Providing equine mortality, property and liability as well as trainers liability insurance.

Cheval Insurance Services, Inc. - Offers equestrian and recreational insurance services.

Classic Insurance - Provides mortality insurance for police, show and working dogs.

Continental Bloodstock Agency Limited - Provides various forms of horse coverage, including mortality, various forms of liability, and care, custody, and control. Based in Kentucky, USA; serves clients worldwide.

Equine Insurance Specialists - Offers instant equine mortality insurance quotes. There is a classified section, as well as claims help available.

Equine World Insurance - Equine insurance agency located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Equine news.

Equisure Incorporated - Offering equine mortality and liablility insurance for horses. Also providing farm and event coverage; applications available online.


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