Card Games, History, Rules and Tips


Baccarat Game - Rules, history, tips and resources.

Baccarat Instructions - Introduction to the game with rules and tips for playing.

Baccarat Progressive System - Official site includes galleries, an introduction to the game, and contact information. [Requires Flash]

Baccarat Student - Offers rules, strategies, tips for playing the card game, systems, and glossary.

Baccarat System - Provides system, rules and tips for the game.

Baccarat System - Software based system suitable for the beginner to the advanced players. - Playing tips, game strategies and rules.

Gambling Baccarat - Baccarat rules, systems and strategies. Also history and variations of the game.

Succeed Now - Provides a system to help players increase their chances of winning.

Blackjack - Information about the casino game of blackjack, including articles, discussions, tips, strategies, and interactive resources.

Advantage Player - Message board and reference library available to everyone, with other features accessible to subscribers only.

AOL Games - Blackjack - Offers free online blackjack games and tournaments.

BJ Math - Explores the mathematics of blackjack.

Blackjack 4 You - Rules, tips, strategies and jokes.

Blackjack at Home - History, rules, tips, and links.

Blackjack Center - Free guide to playing and winning at blackjack. Learn card counting, basic strategy and betting systems.

Blackjack Info - Provides free basic strategy charts for any set of rules. Also explains rules of casino blackjack.

Blackjack King - Strategy, rules, payout charts, table layout and related articles.

Blackjack Man - Strategy, advice and an interactive shockwave simulation of the world's favorite casino card game.

Blackjack Review Network - Message boards, chatrooms, rules and conditions, archives, free links and a full product catalog.

Blackjack Without Tears - Explains card counting, clumpling, shuffle tracking and betting systems. Forum, message board and course. - Providing rules, strategies, downloads, table guide and odds for the game.

Fat Tony's Blackjack - Rules, odds, tips and strategy advice.

John Marchel Enterprises - Provides services, products and blackjack gambling tips for the novice and the experienced player.

Online Blackjack Strategy - Game strategies and advice on specific casinos.

Precision 21 - Complete advanced blackjack methodology.

Rec.gambling.blackjack FAQ - Frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup.

Strategic Blackjack - Strategy and advice for playing under the rules of specific online casinos.

WaterRock - Advanced strategy tools for blackjack games. Featuring free online seminar and computer game.

White Knight Blackjack - Free strategy, card counting and casino information. Advanced coaching is available.


Bridge Combinatorics - Features combinatorics and probability analysis for bridge hands.

The Bridge on the Philately - Proposes stamp collections themed on the card game. Presents a history of the game.

BridgeHands - Presents an encyclopedia with conventions and play, laws, rules, regulations. Includes reviews, newsletter and web hosting.

Card-Table Talk - Presents scenes from on-line games and spoof reviews of films for bridge content.

Competitive Bridge - Offers advice for advancing players on dupplicate tournament play and all aspects of the game. Includes a forum and sells a CD ROM.

Double Dummy Corner - Provide a repository of problems and examples of incorrect analysis by prominent writers.

FastTrack - Presents a wireless handheld for the scoring of duplicate events. In Pretoria, South Africa.

For Bridge Players - Proposes bidding polls and play contests, quizzes, puzzles. Presents articles, humor, lesson material, calculators and utilities.

Museum of Contract Bridge Theory - Proposes an introduction to the game, explanation of bidding systems and play techniques.

Pitbulls - Provides information about an Alberta team, their systems and result, a forum and technical articles. - Presents stories of poorly played bridge in England.

Prism Signals - An eleven chapter e-book featuring dynamic defensive problems solved by new signals. Full text available online, or download in text or zip formats.

Wikipedia on Bridge - Presents the history and rules of the game.


About Canasta - A how to play guide for beginners.

Albany Canasta - Rules for a complex variant.

BoardGameGeek - Features a forum, user ratings, and summary of game rules and pictures.

Canasta - Features rules and tips.

Canasta - Rules and scoring for the five-handed version.

Canasta Story - Details the history of the game.

Canasta Strategy - Provides a look at game strategy, including melding, team play, and "freezing the pile."

Crazy Canasta - Rules for a 7-deck variation.

