Cooperatives, Cooperative Business, Community Service, Organizations

Cooperative Hall of Fame - Honors those distinguished individuals whose contributions to cooperative business have been genuinely heroic. Includes biographies of inductees and general information on the organization.

Bicycle Doctor - Worker co-op providing cycle and bike equipment in Manchester, UK. Includes bicycle FAQ, online catalog, and links to bicycle groups in England.

Catalyst Collective Ltd - Helps to set up housing co-operatives, worker co-operatives and community co-operatives, including registration as limited companies or industrial and provident societies.

Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives - COPAC joins businesses of the cooperative movement with the United Nations, and farmers' and workers' organizations. General info on COPAC and its member organizations.

Co-op Group - The world's largest co-operative society, with activity in a number of retail sectors, and subsidiaries in insurance and financial services.

Cooperative Procurven - Provide procurement and supply services, under technical and economical conditions to other organizations. Also represents as agents other foreign corporations or Cooperatives in Caracas, Venezuela.

Discount Heating Oil - Pilgrim Oil Co-Op is an oil buying co-operative. Savings consumers hundreds of dollars per year on home heating oil.

Ditas - Danish buying group for do-it-yourself products. Corporate profile and financials, map of members, and related links provided.

EK Servicegroup - Retail cooperative for independent, medium-sized retail companies within Europe in the business segments living, comfort, hobby, family and fashion.

Environmental Services Co-operative - Co-operative created by environment scientists whose main aims are to promote and tackle environmental issues in various sectors.

HEAT USA - A heating oil co-operative.

Humetasys Consumer-Purchasing Cooperative - Product line is geared toward a mission of promoting ‘basic home systems.'

ILO Cooperative Branch - The Cooperative Branch of the International Labour Organization (ILO). The ILO is based in Geneva and is part of the UN system.

Independent Boat Builders, Inc. - Purchasing cooperative for boat manufacturers. Maintains a list of sponsored suppliers, membership required for access.

International Co-operative Alliance - Information about co-operatives worldwide from the ICA, their apex organization.

Magpie Recycling Ltd - Brighton's Favourite Recycling Cooperative - A brighton-based workers cooperative specialising in Commercial, Household & Event Recycling / Waste Management.

The Massachusetts Woodlands Cooperative, LLC - Cooperative of private landowners, who stand for sustainable forestry and the preservation of working forest landscapes in Western Massachusetts.

1|20 Media - Workers' co-operative providing 3D previsualization and multimedia services.

Morris County NJ Business Directory Co-op - Interactive Advertising E-Tool. Consolidating Morris County Business and Business Organizations for easy access and Online Advertising.

NASCO - North American Students of Cooperation.

National Cooperative Refinery Association - Inter-regional petroleum cooperative owned by three regional farm supply cooperatives in the north central United States.

National Farmers Union - Offers farm products online and provides e-commerce resources to farmers and co-ops.

North American Students of Cooperation - Federation of campus-based housing and retail cooperatives in Canada and the U.S.

The Open Co-op - Community of individuals and organisations committed to creating a collaborative, sustainable economy.

Orion Counselling and Research Co-operative - Handbooks about managing cooperatives, and links to worldwide cooperatives. In English, French and Spanish.

Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester Co-op - A consumer co-op with activities in food, motor and travel retail, funeral services and childcare.

Paperback - Supplying recycled graphic and office papers.

The Phone Co-op - The UK's only cooperatively owned telephone and internet service provider.

Radical Routes - A network of co-ops: mainly of housing co-ops of various sizes.

SAOS Ltd - Develops co-operations and joint ventures among farmers, growers and rural businesses, and within food and drink supply chains. Owned and governed by 80 member co-ops.

Think Electric - A worker owned and operated electrical contractor in Eugene, Oregon dedicated to providing living wage union jobs wile building a sustainable future.

Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative - Pennsylvania Family Farms Wholesale Distributors of Fresh Organic Vegetables in Washington DC and State College PA.

United Norwest Co-operatives - A UK consumer co-operative active in northwestern England, offering services and products as diverse as food, furniture, travel and funerals.

Wikipedia: Cooperative - Online encyclopedia article about cooperative businesses and the cooperative movement. Includes cross-references to related articles.

Wil-Key International - Provides geomembrane seaming equipment and seam testing equipment produced in-house. Also offers containment liner job.

Wye Fruit Ltd - Fruit storage and packing co-operative. Based in Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Yurmash Universal - Selection, delivery and repair of ship diesel engines, diesel engines - generators, etc. the equipment. Guarantee and postguarantee service.

Alpha Communication Ltd - A workers' co-operative providing graphic design, exhibition stand design and 3rd sector communications services in the North East of England.

Computers and Internet

Carroll County REMC - Member-owned internet service provider based in north-central Indiana. Offers web-mail, hosting, and domain name registration.

CLIQ Services Cooperative - CLIQ is a worker-owned and -operated Internet Service Provider and technical consulting cooperative based in Oakland (California, U.S.).

Colorado Internet Cooperative Association - A member-owned and operated Internet Service Provider providing dedicated Internet services at cost throughout Colorado. Includes general company information and a newsletter.

.COOP Registry - The portal for registering the ".coop" global top-level internet domain (exclusively for cooperatives).

Corvallis Area Federated Wireless Access Providers - A non-profit organization of independent wireless internet access providers for the Corvallis (Oregon) area and surrounding communities. CAFWAP providers share their existing high speed internet connections with their neighbors using the ieee 802.11b wireless protocol standard. - Cisco Systems employees server cooperative. Links to homepages of Cisco employees.

Flying Brick Industries - Flying Brick Industries is a collective of artists and designers working to produce graphics, movie clips and visuals for the web and other applications. Site requires Quicktime 4, and includes movies, VR files, and 3D graphics work.

Grow Collective - A co-op offering hosting, domain names and web development for community projects. Includes product and service information, plus help and FAQ. Bristol, UK.

Mad Hatters' Club - Small UK based server cooperative. Includes information on starting new server co-ops.

Magnolia Road Internet Cooperative - A rural wireless Internet cooperative based near Colorado, aiming its services at less affluent communities.

National Information Solutions Cooperative - NISC provides integrated IT solutions for telecom and energy utilities.

Northern Colorado Internet Cooperative - Cooperative organized to reduce the cost of Internet connections by sharing the cost of a reliable, high speed Internet connection. Includes general company info. - General information about this small server cooperative.

PopTel Technology - A worker cooperative that works primarily but not exclusively with organisations in the cooperative and social economy sector.

Project Crosswired - A Linux based server cooperative. Offers resources for groups interested in creating new server cooperatives, including server news, FAQs, and links.

The River - An open, self-governing computer conferencing system. Includes general company information.

Sivaris Web Desig Coop - Offering webdesign and promotion services. Prices, forum, news and publications.

Sugar Loaf Internet Cooperative - Rural high-speed access provider near Boulder, Colorado. Includes general information and FAQ.

Tantric Technologies - Provides business computer services.

West Florida Electric - Member-owned Internet Service Provider located in north-western Florida. Includes service sign-up and bill payment options, and links for local news, weather and sports.

Financial Services

Cacson - Cooperative financial institution serving the Uruguaian Army staff. Contains basic company info.

Cooperative Fund of New England - Community development loan fund that lends socially responsible investments to cooperatives, non-profit organizations, worker-owned businesses and community groups in New England. Includes loan application, and information for investors and applicants.

Co-operative Trust Company of Canada - Co-operative Trust provides financial intermediary and trust services throughout Canada. Includes company news and descriptions of products and services.

Industrial Common Ownership Fund - British investment fund that provides loan financing for co-operatives, employee owned businesses and community enterprises. Information on borrowing and loaning money to ICOF, and a newsletter.

