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Academic Departments - USA & Canada

ACM Curricula Recommendations - Computer Science curricula recommendations for graduate, undergraduate, and high school.

Computer Science Academic Departments - Carnegie Mellon list

CSAB/CSAC - The Computing Sciences Accreditation Board and Computer Science Accreditation Commission officially accredit academic programs in Computer Science in the United States. Not every respected university program is accredited, but those that are tend to be proud of it.

Graduate School Rankings - Computer Science Ph.D. Programs - From US News and World Report. Free summary, full list requires subscription.

Alberta, University of - Department of Computing Science. Research areas include algorithmics, artificial intelligence, communication networks, computer graphics, computer vision and robotics, database systems, multimedia, parallel programming systems, and software engineering.

Alternative Routes to Computing - Information for potential applicants to a 2 year full-time post-Bachelor program in computer science and information technology for students with little or no programming experience. Joint offering of the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

British Columbia, University of - Department of Computer Science. Research areas include computer graphics, artificial intelligence, database systems, distributed systems, educational technologies, formal methods for critical systems, integrated systems, scientific computation and visualization, software engineering, and theoretical computer science.

Calgary, University of - Department of Computer Science. Research areas: Artificial Intelligence, Biological Modeling and Visualization, Graphics, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Vision, Programming Languages, Quantum Computing, Software Engineering.

Carleton University - School of Computing Science. Research labs focus on object oriented programming, software engineering, pervasive computing, networks, network security, parallel and distributed computing, algorithms, computer vision, database systems, graphics and multimedia, software agents, intelligent software and systems, knowledge representation, logic and functional programming, medical computing, natural language processing.

Concordia University - Department of Computer Science. Research areas include design and analysis of algorithms, computer architecture and VLSI, databases and information systems, mathematics of computation, parallel and distributed computing, artificial intelligence, programming languages and methodology, and theoretical computer science.

Manitoba, University of - Department of Computer Science. Research groups concentrate on advanced database systems, computer communications and networking, computer graphics, population analysis software, and distributed network computing.

McGill, University of - School of Computer Science. Research groups focus on advanced compilers, architectures and programming systems, Java tools, artificial intelligence, database technology, computational geometry, mobile robotics, computer vision, software engineering, cryptography and quantum information.

Regina, University of - Department of Computer Science. Major research areas include artificial intelligence, graphics, image processing, expert systems, mathematical software and modeling, distributed computing, and theory of computation.

Simon Fraser University - School of Computing Science. Research labs focus on algorithms and optimization, systems science, computational epidemiology, computer vision, database systems, graphics and multimedia, hardware design, software agents, intelligent software and systems, knowledge representation, logic and functional programming, medical computing, natural language processing, parallel and distributed computing, mathematical sciences, programming languages, simulating and exploring ecosystem dynamics, and distance learning.

Toronto, University of - Department of Computer Science. Research groups cover artificial intelligence, applied discrete mathematics, computer graphics and HCI, computer systems, database systems, numerical analysis, programming languages and methodology, software engineering, and theory of computation.

University of Ottawa - School of Information Technology and Engineering. Degree programs in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon - Department of Computer Science. Research groups include: Bioinformatics, Advanced Research in Intelligent Education Systems (ARIES), Computer Systems, Networks, and Performance (DISCUS), Human Computer Interaction, Multi-Agent Distributed Mobile and Ubiquity, Metaview.

Waterloo, University of - Department of Computer Science. Research areas include algorithms and complexity, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, databases, distributed systems, programming languages, scientific computation, software engineering, symbolic computation, text management, user interfaces, and very large scale integration.

Academic Departments - Asia

C-MMACS (CSIR), Bangalore - Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research).

Gandhigram Rural Institute - Dindigul - Contains information on faculties of the department, extra curricular activities, placement and a photo gallery.

Indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad - B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D in information technology. The IIIT is undertaking leading edge research, focused on those areas which could show tangible application in the immediate geographical and social milieu.

Indian Institute of Information Technology - IIIT Bangalore - Conducts a three-semester post graduate program in Information Technology. Details about courses run, research, projects, and entrepreneurship options.

Indian Institute of Information Technology - IIIT Hyderabad - Offers under-graduate and graduate level diploma programs. Contains information about research, activities and industry interactions.

Indian Institute of Science - IISc Bangalore - Offers M.E. and Ph.D. programs. Contains online documentation, technical reports, personal homepages, and events information.

Indian Institute of Science and Information Technology - Offers M.C.A. degree under Utkal university and B.C.A., and M.C.A. degrees under IGNOU. It also conducts DOEACC courses - O, A, B, C levels.

Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Bombay - Runs B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs. Online documentation, events, personal homepages and research updates.

Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Delhi - Conducts B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs. Details of courses run, events, research projects and personal homepages.

Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Kanpur - Runs B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs. Online research reports, events, contact information and personal homepages.

Indian Institute of Technology - IIT Madras - Offers under-graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs. Information about courses, personal homepages, events, and contacts.

K. R. School of Information Technology - KReSIT - IIT Bombay - Conducts M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs. Information about events, admissions, research updates, projects and personal homepages.

Kerala University - Trivandrum - Includes academic programmes, research, faculty, infrastructure, events and alumni.

M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology - Bangalore - Conducts an under-graduate program. Information about courses, infrastructure and faculty.

Mohanlal Sukhadia University - Udaipur - Offers courses in information technology and computer science. Contains information on admission, facilities, fees structure and alumni.

National Institute of Technology - Calicut - Offers B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, and Ph.D programmes. Contains class schedule, placement and contacts.

Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology - Navi Mumbai - Offers under-graduate engineering program and has information on courses, resources, faculty, and placements.

S. R. M. S. College of Engineering and Technology - Bareilly - Details of the Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering programme.

South Gujarat University - Surat - Offers a M.C.A. program. Contains course, student and alumni information.

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - TIFR Mumbai - Offers research programs leading to a Ph.D. Contains information about current, past members and research fellows.

University of Hyderabad - Offers post-graduate and doctoral degrees. Information on programs, faculty, facilities, research, placements and contacts.


DB and LP: Conferences and Workshops  - Large list of Computer Science Conferences and Workshops : past, present and future.

ACM Events and Conferences - Online registration, calendar, and links to ACM sponsored conferences.

All Conferences Directory - Searchable database of Computer Science and Technology conferences. Organizes conferences by category and offers information regarding paper submission deadlines.

CAV - The International Conference on Computer Aided Verification - A series of conferences on computer aided verification dedicated to the formal analysis of hardware and software.

CP - International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming. Links to the individual sites of the annual meetings.

ERCIM Calendar - European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics: calendar of events and conferences related to IT and applied mathematics.

EUFIT - From 1994 - 1999 the ELITE Foundation (European Laboratory for Intelligent Techniques Engineering) annually organized EUFIT - The European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing. Tables of contents of proceedings and order forms.

eWiC - Electronic Workshops in Computing Science. Series hosted by the British Computer Society which includes the proceedings of workshops and conferences on a range of computing topics.

FOOL - Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages. Links to the annual workshops.

FSTTCS - Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science. Links to past and future meetings.

Hot Chips - For designers and architects of high-performance chips, software, and systems, with presentations on up-to-the-minute real developments. Held at Stanford University, CA, USA each August.

ICFP - International Conference on Functional Programming: an annual programming language conference combining the former Functional Programming and Computer Architecture (FPCA) and Lisp and Functional Programming (LFP). It is sponsored by the ACM SIGPLAN. Pointers to the individual conferences and related links.

IEEE Computer Society Conferences - The IEEE CS sponsors or cosponsors over 90 technical meetings each year. Proceedings, conference homepages, calendar, and calls for papers.

IEEE Conferences - IEEE hosts more than 300 conferences each year in a wide range of technical, professional, standards, education, and career-related subjects.

IEEE International Conference on Computer Design - Links to past and future meetings in the series.

IFIP - International Federation for Information Processing. Calendar of Events.

Informatics Europe - Listing of computer science conferences with a submission interface.

International Conference and Research Center for Computer Science Schloss Dagstuhl - All past and future conferences in Dagstuhl are listed on the web site.

LICS - IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science: an annual international forum on theoretical and practical topics in computer science that relate to logic in a broad sense. Links to past and future meetings, maling list, newsletters.

LOPSTR - International Workshop on Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation. Held annually since 1991.

Netlib Conferences Database - Information about upcoming conferences, lectures, and other meetings relevant to the fields of mathematics and computer science.

OOPSLA - Annual ACM SIGPLAN Conferences on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications. Next meeting: Seattle, Washington, USA; 4--8 November 2002.

Promote Research - Portal for conferences on the topics of artificial intelligence; enterprise information systems and web technologies; high performance computing and networking; and software engineering. Includes information on paper submission and conference locations.

Recent Object Oriented Trends - The ROOTS symposium is a forum for presentation, debate and study of the latest object oriented theories and practices. The target audience is European IT professionals and managers.