Yahoo! Groups Canasta - Community message board for players.


President (Game) - Encyclopedia entry describing the game in detail including rule variations. - A description of the game and how to play.

Rules of Card Games: President - Contains a history of the game and detailed rule set.



Cribbage - History and information.

Cribbage - Game overview, rules and tips. Also offers boards, cards, software and online gaming information.

Cribbage - Rules for five card and six card versions, as well as the related game of Noddy.

Cribbage Corner - Resource for beginners and seasoned peggers alike. Rules, strategy, variants, etiquette, books, computer games and history.

Cribbage Forum - Features articles on strategy and tactics and a monthly quiz.

Germantown Peggers - Explains terms, rules, strategy and variations.

Lowball Cribbage - Variation where the first player to 121 points is the loser.

Hand and Foot

Hand & Foot - Compilation of different regional rules for the game.

Hand and Foot - Rules for the game.


About Hearts - Explains the object of the game, how to play, and scoring.

Hearts - Rules and game variations.

Hearts - Books, software, links and online play information.

Hearts - Gives rules, information, variations, and links.

Hearts and Other Trick-Taking Games - Evolution of the game and rules for a large number of variations.

Hearts Game Rules - Information on game-play, rules, and dealing.

The Jack of Diamonds Variation - Detailed explanation and tips for a game variation popular with many online players.

Mark's Hearts Tips - Guidelines and strategies for beginners to advanced players, from how to play to playing dirty.

Microsoft Hearts Strategy - Rules and pointers for the beginner. Has wider application than just Microsoft version.

Rules for The Game of Hearts - Information on how to play, deal and keep score.

Tournament of Players - Community for online players, including a message board and chat.


President (Game) - Encyclopedia entry describing the game in detail including rule variations. - A description of the game and how to play.

Rules of Card Games: President - Contains a history of the game and detailed rule set.


The Game of Mao - Rules to the game as played on Catalina Island.

Mao - Rules to several game varients.

Mao - Introduction to a game where it against the rules to explain the rules.

Mao Links - Information and links to sites dealing with variations of Mao.

Mao Prime - Generic rules for a variation where the starting set of rules are made up by the players.

Mao: The Game - Includes advanced rules and points of order.

Unofficial Mao Home Page - Rules for a certain Mao variant.


All Vegas Poker - Reviews and trip reports from every poker room in Las Vegas. Also poker tournament news.

Bluff Magazine - Includes articles, forums, odds calculator, and archives.

Card Games: Poker - A collection of annotated links and rules for several variants.

Card Player - Industry publication also featuring casino games and sports. Article archives, casino links, instructional books and tapes. - Poker forum plus articles and reviews of online card rooms.

CoachPoker - Poker coach services provided by Derek Mithaug. Coaching philosophy and testimonials online. - Allows users to play various starting hand and post flop scenarios then compare against expert opinions.

Gambling Poker - Rules for over thirty games, including common casino varieties and uncommon home games.

Gambling-Academy - Poker training videos, beginner and advanced articles, and a member's only forum.

The Hendon Mob - Group of four UK-based pro players offering tips, a forum, a gallery and competitions.

Home Poker - Resource on non-casino games including the basics and a glossary.

Launchpoker - News, tips, forum, and poker celebrity profiles.

Live Action Poker - Forums, interviews, "tips from the pros", streaming video and radio.

Mike's Poker - Learn the rules for over one hundred variants, indexed by title and amount of players.

Play Winning Poker - Strategy articles, news and a variety of instructional resources for both casino and online play.

Pocket Aces - Archive of over one hundred fifty of Maryann Guberman's columns from Casino Gaming.

The Poker Forum - Articles, tournament information, rules, forums, book reviews, trip reports, and television schedules.

Poker Forums - General discussion forum with sections related to strategy, new players, and bragging about big wins.

Poker Junkie Forum - Community for online poker players.

Poker Pro - Membership site of an association providing advanced poker strategy and research for the professional players.

The Poker Project - Online poker room directory, where the players themselves provide reviews of each site. Also, poker rules, poker books, and strategies.

Poker Tips - Strategy articles as well as cardroom reviews and other online playing information.

Poker Top 10 - Lists on topics such as online rooms, rules and players.

