Human Resources, Organizations and Agencies

The Employee Ownership Foundation - Supports programs that will increase the level of awareness and appreciation of the benefits of employee ownership.

Employers Resource Council (ERC) - Northeast Ohio's largest employers' association. It assists organizations with the attraction, retention and motivation of great employees.

HRD Gateway - A nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the productivity and human resource development of ASEAN and the global communities.

The Human Resources Benchmarking Association - Shares information to improve productivity, quality and cycle time among Human Resources professionals.

Human Resources Consultants Association - Provides a forum for members to communicate, associate and learn from fellow professionals on a national level. Membership information, resources and jobs.

humantalents International - This e-learning group focuses on enhancement of creativity and innovative skills of all professionals throughout the world.

International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) - Your link to the unique world of HR information management, systems issues, trends, and technology.

International Human Resource Development Institute - An educational institute organized to promote the fields of human resource and organization development and the related discipline of organizational psychology.

International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) - An organization that represents the interests of over 5,000 human resource professionals at the Federal, State and Local levels of government.

The International Relocation Associates - Provides you with a comprehensive range of personalized, professional international relocation services and programs.

Involvement and Participation Association - A centre of excellence for organisations developing world class strategies for employee involvement and partnership

National Association of Professional Employer Organizations - Provides integrated services to manage human resource responsibilities and employer risks for clients. Contains directory to member firms.

Organizational Development Portal - A useful portal to books and links in the areas of organizational development, human resources, and training.

Professional Women's Forum - A diverse group of women dedicated to the advancement of women at work in the business, professional and educational communities.

Scanlon Leadership Network - The nonprofit network of companies that pioneered gainsharing, employee involvement, openbook management and servant leadership.

Society for Human Resource Management - Advances the human resource profession to ensure that HR is recognized as an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy.

Society for Human Resource Management - Emerald Coast Chapter - An organization comprised of human resource professionals across the Northwest Florida area.

Compensation and Benefits

Administaff Inc - Provides comprehensive personnel management services including benefits and payroll administration, personnel records management, liability management, employee recruiting and selection, performance management, and training and development services. (NYSE: ASF).

Advanced Personnel Systems - A directory of benefits and compensation software.

Alexander Hamilton Institute - Employment law news and resources.

Allsup, Inc. - Specializes in helping disabled persons obtain Social Security disability benefits.

Baker, Thomsen Associates Insurance Services, Inc. - California based benefit and compensation consulting company. Includes a detailed listing of services offered.

Balser Companies - Administration and consulting for executive compensation, non-qualified plans, executive benefits, and wealth accumulation.

BenComp Communications - Provides personalized employee benefit statements. Overview and product samples.

Benefit Enrollment Services, Inc. - Benefit Enrollment Services is one of Ohio's largest voluntary benefit enrollment agencies. Our professional experience gives you the edge in developing voluntary insurance benefit plans for your employees.

Benefit One of America - Administering COBRA, HIPAA, LOA (leave of absence) and retiree billing services.

Benefit Planning Consultants, Inc. - Illinois based, full service employee benefits consulting company.

Benefit Services Group, Inc. - Michigan based employee benefits advisor in life, health, pension 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit retirement, voluntary benefits, administration (COBRA, HIPPA, FSA, MSA and TPA) and financial planning.

Benefits Consulting Group - Provides the services businesses need to offer pension, profit sharing, 401(k) and cafeteria plans to their employees

Benefits Group, Inc. - Non-qualified deferred compensation and executive benefit plans offering participant and plan administrator account portal

Benefits Link - Links to information and services for US employers sponsoring employee benefit plans, companies providing products and services for plans, and participating employees.

BenefitsSummary, LLC - Provider of employee benefit statements. Offers personalized benefit reports, a cost-effective presentation of benefits programs, and employee's total compensation.

BenefitsWorld - Canada's free online resource on employee benefits and compensation. Free eNews keeps you up-to-date.

Beneflex - Administers flexible spending accounts. Company background, definitions and brochures.

BeneGlobe Global - Information on employee health medical and dental benefits, life and disability insurance, out of country coverage, employee assistance programs, HR in U.S. , Canada , U.K , Europe

BeyondWork - The exclusive Internet marketplace provider of total online work/life benefits that create impact and are relevant to both employers and employees.

