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Hardware Central - Computing-centric community providing vital information, support, tools and interaction facilities for power computer users and enthusiasts.

VLSI Discussion Forum - Covers many related topics: EDA tools, VHDL, Verilog; fabrication; FPGAs, ASICs, microprocessors, semiconductors, CMOS.

Buses - Offers information about ATA and ATAPI devices. Also provides drivers and historical information.

Beyond Logic - Includes detailed information on USP, serial ports (RS-232), parallel ports (SPP/ECP/EPP/IEEE1284) and device drivers.

Bus-net - The online publication for designers and builders of bus/board-based systems.

Computer Architecture : What is a Bus? - The basic computer bus is explained and information is provided regarding ISA, PCI, MCA, EISA, VESA, and VL-Bus architecture.

Free Online Dictionary of Computing - Explains what a bus is and is hyperlinked to additional information.

The Hardware Book - Provides circuits, pinouts, cable and adapter descriptions plus other technical information.

The I/O Bus - This article covers bus, its history and status, PCI, EISA, MCA, bus mastering, plug and play, and the bleeding edge. From Introduction to PC Hardware.

Leroy's Engineering Web Site - Containing detailed interface bus standards and engineering design information.

NetPanel - Interface and bus glossary.

PC/104 Supplier Link Page - Provides links to many PC/104 embedded computing vendors with descriptions of the company's offerings.

Technical Committee T13 AT Attachment - Responsible for all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized as the disk drive interface on most personal and mobile computers today. - The fight for an open hardware platform is very real, and the power has swung from the PC leaders to the entertainment industry.


Cables and Connector Technologies - Large variety of computer cables and accessories for modems, printers and buses such as CAT5 and SCSI.

Components Express, Inc. - Manufacturer of custom cable products, network patch panels and electronic components vendor.

Computer Cases and Cables - Computer cables, accessories, and cases.

Computer Plug Accessories Inc. - Large selection of molded computer cables plus extensive variety of computer peripherals.

Connect Technologies - Sells SCSI, network, fiber optic and custom computer cables, networking equipment, connectors, and adapters.

Connections USA - Custom computer cables, and network installations.

CWOL.Com - Sells all types of computer cables including: IEEE-1284 cables, Bi-Directional cables, IEEE-1394 FireWire cables and USB cables.

CXtec - Computer networking connectivity store. Switches, hubs, routers, wireless routers, maus, caus, lams, token ring, ethernet, fast ethernet, cable, cables, cabling, testers, and repeaters.

Data Comm - Cables for networks, printers and switch boxes.

DataPath, Inc. - Extensive line of cable, cable assemblies and networking hardware.

Discount Cables USA - Distributor of custom cables, standard cables, fiber optic jumpers, OEM brand cable equals and network accessories.

DIT-MCO - For cable testing and harness testing solutions. - Supplier of keyboard adapter and USB A/B cables plus serial and mouse adapters.

Electro Connection - Supplies computer cabling and networking equipment.

Euronetwork Ltd. - Manufacturers and distributors of computer cables and audio products.

Fumo Communications - Offers terminators, Fiber Optic cables and fibers in both multimode and singlemode. - Manufacturer of computer cables, fiber optic cables, ethernet cables, networking cables, custom cables.

GoodWang International Company - All types of cabling and accessories.

Grand-Tek Technology Co. Ltd. - Networking cables and standard computer cables. - Distributor of computer cables and other connectivity solutions.

Homestead Cable Management - Supplies a wide range of computer cables and cable management products, patch panels and equipment cabinets.

ICTC - Distributors of communication and computer connectivity products. - Wholesaler of computer cables and peripherals for connectivity and peripheral devices.

Infinity Cable Products - Provides networking and datacom solutions, plus category 5 products.

Information Systems Supply - All types of computer cables, adapters, switch boxes, patch panels and cabling tools. - All type of cables and connectors.

J & D Enterprises - Manufacturer of cable assemblies and wiring components for the Telecom Industry.