Poker TV Network - Streaming TV show about the world of poker. Complete archives online.

Poker UK - Guide to basics, etiquette and UK casinos offering poker. - Coverage of live poker tournaments, professional player profiles, articles, and daily blog.

Poker-Images - Poker photo library. Classic poker pictures as well as photographs from the latest tournaments. - Message board and coverage of European clubs and tournaments. - Articles, rules, cardroom directories and online tournament information.

PokerPages - Searchable database of cardrooms, daily-updated tournament results, player profiles, tips and articles.

Pokersyte - Games rules, strategies, and tips from "Bullet Bob" Maxwell.

Pokerworks - Stories from both sides of the green felt, as well as Bellagio Casino tournament information. - Online poker room news. Updated regularly. Also professional player profiles and interviews.

Rakeback Monitor - Provides reviews about rakeback sites that refund money to online poker players. News, rakeback comparisons, discussion forum. FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup. - Web-based newsreader for the newsgroup.

Serious Poker - Resources, links, articles and Dan Kimberg's dictionary. - Teaches several types of poker games by using full color example hands. Also, history of poker.

Two Plus Two Publishing - Moderated discussion forum hosted by David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and Ray Zee. Also sells their books.

Ultimate Poker Challenge - Website for the nationally syndicated poker tournament. TV schedule, player profiles, and blog.

United Poker Forum - Moderated discussion forum hosted by authors Mike Caro and Roy Cooke.

Woman Poker Player - Magazine targetted to female players. Includes subscription information, forums, and media kit.

Womens Poker Club - A private social club for women poker players with sponsored women only tournaments, peer mentoring, and poker forum. Also includes articles and testimonials.

World Series of Poker - Official website for the World Series of Poker. Summary of events, tournament schedules, news and history.

World Series of Poker Retrospective - University of Nevada, Las Vegas look at the history of the game's oldest tournament.


Bonanza - Rules for this Michigan Rummy based game, similar to Tripoley.

Michigan Rummy - Game rules.

Rummy - Rules of a variety of game variations.

Rummy - Rules, books, and software for different game variations.


BVS Solitaire Collection - Provides introduction and rules for a several original solitaire variations.

Card Games: Competitive Patience - Rules for four variations of multi-player patience (solitaire) and links for one-player games.

dogMelon - Provides rules, descriptions, and graphical examples of multiple solitaire games.

Semicolon Software - Features articles about winning at multiple solitaire variations.

Solitaire Central - Rules, descriptions, and pictures of patience games. Also offers web-based game software.

Solitaire Laboratory - Features solutions and descriptions for Freecell, Giza, Pyramid Puzzlements, and Fourteen Out.

Solitaire Strategy by - Nine-step decision making process that guides a player to the correct play. Also presents specific strategies for Klondike.

United States Playing Card Company: Solitaire Games - Features rules and instructions for multiple variations.


BoardGameGeek - Features a forum, user ratings, and summary of game rules, pictures, and lists.

Cadaco Toys - Official site. Includes pictures, and descriptions of multiple Tripoley-based games.

Three In One - Tripoley rules and variations. Features pictures of the game, its components, and descriptions for each of the 3 stages of the game.

Tripoley Rules - Rules, variations and pictures of Tripoley boxes from different years.

Trick Capturing

Exact Bidding Games - Overview of rules of: Oh Hell, Ninety-Nine, La Podrida, Israeli Whist and Romanian Whist.

GrandPrix Tournaments - Official home to The World Series of Hearts, The World Series of Spades and The World Series of Euchre. Also contains tips, tricks and strategies.

GrandPrixTourneys - Whist, Euchre, Hearts and Spades tournaments, with an annual national championship of each respective game.

Hay's Rule Book - Rules for trick taking games: Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, Double Pinochle, Euchre and Five Hundred.

Last Trick Games - Overview of four games: Chicago, Toepen, Bieten and Agurk/Cucumber.

Le Jeu de Tarot - French game: rules, strategy tips [in French and English]

The 45s Card Game - Rules and variations of the bidding/trick-based game 45s. - Community of whist and pinochle players.

Trick-capturing on Wikipedia - Encyclopedia description of this family of games.