Stock Brokerages, Financial Services, Trading and Investment Opportunities

ADM Investor Services International Limited - Offers a 24 hour pure client driven brokerage service. Quoting approximately 50 currencies spot, forward and emerging market NDF's.

Aegon Institutional Markets Inc. - Providing guaranteed investment products to institutional investors.

Alliance Investment Management - Offshore brokerage accounts and portfolio management services based in the Bahamas.

Arjent Limited - Providing investment products and brokerage for institutional, corporate and ordinary business investors. Specializing in US markets.

B&R Securities Ltd. - Offering stock, futures trading and advisory services. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. - Professional access to the market for active traders and investors. International firm with offices in the U.S. and Europe.

Donaldson and Co. Inc. - Directed brokerage specialists, a soft dollar and commission recapture broker dealer.

Finance 500, Inc. - A registered broker dealer that provides investment products and financial services.

First Pacific - Australian stock and futures market news and commentary, commodities and currency.

Guy Butler - Brokerage concentrating on researching and selling high yield illiquid bonds, equities and distressed bank debt.

ICAP - Specialist intermediary broker service to commercial banks, investment banks and other liquidity providers in the wholesale financial markets.

Interactive Brokers Group - Offering direct access trading to world futures, options and stock exchanges.

International Assets Advisory LLC. - Brokerage firm specializing in global investing on behalf of its clients.

Investors Capital Corporation - A securities firm comprised of registered financial professionals throughout the United States.

Ivy Securities, Inc. - A minority-owned brokerage firm that provides full-service sales and trading for institutional investors.

Jitney Group - A brokerage house specializing in professional trading.

Leader Capital Corp. - Investment advisory and portfolio management by money manager for hedging strategies.

Magna Securities Corporation - Caters to international institutional investors. Specializing in commission recapture, soft dollar and transition management programs.

Merrill Lynch Direct - Services for self directed investors with online trading, research and financial tools.

A.B. Watley Group, Inc. - Provides real-time online financial brokerage services and comprehensive information about the securities markets through its proprietary trading systems. (Nasdaq: ABWG).

ActivTrades - Online trading platform for stocks, warrant, options and futures. Interacts directly with the ECNs of each market.

Alliance Investment Management, LTD. - Online brokerage firm allows day trading under $25,000 with 4 to 1 margin. No pattern day trading restrictions. Level 2 quotes, charts and direct access software.

Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation - CDCC is the issuer, clearing house, and hence guarantor of exchange-traded interest rate and equity derivative contracts traded in Canada.

Central Securities Depository - Organization responsible for the clearing and settlement of the Athens Stock Exchange transactions and administration of the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS).

The Clearing Corporation - Independent clearinghouse for derivatives markets. Features information on history, careers, FAQs, bulletins, member login and services, and contacts.

Clearstream - International clearing and settlement organisation, offering comprehensive services for domestic and cross-border equities, bonds and investment funds.

ai Bob - Stock market analysis, advising and recommendations.

All Pro Trading - Real-time recommendations and advice for trading stock indices.

ARBTrading - Trading systems and stock recommendations.

Choice Daytrades - Offers day trading systems for the S&P 500 and a short term investor course.

1 Day Hold - Day trading stock pick subscription service.

Day Traders Online - Morning e-mail stock market newsletter, stocktips, plus stock chat room.

Day Traders Win - Consulting and coaching for day traders.

Blackjack Trader - E-mini day trading course that teaches the new or experienced day trader, trading the S&P 500 e-mini futures contract.

The CFD Trading Centre - CFD online Trading centre offers tips, advice and FAQs; news, strategies, trader diaries and broker lists for all levels of trader

CFDs Info - CFD trading information and practice demo trading software - Share trading information with online tips and strategies on how to buy and sell spread betting products and financial markets in the U.K.

Contracts for Difference - CFD trading and direct access dealing. Includes reviews of brokers and a weekly commentary.

Day Trading It - Subscription service offering trading tips and picks.

Day Trading Stock Advice and Picks - Options swing trade email alerts and stock advice with technical chart pattern analysis.

Day Trading The Markets - Market updates and directory of day-trading firms, software, and analytical resources.

Agency for Sweden Investment - Nonprofit, provides information and contact services for foreign investors evaluating opportunities in Sweden.

The American Foundation - Assist in creating foundations that give perpetual financial support to charities.

AOL Money & Finance - Investing - Provides investing tips and advice for managing portfolios.

BlastInvest - Contains tips on value investing from a real-life stock market investor.

Brunei Economic Development Board - Provides an investment guide to Brunei Darussalam, news and publications. Features related links and forms.

Bull - Features quotes, market data, commentary and news.

Indian Financial Markets - Indian financial market information.

Inter-American Investment Corporation - Promote and support the development of the private sector and the capital markets in its Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Internet Fraud - How to avoid Internet investment scams.

Kathleen Sindell, Ph.D. Consultants - Free investment advice from the author of "Investing Online for Dummies, 2nd Edition."

Learning Investment Fundamentals - Provides articles that teach you the fundamentals of investing to start a successful investment program.