JRM Data - Source for computer cables, switch boxes, computer systems, computer components, and networking solutions.

KT USA Systems - Offers computer cables and parts.

L.A. Cable - Provides RJ-45 patch cords, patch panels, bulk cable, fiber optics, connectors and other network cabling supplies.

LanAdapters - Selling cat5e and category 6 network cables and svga, hdmi, dvi, ps2, usb extension printer cables. - Cabling and connectivity components.

L-com, Inc. - Connectivity products such as cable assemblies, fiber optics and network equipment.

Leads Direct - Connecting leads and cables for computers, pro audio, music, AV, and Fibre Optic.

Maderite Cables - Offers custom cabling for networking.

Methode Electronics - Terminators, adapters, testers and circuits.

Micro Accessories Inc. - Source for computer cables, network cables and hard drive accessories.

Micro Computer Cable Co. LLC - Provides communication and computer connectivity solutions.

MidSouth - Offers electronic, security and telephone wire, burglar alarm cable, network, Category 5 and computer cables. - Hard to find computer cables, connectors, parts and accessories.

National Communications, Inc. - Manufacturer and distributor of bulk cable, connectors, fiber optics and networking products.

National Technology - SCSI cables, USB, cables, switch box, super VGA, connectors, and components.

Network Cables and Connectors Inc. - Complete line of connectivity solutions network and custom cable assemblies.

NTC Distributing - Source for 1394 Firewire and USB connection needs.

Olympic - Offers a complete line of voice, data, fiber optic, electronic wire and cable.

OnlineCables - A complete solution for RF cables, (microwave, semi-rigid and flexible) multiconductors, and custom cable assemblies.

Optica Technologies Incorporated - Products and services for the enterprise computing environment.

Patch Cables Plus - Fiber-optic jumpers and patch cables.

PC Extras - Complete online catalog of PC cables, adapters, audio andaccessories. Computer parts and supply.

PS International Limited - Markets category 5 and 5e, SCSI, USB, and Firewire computer cables as well as networking hardware including switches, hubs, NICs, KVM switches, Ethernet media converters and transceivers.

Quality Cables USA, Inc. - Provides high quality cable products.

R and R Data/Telecom Inc. - Distributes a variety of computer and telephone cables, and connectors.

Redmond Cable - Computer interface cable, adapter, USB, network cable, custom built cabling and other hardware. Plus a reference area with glossary of terms. - SCSI cables and accessories. Custom internal cabling built to your specs.

SCSI - Distributor of SCSI cables, custom cabling and terminators.

SF Cable - Offers a full line of PC cables, adaptors, networking switch boxes and Mac products.

Sky Cable Enterprise Co Ltd. - Computer accessories, cables, power strips, cords, adapters, terminators, and connectors.

Stonewall Cable, Inc. - Offers computer and networking cables.

Supplynet - Source for replacement PCMCIA modem cables, dongles, PC card cables and AC adapters.

System Solutions - Wholesale distributor of computer networking hardware and cable.

Systronics Corp. - Supplier of computer, communications and networking cables and accessories.

Tec Datawire - Connectivity products and services for voice and data communications.

Tech World - Features cables, testers, cable-making supplies, accessories, software, and tips.

Technical Cable Applications Inc. (TCA) - Offers computer networking cables, plus surge protectors, network cards, and modems.

Telecom Connections - Distributor of computer and telecom cables.

Timbercon, Inc. - Distributor of computer cables for SCSI devices, Fiber Optics, and custom cabling. - Reseller of computer cables, adaptors and accessories.

UmaxPC - Offers a selection of cabling, power supplies, adapters, CPUs, and fans.

Upro - Distributor for computer, network, security accessories, cable, wire and adaptors.

USB Cable - Sells USB products such as cables, adapters, hubs and iMac accessories. - Variety of USB cables, adapters, and converters, including port expansion and data storage devices.

Uxon - Provides a full line of cable assemblies.

Value Communication Products - Distributor of cabling and connectivity products for the voice, data, security and alarm industries.