National Cooperative Bank - Provides financial services and coop loans to U.S. cooperatives and their members, nonprofits and other member-owned organizations. Includes information about the bank, about starting a co-op, and the role of cooperatives in the economy.

National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation - Provides financial and investment services to members. Contains descriptions of products and services, events calendar, and the history and goals of the cooperative.


Co-operatives UK - Central organisation for the co-operative movement in the UK. Main purpose is to develop and extend co-operative enterprise.

European Community of Consumer Cooperatives - General information on European cooperatives; members site includes forum, message boards, articles, and coop chat.

Ipswich and Norwich Co-operative Society - Independent regional co-operative society at Suffolk, Norfolk and North East Essex. Unites foodstores, department stores, and dairy companies.

Kansas Cooperative Council - Trade association for cooperatives in Kansas, with information on benefits and programs.

National Cooperative Business Association - Contains general information on American cooperative businesses, a co-op events calendar, and NCBA membership information.

Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives - Minnesota Association of Cooperatives. An alliance provides governmental affairs, public relations, education and technical services.

Development Agencies

Arctic Co-operatives Limited - Organization serving to promote Inuit and Dene owned businesses in Northern Manitoba, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories of Canada. Includes information about co-ops in general.

Avon CDA - Development and support services for co-operatives in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.

Cambridge Co-Operative Development Agency - Includes a directory of co-ops and other social enterprises sorted by name and business area, as well as research reports.

Cooperative Development Services (CDS) - Nonprofit organization created and governed by the cooperative community of the Upper Midwest for the purpose of developing related businesses in all sectors of the economy. - A UK co-operative partnership with a mission to empower communities to help organisations develop and improve their services through community development and involvement.

Leicester & County CDA - Serving Leicestershire (UK). Includes information about co-ops.

Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency - Provides free and confidential business advice.

U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council - Cooperative Development Center - Created to help practitioners, donors or others interested in cooperative development. Offers basic cooperative methodologies and information.

Education and Training

BC Institute for Co-operative Studies - Center for research, learning, and teaching about co-operative practice and thought. Includes research on fishery, forestry, health, social, and first nations coops, and the online co-op journal Anthill.

Center for Cooperatives - General information, directory of US West Coast co-ops, and information on planning and running cooperatives, from the University of California at Davis.

Center for the Study of Co-operatives - Based at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. The site has details on recent research, seminars, online publications, new generation co-ops, scholarships, an online library catalogue and links to other relevant sites.

Co-operative College - College specializing in studying and researching the co-operative movement, with a substantial archive of co-operative literature.

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives - Extensive source of news and information about cooperatives.

Zvi Galor Consultancy - Provides consultancy and publications on issues affecting the running of co-operatives, credit unions and similar organizations.

News and Media

Alanat Coop News - Features business, management and cooperative news.

Coop News - News, events and publications. Covers business, energy, technology and society topics.

Co-operative News - An independent publication for the UK co-operative sector.

Co-opNet - Electronic mailing list run by the Southampton Co-op Network to promote cooperatives. The emphasis is on UK co-ops, particularly worker co-ops. Includes links to list archives. - Co-operative news, events and publications.

eCoops - Features news and publications. Covers economy, finance and stock market sectors.

Grassroots Economic Organizing - A newsletter about worker co-ops, economic democracy and sustainable, stakeholder-owned, democratically managed businesses in the US and worldwide.


Allen Park Chamber of Commerce - Local co-operative chamber in Allen Park, Michigan.

Arizona Cooperatives - Principles, values define cooperative operations.

CCA - Canadian co-operative association.

Thai Cooperative - The Cooperative Promotion Department. Features information about cooperatives and theirs products in Thailand.

UK Co-op Online Directory - A guide to the co-op movement and a directory of UK co-ops, sorted by field of work.