Tigaon Investment Information Service - Offers general information on investing in Tigaon, Bicol in Philippines.

Tradertalk - Views for investors. - Tutorial on investing, including economic timing, market timing, value investing, fundamental and technical analysis.

First Affirmative Financial Network - A network of investment firms providing socially responsible investment management and administration for clients throughout the United States.

Harrington Investments - A Registered Investment Advisor Firm incorporating screening, activism, community investing based on socially responsible principles. United States.

Insight Investment Management Limited - Asset manager of the Halifax and Bank of Scotland group. Retail fund and institutional investment management services include application of active engagement policies regarding corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Scotland.

Advanced Information Management - Adaptive data mining and risk management solutions for the analysis and prediction of financial markets. Software, consulting, and seminars.

Advanced Portfolio Technologies - APT offers statistical risk models and analytics. Integrated, multi-factor risk models include currency, country, sector and style factors as well as yield curve, fundamental, economic and user-defined factors. Available for 200,000 equities, bonds, currencies, funds, futures, and options.

Advisor Software Inc. - ASI is a provider of Wealth Management Software to the financial services industry focusing on providing tools for advisors to delivery advice and sell investments.

DTLink Software - Personal Stock Monitor software for individual investors, helps track and manage your portfolio by providing automatic quote downloads over the Internet, flexible alerts, and links to news and charts.

DynaPorte - Dynamic asset allocation system helps you to discover the important macroeconomic and market factors that influence investment performance and adapt the asset allocation accordingly.

Portfolio Selection Systems - Portfolio theory, and optimization software.

Portfolio Style Analysis - Portfolio style analysis, asset allocation, risk management software and consulting services.

PortfolioScience - Provides portfolio risk analysis for individual investors.

Primafin Software AG - Portfolio management software and consulting.

Adair Capital LLC - Private research and alternative investment firm specializing in hedge fund of funds.

Aerodynamic Investments Inc - An offshore and domestic hedge fund with extensive chart libraries to learn about technical analysis.

Aida Capital International - Company manages diversified portfolios of investments in hedge funds.

CSFB/Tremont Hedge Fund Indices - Provides hedge fund indice and subindice performance and analytics.

Culross Global Management Limited - A Fund of Funds manager specialising in themed portfolios of Hedge funds.

FMG - Fund managers limited - Selects the world's leading money managers and offers institutions and private investors a simple, effective and low-risk way to invest with them.

Fundana Group - Investment advisors based in Geneva that advise on Fund of Fund products.

Futuris Asset Management - Futuris Asset Management AB managers of the Swedish hedge fund FUTURIS

Global Equities Management - An asset management firm specialized in Emerging Markets.

MSS Capital - Multi fund manager, located in London and the Provider of Alternative Assets.

Newfield Partners LLC - A global distribution platform of world class hedge fund managers

Newton Fund, L.P. - Long-term market timing fund that uses statistical analysis of fundemental stock and bond data.

Scandium Management - An offshore hedge fund of funds that seeks above average risk adjusted returns with no correlation to equity or bond markets.

Schultze Assest Management, LLC. - Hedge fund management company. Specializes in the turnaround of bankrupt companies.

European Payments Council - Working towards a single payment area in the EU or in the eurozone.

South Africa - Payments Association of South Africa - Providing a safe and sound payment system to the whole South African banking community.

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication supplies secure messaging services and interface software to wholesale financial entities.

Schwartz Finance - Analysis and research covering US, European and Russian capital markets.

Stelar International Inc - Scans every issue in each predefined end-of-day Metastock directory for current Elliott waves.

Sun Capital Research Co., Ltd. - Specializes in investment research and management for emerging markets in Asia. Covers private and listed equities. Bangkok, Thailand.

ScanShift - Patented quote display system that aims to allow the user to quickly absorb market information and changing market conditions.

StockWiz - Low cost data service includes free software for screening and back testing stocks using fundamental and technical analysis. - Free tools for measuring and analyzing the performance of research for both institutions and individual investors.

Investment Enhancing Systems, Inc - Stock market and covered call option analysis.

Behavioural Finance - Compilation of academic papers.

The Benjamin Graham Value Report - Using guidelines for value investing set down by the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham.

Bit Economics - Offering 9dimensions enterprise portfolio management, a patented method and software for optimizing all business investments in people, process and technology.

CountryMetrics - Financial Risk Management - A financial model for the evaluation of country/political risk.

Position Cost Averaging Stock Investing System - Risk management trading system software for long term investors generating strategic buy and sell signals on stocks.

Prime Market Signal - Stock market timing system with free trend timing trial subscription newsletter: NASDAQ, QQQQ, SPY, EFT's or Index Funds.

PsiTrade Investor Services - PsiTrade provides daily stock market timing signals.

QQQ Timing Signals - Offers a daily market timing service for the Nasdaq-100 index. - Mechanical stock market timing system that uses technical analysis to trade Exchange Traded Funds. - A quantitative approach backtested on a 20 year period provides you an optimized list of stocks to have to beat the market. Available for European and US markets.

Stockseasonality - An approach for identifying stocks that should perform well in a certain period due to the seasonality concept.