Western Telephone Plugs - TV, satellite, hi-fi, video, cables and connectors.

Zycko - Distributes new, refurbished and used Cisco routers, switches, memory, GBICs and networked storage and security solutions as well as undertaking asset recovery.

Components - Buy and sell server memory and hardware. Online catalogue purchasing available. Have retail stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Acer Inc. - Offering a broad range of PC products from industry-leading high-end PC servers and multimedia desktop computers to notebooks, computer peripherals and components.

Advanced Computers and Technologies - Computer components sales.

Ahead Computers Ltd. - Suppliers of computer components and accessories, computer upgrades.

Amamax - Specializing in name brand components.

A and N Lab's Inc. - Distributor of computer systems, components and peripherals.

Anderson Computer Systems - Complete line of internal computer hardware components and external peripherals thru fully assembled systems.

AOpen - PC components and peripherals, from motherboards to monitors.

Aria Technology - Supplier of computer components and pre-built systems.

Ash Distribution - Wide range of high quality computer components and accessories.

Ateck - Computer hardware and components.

ATI Technologies - Designs, manufactures and markets chipsets and video cards for use in desktop, laptop, digital set-top boxes, TV and media gateways.

A-Top Technology, Inc. - Manufacturer of OEM IT, network server, computer cases and power supplies.

BCR-PC Computers - Resellers of single user to complete business networking PC solutions, as well as PC enhancements, upgrades, and streamlining.

Bell Microproducts - Wholesale distributor of computer components including semicondustors, crystals, tape libraries, RAID, and network attached storage.

BLink PC - Provides custom and barebone computer systems, laptops and a full line of hardware and accessories.

Cablemart - VAR wholesaler for hard drives, cpus, motherboards, cases, modems, networks, and memory.

Caribe Computer Components - Complete line of discount computer hardware parts, peripherals and fully assembled systems. - Sells cases, cables, power supplies, fans, and related cooling products.

CCT Computer - Manufacturer offering a complete line of upgrade CPU's, motherboards, sub-systems, and systems.

Centerprise International - Custom PC manufacturer and sales.

Cobra Computer - Computers and parts, cases, motherboards, IDE drives and CDroms. Also, custom built computers.

Compucase UK - Designer and manufacturer of high end PC cases and computer power supplies. Also supplies secure industrial computer housings.

Compusave - Supplies wholesale computer parts for the public. Motherboards, cpus, harddrives, sound and video cards.

Compute-Aid, Inc. - ATX computer cases and ATX power supplies.

Computer Care World, Inc. - Computer parts and software sales and service.

Computer Goodies - carries brand name and generic components.

Computer Power Solutions, Inc - Provides uninterruptible power, network server enclosures, rack mounts, cabinets and LAN centers.

Computer Upgrades 2000 Ltd - Computer upgrades, troubleshooters, and virus busters.

Computer Wholesale Distributors - Parts distributor. CPU's, memory, motherboards, and modems.

ComputerSonics Inc - Motherboards, CPUs, hardware, memory and motherboards sales in the Puget Sound area.

Comzign - Source for computers, accessories, peripherals, and software. Based in Woking, Surrey, UK. Also repair and maintain computers, TVs and networks.

Concord Electronics - Essential parts and data for design and manufacture of electronics.

Connect Tech Inc. - Provides high performance multi-port adapters for ISA, USB, PCI, PC/104 and CompactPCI bus compatible computers.

Continental Resources - Computer hardware rental, leasing and buying, systems integration, test and measurement instruments, and power sources.

Corsair memory - High density memory for high end servers, desktops and motherboards.

CR Consulting - Computer components, systems, and on-site service.

D and H Distributing Co. - Wholesale distributor of computer and peripheral products.

Deva Technologies - UK based supplier of PCs, components and hardware.

Digital Integrated System - Computer accessories manufacturer based in Penang, Malaysia.

Digitek - Online computer shopping with brand name computer components for your home and office. - Computers, hardware, software and solutions since 1991. Discounted online sales /ordering.