SafeComp - The International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security. Past and future meetings, proceedings and related links.

SAIG - Workshop on Semantics, Applications, and Implementation of Program Generation. Links to regular workshops and other events.

STACS Websites - Links to the series Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science.

STOC - Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing.

Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC) - Links to the 27th to 35th STOC sites.

TechCalendar - Searchable/Browseable event directory, with categories such as: Internet/Online, Communications, Software & Services, Vertical Markets, Computing Platforms, and Computing Industry.

UbiComp - Venue for presenting research and development achievements in the design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of computing technology that migrates beyond our desktops.

WSCG - Annual International Conferences in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision.

WWW - International World Wide Web Conference Series. Calendar maintained by the W3 Consortium.


Base of Scientific Computing Related Information - Links related to Scientific Computing, compiled by Ricardo Duarte Arantes.

CALT Encyclopedia -- Information Technologies - A large directory covering computer science in general and several specific subcategories, primarily focused on software.

Computer Science Resources - A gateway to computer science resources on the Web, arranged by broad subject categories.

A Gallimaufry of Web Pages - Resources for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, maintained at DIMACS.

LANL Research Library: Computer Science - A directory of computer science related sites from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

STORM: Software Testing Online Resources / MTSU - The STORM site is a nexus of Software Testing Online Resources and is designed for software testing researchers and practitioners.

Theoretical Computer Science on the Web - Pointers to papers and pages of general interest to the theory community, theory related software available on the net, upcoming conferences and other information of interest to theoretical computer scientists. - Covers many CS and some non CS topics. Lists just a few major links for each topic.

Virtual Library: Computing - A distributed directory of Computing and Computer Science sites.

WWW Computer Architecture - The page for all the research in computer architecture and microprocessors.


Australian Computer Society - Promotes IT issues and professional development. Information about membership, publications, events, courses and exams and certification.

Austrian Computer Society - Seeks the "comprehensive and interdisciplinary promotion of information processing." Has organization information, mailing list and conference information. [German/English]

British Computer Society - Promotes professional standards, advises UK government and represents the profession. Gives member, professional-development and event information and forums.

Computer Society of South Africa - Promotes high standards for IT professionals in South Africa, and the protection of privacy standards. Includes society, member, project and event information.

Computing Research Association - Seeks to strengthen research and education in computing fields. Membership, event and job information.

Council of European Professional Informatics Societies - Promotes to European bodies the views of informatics professionals, encourages professional competence. Organization and professional standards information, position papers and online journal.

European Association for Theoretical Computer Science - Aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and results among theoretical computer scientists and to stimulate cooperation between theorists and practitioners. Has organization, publication and activities information and news.

Finnish Society for Computer Science - Founded in 1982 to advance computer science research, promote new applications based on research, and to increase the collaboration between computer scientists and practitioners. Contains organization information. [English/Finnish/Swedish]

IEEE Computer Society - Promotes research and serves as a provider of technical information and standards to computing professionals. Has news, articles, organization and publication information, and suborganization information.

Informatics Society of Iran - Committed to the advancement of computer knowledge and standards in Iran. Introduction, membership information and past reports.

International Federation for Information Processing - Seeks to foster collaborative research and to facilitate communication between those involved in Computer Science research, practice and use. Includes description, calendar, subgroup information and newsroom.

International Society for Computers and Their Applications - Seeks to promote Computer Science and Engineering with a view towards applications. Includes information on the society and on membership, as well as conference and journal descriptions.

John von Neumann Computer Society - Hungarian group promoting research and computer literacy, and facilitating the exchange of information and experience between computing professionals. Contains a description of the group and its activities. [Hungarian/English]

Norwegian Computer Society - Offers IT workers professional development opportunities and gives the Norwegian government input on IT issues. English information includes a description of the group and its purpose. [Norwegian/English]

USENIX: The Advanced Computing Systems Association - Supports IT professional development, and application-oriented research. Includes industry news, calendar and online magazine.


The ACM Portal to Computing Literature - The ACM Guide and Digital Library with a set of internal and external reference and citation links giving access to current research.

Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies - Searchable collection of bibliographies, including 1 million citations and 100,000 links to on-line documents - submit new bibliographies. Browse by subject.

Computing Reviews - Secondary reference database of reviews in computing literature from the ACM. Limited information to non-subscribers.

DBLP Computer Science Bibliography - Indexes 200,000 citations from conferences and journals - submit tables of contents.

FermiVista - Indexes on-line articles from institutions archives - 300,000 in maths, computer science and physics - full-text search.


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