Capital Chapter ISCEBS - Washington DC Chapter of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists. Educational programs, membership information, registration for upcoming programs.

Ceridian Benefits Administration Services - Offers services for outsourcing Benefits, COBRA, HIPAA, FSA, ERISA, QDRO.

Chernoff Diamond & Co.LLC - Benefit advisor consultants specializing in employee benefits, retirement planning, group health insurance, pension planning, life insurance, tax and estate planning.

Confluent Communications - Retirement plan and employee benefit communications programs.

Corporate Benefit Specialists - Complete employee benefit communication strategies and voluntary employee funded insurance benefits.

Coty & Bruce Benefits, Inc. - Comprehensive independent employee benefits plan administration and consulting. Provider searches.

Custom Communications - Connecticut firm specializing in the production of employee benefit literature.

Disability Claims Consulting - Expert witness offers testimony in benefit claims. Includes information about procedures and claimants' rights. West Newfield, Maine.

EBRI Fact Sheets - The Employee Benefit Research Institute issues monthly online publications providing regional and national statistical reports archived back to 1996.

Employee Benefit News - Contains articles and updates on employee benefits updated monthly.

Employee Benefit Research Institute - Organization committed to original public policy research and education on economic security and employee benefits. Site contains press releases and information about current research and study projects.

EmployeeDiscos - Provides employee discount programs to businesses (theme parks, cellphones, travel, hotels, and rental cars.

The Employers Association, Inc. - Since 1898 providing advice, information and human resource services to the best employers in Rhode Island and neighboring Massachusetts.

An Employer's Guide to Employee Benefits - Presents a nontechnical discussion of how to select an appropriate plan for the workforce, put it in place, select appropriate advisors, and communicate it to employees. 

Employers Resource Council - Employers Resource Council-Providing human resources, benefits, compensation, and policy services and resources to small and medium sized businesses in and around Ohio.

e-reward - United Kingdom - The site offers insightful advice, analysis and research on all aspects of compensation and benefits.

The ERV Agency - Specializes in the design, funding, communication, implementation and administrative phases of employee benefit plans.

FBD Consulting - Online information source for the latest in benefit programs.

Federal Minimum Wage (G. Neil Companies) - Manufactures posters for employer compliance with U.S. federal and state minimum wage and labor laws. Includes wage impact calculator and recent news.

FinStat - Producing personalized benefit reports for employees. - This site provides free and unlimited access to the most recent Form 5500's filed by US employers.

Full Time Solutions - Provides staffing solutions for small-medium sized companies. Services include payroll processing, health insurance programs and HR administration services.

Abraham and Aaron - California based consulting firm specializing in staffing, training and development, outplacement, benefits assessment and virtual HR programs.

Absolute HR Solutions - Offers advice, pre-written policy solutions and job description writing and evaluation services.

Adelis Development Systems - Specializing in development of leadership and organization development and training. Background of associates and overview of services.

AF Associates - Specialising in employee opinion surveys, management training, and business improvement exercises.

Al Gates & Associates - Helps organizations with human resource management, appraisals and human resource consulting in Victoria, British Columbia.

Alexander and Zaia - Independent consultants in human resources, payroll and benefits systems. Specializing in functional reviews, software selection, and project management.

Aon Consulting, Inc. - Develops benefits, talent management, and rewards strategies and solutions. Provides human resources outsourcing and executive compensation design services.

Aon Human Resources Consulting Group - Detroit based company specializing in employee benefits, compensation and change management.

APR Testing Services - Provides online and paper based testing products and related applied psychology consulting services. Background, products and contact information.

The Ayers Group - New York based company specializing in recruitment, technology consulting, human resources consulting, career transition and retirement planning.

Ball Lange & Associates - Offers human resources consulting and training. Specializes in recruitment and on-site employee development. Based in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario.

Barrett & Associates, Inc. - Provides custom-developed human resource systems and services to public and private organizations.

Behavioral Insights, LLC - Specializes in the areas of executive assessment, competency assessment, assessment centers, selection system development, multi-source (360-degree) assessment, and organizational surveys.