DIY Computers - Computer hardware components, peripherals, software and systems.

Dolphin Peripherals LLC. - OEM manufacturer of PC I/O components and digital cameras for system assemblers. - Computer sales, components, upgrades and exports.

Dymatec - Produces, distributes and custom designs protective computer enclosures and ModuLAN racking for workstations in potentially harmful environments.

Elmag Technologies Ltd. - Manufacturers representative and distributor for electronic components.

Excellis Media Services - Offers file servers, CD duplication equipment, and networking products.

FirewireMAX - Source for Firewire hardware, peripherals and accessories.

Flexisoft - Computers and accessories. Mothersboards, hard drives, memory, cases, modems and keyboards.

FM Electronics - Prehistoric computer parts for retro computers. - Leading manufacturer of security lock down and cable devices for computers and office equipment.

FrontX - A product to flexibly relocate individual port to the front of a computer system.

Glory Pioneer International LTD. - Offers enclosures, power supplies, optical storage devices, cameras and monitors.

IBS Electronics - Electronics components, computer hardware, peripherals and hard to find items.

ICC Electronics, Inc. - Global electronic components distributor.

Infinity Electronics - List with links of electronic components companies.

Inland Empire Components - World wide electronic stocking distributor.

Innovative Security Products - Design and manufacture security and lock down products to secure computers and office equipment.


Acceed - Delivers industrial PCs, add on cards and serial communication cards.

AcQ InduCom - Offers a wide range of standard products according to the M-module, VMEbus, PCI, PMC and CompactPCI standards and MIL-STD-1553 (STANAG 3838/3910) units.

Acromag, Inc. - Provides industrial I/O solutions for computer control applications and data acquisition using VME boards, cPCI, PCI and ISA, and IP modules for analog and digital I/O.

Actis Computer - Manufactures board level products based around the 68K, PowerQuicc and PowerPC families on the VME and CompactPCI buses as well as Industry Pack modules.

Actstor Technologies Inc. - Develops embedded application platforms, distributed application infrastructures, and maintains a market leading service and technical support team.

ACT/Technico - Integrated real-time and embedded systems using CompactPCI, VMEbus, and Mezzanine.

Advanced Digital Logic - Offers high performing, low power SBC's for embedded and stand alone applications.

Advanced Micro Peripherals - Design and supply embedded PCs. Specializing in PC/104 and PC/104+ embedded computers and expansion modules.

aJile Systems - Develops microprocessors for executing Java in real-time embedded products.

Alacron - Provider of processor and multiprocessor boards, framegrabbers, I/O boards, daughter cards, system software including comprehensive application libraries, and complete integrated application development platforms.

Allen Systems - Makes single board computers and microcontrollers, used for process control. Also offers hardware and software design services.

AMS - Kits include all the hardware, software and workbooks for microprocessor design and DSP programming electronic curriculum.

Analog and Digital Peripherals, Inc. - Provides peripheral solutions to industry and end user. Offering embedded single board computers, controllers, data acquisition tools, and custom hardware and software design.


The Apollo Guidance Computer Project - The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was developed to provide reliable real-time control for the Apollo spacecraft that carried US astronauts to the moon, 1969-1972. This site is devoted to documenting the machines, people and institutions that made this possible.

BESM-6 Nostalgia Page - Information about the late Soviet mainframe computer BESM-6, the last original was dismantled in 1995.

Blinkenlights Archaeological Institute - The Institute was established in 1997 to excavate, preserve, research, and present interesting and historically significant computing devices.

The Burroughs B-205 Computer - A mixture of science fiction and fact concerning the B205.

Charles Babbage Institute - CBI is a research center dedicated to promoting the study of the history of computing and its impact on society, and preserving relevant documentation.

The Computer Closet - Rescues classic microcomputers and video games from the junk heap.

Computer History Association of California - Chac is a nonprofit corporation, who safeguards and organizes the history of electronic computing, not only in California, but nationally and internationally. They collect and archive hardware, software and documents.

Cosmac Elf - History of 1802-based computing and home of the TinyELF emulator for Palm OS handhelds. Documents, scans, message board.

Enigma Replica - Shows all processes involved Building a replica of the German M4 Naval Enigma.

Historical Computer Society - International user group for old computer enthusiasts "old computers" and/or "old enthusiasts. Dedicated to preserving older and classic computer hardware, software, and literature.

Ian's 'Naff Computer Pics Page' - A page with some pictures of Honeywell-Bull mainframes and mini's (DPS-6 and DPS-7)

ICL 1900 Series Computers - Information about the ICL 1900 series mainframes from the 1970s, both hardware and software. The George (1S, 2, 3 & 4) series operating systems, Minimop and Maximop. Programming languages and other information.

John Elliott - Dedicated to computers and/or operating systems which some might describe as obsolete.

Peripherals - Printers

ABLE Systems Ltd - Suppliers of impact and thermal miniprinter mechanisms, panel mounted, portable and kiosk printers.

Advanced Business Concepts, Inc. - Features printer, fax, copier, multifunction, and shredder products.

Advantage-X - Sales, leasing, and service of copiers, laser printers and reconditioned Xerox copiers.

Affordable Printer Care - Features printer repair as well as marketing refurbished printers and remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges.

Ako Enterprise, Inc. - Carries generic laser parts from various manufacturers.

AM Labels Ltd. - Supplies for label printing and printers. Conventional printers and copiers, and thermal transfer printers.

American Copy Company - Authorized Canon copier and facsimile dealer.

Anita Office Equipment Limited - Sells copiers and faxes.

The Anvic Group - Offers a range digital printers with solar powered, 600 dot per inch A3 and built in flatbed scanner.

Arizona Digital Products - Authorized Xerox sales agency offering digital copiers and multifunction devices.

Ascent International - Specializes in production printing systems, communications and networks, Video conferencing, mid-range and mainframe systems.

Balreed Digitec - Independent suppliers of photocopiers, printers and document management systems. [UK based]

BDS Computer - Specialist supplier of printers, multifunction devices and copiers.

Big Systems Inc. - Specialized in providing high-quality, digital output solutions for the professional graphics and photo-imaging industries.

BlueImage Technologies - Specializing in sales and service of IBM printers.

BruinTechnology - Okidata parts reseller and service center.

Buy Epson - Manufacturer selling its printers, scanners, cameras, projectors and their consumables within Europe.

C. Hoelzle Associates Inc. - Printer and scanner sales, parts, supplies, and support.

Cannon IV, Inc. - Supplier of wide format, copiers and consumables for HP products.

Central Office Systems - Products include copiers, printers, FAX's and toner supplies. Located in southeastern Wisconsin. - Offers sales and service for most printers, fax machines and shredders. Authorized reseller for HP laser printers, offering refurbished and new printers along with repair parts and rebuilt assemblies.

Coastal Document Systems - Supplies commercial grade copiers, printers, faxes, and multi-function equipment to small, medium, and large businesses.

Peripherals - Scanners

A Few Scanning Tips   - Overview of all aspects of scanning including hardware and software.

Agfa 1212p scanner and Windows XP - Information to get non-supported scanner working with Windows XP and beta driver supplied by Agfa.

AGX Holdings Ltd - Retailer of flatbed and slide scanners plus associated software. [United Kingdom]

Australian Interactive Multimedia - Supplier of scanners and printers from barcode to flatbed. Features reviews of many products. [Australia]

Aztek Inc. - Presents the product line of drum scanners and desktop flatbed scanners. [USA]

Epson - UK - Information about the current scanners offerings from Epson. [United Kingdom]

Epson - USA - Information about the current scanners offerings from Epson. [USA]


Acal Fibre Channel Solutions - An independent storage connectivity company, partners with storage professionals to develop and manage enterprise storage systems.