Behavioral Management, Inc. (BMI) - Minneapolis based consulting firm that provides cost effective services in the behavioral health and human resources fields.

Beveridge Consulting - An Australian human resources consulting firm offering assistance with selection, reward and recognition, grading structures, pay benchmarking and employee opinion surveys.

Biddle Consulting Group - California-based company offering human resources consulting services in the areas of equal employment opportunity, test development and validation, pay equity reviews, affirmative action plans and testing.

Birchtree - A human resources consulting firm. Services include strategic planning, compensation programs, benefits, staffing, training, expatriate policies, and performance systems.

Bottom Line Impact Inc. - Focusing on solving problems that affect productivity and efficiency. Company background, information on workshops and speaking engagements, publications and contact details.

Bowland Solutions Ltd - Online performance reviews, appraisals, and surveys. Describes services and methods.

The Bresnahan Group - Illinois-based human resources consulting company providing employee handbook, sexual harassment policy, team building, job descriptions, performance review systems, and human resource audit services.

Bruno Matarazzo y Asociados - Human resource consultants, specializing in outplacement services. Global partner in Argentina of Lee Hecht Harrison, Inc. (USA)

BTTB Performance Solutions - Offers an approach to employee performance issues for manufacturing and service companies. Includes descussion of methodology and employment opportunities.

The Burke Group (TBG) - Company offers management consultancy, with focus on minimizing the presence or influence of unions.

Cambria Consulting - Boston-based consulting firm that specializes in human resource management and organization development for North American companies with global reach.

Career Check - Specializes in pre-employment background investigations. Assists companies by verifying social security, education, references and criminal records.

Career Concepts Inc. - Provides outplacement, recruiting, human resource consulting services, customer service training, organizational effectiveness training, and executive coaching.

Castleton Partners - Focusing on the idenfication, development and management of leadership talents. Company details, resources and services.

Cchange Communications Ltd - Providing tools to communicate with employees and to develop strategies to attract, motivate, and retain employees. Philosophy, methodologies and services described.

The Chatfield Group - Providing human resources assessment, consulting, marketing communications, training, coaching, recruiting, and staffing.

Chesterman Swann & Co Ltd - Human resources consultancy focusing on recruitment, occupational psychology, and change management.

Childress Consulting - Management and human resources consultants providing services in human development, management and leadership skills, process development and engineering, customer service and financial performance.

CJB - HR web-based solutions. Intranet maintenance. E-Communications training and HR image consulting. HR project support and start-up services.

The Clark-Heidrich Group - Human resources consulting firm specializing in recruitment and selection, OSHA compliance, workers compensation administration, wage and salary administration, and problem employee counseling.

Amicas - Provides coaching, training, change consultancy, leadership training and symbolic modelling to improve employee performance, communication and flexibility within the organizational environment.

Anderson-davis, Inc. - International educator in sexual harassment and investigator's training. Expert witness and producer of award winning training videos.

Asian Leadership Institute - Offers executive coaching, team building and other training with an added spriritual perspective based on Eastern tradition but not limited to a specific religious context.

The Barefield Group, LLC - Develops and conducts customer service training for HR recruiters. Profile, services, list of clients and contacts.

Brain Technologies Corporation - Personality tests to determine learning style for team building and leadership training in change and human resource management.

Brainstorm Dynamics, Inc. - Offers reproducible training programs in coaching, conflict, customer service, facilitation skills, interviewing, listening, mentoring, practical leadership, presentation skills, and team dynamics. Programs available in Word 2000, Adobe Acrobat, and print.

Business Training Library - Provides employee and business skilss training materials using a unique lending library program.

The Career Development Team - A North American and international provider of materials, workshops and consulting for organizational career development. On line ordering and downloads available.

Center for Organizational Design - Provides organization and leadership development through direct employee training or train-the-trainer.

Chambers Communications and Training Techniques - Customize workshops and individual coaching plans to build competencies and promote individual-to-organizational growth in support of human resource objectives.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Year-long, paid training program in state human resource management for recent college graduates, leading to permanent employment.

Concept Training Seminars - Communication training, management development, performance management, diversity, sexual harassment, outsourcing, writing, recruitment for employees. Business to business programs for human resources departments.