Addonics Technologies Inc. - Design and manufacturers of portable CD-ROM, DVD, CDRW, hard drives and flash menory readers that connect to USB, Firewire and PCMCIA ports.

ADVA Optical Networking - Designs, develops and manufactures broadband networking solutions. ADVA products include WDM communication systems, high-speed fiber optic converters, storage networking gateways and all-optical switches.

Amarillo Datasafe - Offers a wide range of data loss protection services. Amarillo, Texas.

Storage - Retailers

AA Computech - Offers a selection of new and refurbished hard disk drives. Specializes in hard-to-find and discontinued hard drives.

Agape Computer - Computer components, specializing in brand name hard drives for personal computer, Macs or notebooks.

All Media Outlet - Offers a wide variety of CD media and accessories.

All Things CDR - Sells equipment and supplies for CD-R recording including devices, media, labeling kits, cases, and mailing and storage envelopes.


eMachines, Inc. - Provides low-price, high-quality branded personal computers. (Nasdaq: EEEE).

Fujitsu Ltd. - International manufacturer of computers, supercomputers, desktops and laptops. In English and Japanese.

SAE-Stahl GmbH - Produces operating systems for variety of special purpose requirements. Includes panels for use in hazardous areas and on board ships.

Toshiba - Manufacturer of servers, desktop and laptop computers.

Trinicomp Systems, Inc. - Independent reseller of computer products from a variety of manufacturers, located in Massachusetts.

CNET - Notebook and laptop computer reviews.

Systems - Repair

AK Laptop Repair - Laptop repair on all brands and models.

Capital Data, Inc. - Specialize in Sony, Dell, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, Extensa, Acer, TravelMate, and Fujitsu notebooks.

DAB Solutions Laptop Repairs - Laptop and notebook repair specialists providing upgrades and add on peripherals for all models and makes with a full warranty on all repairs. We also buy and sell used laptops.

The Fair Price Shop - Large inventory of Notebook Displays and LCDs available at real fair prices. LCDs wil be either quality used or new with full 1 month warranty.

IBM Specialist - Offering IBM laptop repair, based in Florida, United States.

Laptop Medic - Repair service for laptops, notebooks, PCs, printers, and copiers.

Laptop Repair - Providing laptop computer repair with 24 hour service. Dell repair services, and free pick up services for Md, VA and DC

Laptop Repair Company - Repairs and services laptops.

Systems - Servers

AcceleratedServers - Customize 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount and tower servers and server clusters running Linux, FreeBSD or Windows.

Adaptec - Designs and sells a line of server appliances.

Advanced Linux Servers - Featuring IBM xSeries servers and netfinity workstations.

AllConnections - Offers a remotely controllable server providing mail and internet traffic monitoring in an enterprise environment. Based in Spain.

Angstrom Microsystems - Designs and builds ultra-dense high performance rackmount servers.

Apache - Rack servers and extreme desktops. Storage solutions and appliances.

ApplianSys Limited - Develops and markets server appliances for IT networks, with optimised hardware, operating system and application software.

Black Box Network Appliances - Offers network and security solution that gives integrated firewall protection and network support, plus easy installation.

CommVantage - Providing Linux applications servers for processing jobs.

Data General - Rack-based AViiON servers range from dual-processor departmental servers to enterprise-wide, eight-processor systems.

DCS Associates - Manufacturers of purpose-designed servers for RIP's and Pre-Press software.

E4 Services Inc. - Hot swap hard drives and other upgrades and accessories for servers.

Expotek - PC server reseller and network service provider for Colorado.

Flagship Technologies - Features systems and peripherals from Sun, IBM, and HP. Offers both new and used products.

Systems - Worskstations

AMC Ltd. - Specialist providers of rackmount computer hardware, chassis, backplanes and enclosures.

Amtrade - Computer chassis including new atx tower system cases, high end network file server enclosures, industrial rack mount chassis and workstations.

Armari Ltd. - Specializing in the manufacture of high performance computer systems.

CVP Imaging Solutions - Custom built non-linear video editing workstations and high performance graphics machines.


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