Creative Resource Development - Human resource, management training, specializing in team building.

Critical Pathfinders - Providers of corporate team building and adventure training in the United States and Canada.

CustomerServiceTraining.TV - Web based access to customer service training.

Dale Carnegie Personal and Management Development - Personal and management development in communication, confidence building, presentations, motivation, delegation and people management skills.

E-Coaches - Consulting and training company specialising in executive coaching, leadership development, team performance and action learning with the goal of improving personal, professional and organisational performance.

Employee Development Systems, Inc. - Provides training and development to managers and employees in the areas of communications, performance management, personal growth and responsibility, professionalism and teambuilding.

Fanjoy and Associates - Provide whole-system performance management workshops, coaching, and presentations. Quick study cards, self-study workbooks, and trainer kits offered.

Foster Seminars and Communications - Training seminars for management and staff to improve communication and cooperation in the workplace and to motivate employees.

Frontline Group - Consulting and training company that focuses on improving workplace performance. - Corporate training with game-based learning approach. Serious training in a game environment.

Gamma Group Consulting - Works with businesses to enhance their marketing, streamline their internal process, and develop their people.

Gilman Performance Systems, Inc. - Specializes in customized programs for team building, leadership, interviewing, management, feedback surveys, competency modelling, and 360 surveys.

GoldenQuest - A company providing advanced, web-based performance support and training products that improve the performance of an individual, group and company.

Heim Group - Provides workshops to employees and train-the-trainer certifications on topics such as gender diversity and communication skills in the workplace.

HRDT/Windsor Group - Motivation, job suitability, and skill based assessment programs for with pre-hire screening and post-hire sales performance development programs. Facilitation and seminar programs also available.

Improvisation in the Workplace - Training and development programs in improvisation, team building, flexible thinking, presentation skills, and humour in the workplace.

Interel - We provide innovative Action Learning Devices to diverse organizations; from independent trainers to Fortune 500 corporations.

J.D. Wesson and Associates - Specializes in training for public service agencies; law enforcement, schools, medical facilities, government agencies.

Krauthammer International - Training, coaching and consulting in management, sales and client relations.

Labor Leadership Initiative - Primary Development Company's Train the Trainer program designed to provide personal and interpersonal leadership skills at the front line of the Labor Force.

Lovejoy Associates - Assist financial advisors, plan providers and third party administrators in winning and retaining plans.

Mars and Venus Workplace Seminars - Gender diversity training, women in the workplace, conflict resolution, and sexual harassment avoidance training.

Mary Sigmann - Provides coaching and training in organization methods.

Myers Method, Inc. - Design and deliver customized communication courses to help employees achieve their performance goals.

The National Center for Cultural Healing - Business diversity training and cultural competence consultation.

Odyssey Performance Enhancement Network - Ropes courses on corporate and organization team building.

People Smart Technologies - Offers workshops, products and consulting on business relations within organizations and with customers.

Performance Solutions - Consultation and training services by Darrell Potts in customer service and management training.

Principle Impact Strategies - Provides training workshops to managers and employees that addresses multigenerational diversity and personality differences in the workplace.

Procurement Services Limited - Training workshops, recruitment seminars and consultancy services in procurement, human resource management, and applied business solutions.

The Richardson Company: Training Media - Offers training programs for business and industry on management and employee training and organizational development. Includes free previews.

Self Mastery International - This is a values based company providing training on stress management, communication skills, team building, personal growth skills, keynote speakers, conferences and workshops.

Sparks Development - Bill Bastian provides personal growth and corporate motivational workshops.

Steve Pavlina - Personal development coach and author.

Sue Lane and Associates - Offering custom training products designed and delivered to specification and classroom training services to facilitate programs developed or purchased by client.

Teleometrics International Inc. - Publisher of management and leadership development training material and seminars.

The Training Clinic - Offering public and in-house workshops for trainers in the presentation, design and management of training.

Training Technology Services - This sites goal is to improve employee performance by providing effective training programs and services.

Workplace Basics - Workplace education, employee development, computer education, MicroSoft Office education, communication training, on-site workplace education programs.

Employee Relations

Anonymous Employee - Provides employees with the opportunity to express problems and concerns in the workplace anonymously. Employees can inform their employer through anonymous communication about the issues they face.

Best Companies Group - Researches the dynamics and characteristics of great workplaces and promoting workplace excellence.

Braun Consulting Group - Washington based consultants specialising in employee relations.

Brown Consulting Group - Specialists in recruiting, retention, harassment policies and human resources services. Outsourcing, mediation, recruitment, harassment policies and coaching.

Burke Group - California based management labor relations consulting firm.

Cornerstone Consulting Group - Works with organizations of all types and sizes to manage change successfully. Our practice focuses on the following areas: Sustainable Organizational Change, High Performance Team, Custom-Designed Training, Performance-Based Executive Coaching, Speakers Bureau.

The Discovery Group - A management consulting firm that provides customized employee opinion, customer satisfaction, and readership surveys to help organizations make sound business decisions.

Diversity Breakthrough - A range of books and tools to assist companies with their diversity strategies.

EAP Stress Management Programs - Instep Ltd. EAP or stress management programs,(SAP)student assistance programs and managed behavioural healthcare.

Employee Assistance - An employee assistance program providing customized services for the employer.

Employee Assistance Program (ACI) - Providers of EAP services internationally and locally. Providing executive coaching, seminars, and counseling.

Employee Assistance Programs - Woman-owned international provider of employee assistance programs and related services.

Employee opinion surveys - Online employee surveys designed to better understand employee commitment, opinion and satisfaction helping to increase employee retention.

Employee Relations Consultants - Information resource to help you manage your industrial/employee relations environment.

HR Junction - Provides free job advertising and resume search features.

HR World - Explore job opportunities in human resources and related areas through our classified ads.

HRIM Mall - HR-related jobs from around the world. Membership not required to use this free service.

The Job Connection - Website designed to locate human resource jobs. Provides company information online.

Administration and Information Human Resources Division - State of Wyoming, Department of Administration and Information Division

British Columbia Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance - The Ministry's mission is to help people achieve economic security.

National Labour Market Information - National bilingual database of Labour Market Information including standardized occupation descriptions, wage data, analysis of employment trends, potential employer lists and training available in local labour market areas by occupation and links to Industrial Profiles, Community Information, Labour Market Reviews where available.

New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations - Information on labor relations, labor management committees, workforce and organizational development initiatives, and other human resources information.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration - This is the homepage for OSHA. It has information related to job related safety and health issues, as well as compliance related resources.

Office of the Nevada Labor Commissioner - Information about Nevada labor laws, public works, state apprenticeship, and prevailing wages.

Social Security Administration - This is the homepage for the Social Security Administration.

State of Kansas, Department of Human Resources - State and local labor market information including; wage, unemployment, and employment statistics.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics - Contains labor related statistics compiled by the BLS.

United States Department of Labor homepage - This site contains statistics, summaries of labor laws and useful links to other government agencies.

Use Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA) - Information on programs, assistance, and training opportunities for employers and employees.

Allen and Associates - Outplacement and executive marketing firm offering employment and career services to individuals.

Avenir Career Consulting - provides outplacement, redundancy administration and career counselling services to businesses based in the East Midlands, UK.

Bakos Group - Assists job seekers, employers, recruiters, headhunters, search & retainer firms, and employment agencies with the employment and outplacement process.

The Barrett Group - Provides employment and career transition assistance to clients through an international network.

Berkeley Research - Outplacement for the high-tech community.

Bourin Conseil - Provides coaching, outplacement, and assessment services for company managers and leaders. Includes references, team information, and guarantees. Paris, France.

BPI Management und Personalberatung - A Frankfurt, Germany based management consulting group focusing on the improvement of performance for individuals and organizations through career consulting services.

The Callos Companies - An outplacement and recruiting company that helps with professional employment.

Cambridge Staffing - Provides outplacement assistance to companies.

Camden Consulting Group - Assists individuals and organizations achieve their career goals through customized executive development and leadership coaching processes for executives, key performers, and management teams.

Canera - Provides career management, transition and coaching services. Located in Calgary, Alberta.

Career Coach Institute - Virtual career coach training and certification.

The Career Control Group - Provides national and international career transition and management services to employers.