Trading Card Games

Battlez - Takes place in the nebulous arena, where immortal characters strive to knock out their opponents and win the tournament.

Broodmoor - Official site for Playas and Haters. Features rules, card list, and soundtrack.

CCGRealms - Offers a selection of discussion forums.

Chaos General - Rules and explanation for a game where the deck is only 9 cards.

Echelon - Turn-based WWII themed game. Contains information on the game, photos, and online sale.

Galactic Warfare - A science fiction RPG. Includes game rules and information.

Hecuba Games - Offers news service and product reviews for CCGs.

Identity Crisis - Game about the meaning of life, full of self-deprecating humor.

Mage Warfare : Where Realities Collide - Features card information and deck tips.

The Place for Games - Organizes tournaments and events for play of games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering.

Rumble Robots UK - Includes a forum, the best places to buy the game, and latest news.

Spythrillogy - Role-playing card game of international espionage and intrigue.

Timestream Traveller - Fan page of Timestream: The Remnant features PDF format rules.

Ultramancool's Domain - Images of Geneforge cards.

VEX - Offers game and ordering information.

WAM - Baltimore convention. Includes 2002 World Strategy Gamer Rankings as well as miscellaneous downloads.

Warriors - Offers game rules and card lists.


All Star Trading Cards - Specializes in unopened boxes. Illinois, USA.

Al's Card Shop Online - Located in Western Australia. Includes cards from television shows, sports, movies, and science fiction.

AnyCraze - Offering a selection of cards.

Astral Castle - Offering single cards. Free card lists.

Battlecards: World Conflict - Features a collectible, expandable World War II card game. - Mage Knight, MLB Showdown 2000 and Pokemon. Beanie Babies. New Jersey, USA.

Beanielad Trading Cards - Includes packs, signed cards, and collecting information.

The Card Kid - Hobby store based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with online ordering available.

CardAgora - Sells cards for the Lord of the Rings trading card game.

CardHaus - Sales and information resource. Based in the USA.

CCG Realm - Supplier of CCG and miniatures singles for most games.

Choice Marketing - Specializes in firefighting apparatus card sets depicting engines from a variety of eras.

Collector's Cache - Overland Park, Kansas: offers trading card game cards; also Beanie Babies.

Conway Collectibles - Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Tomb Raider and Harry Potter.

Cool Stuff Games - Hobby store based in Orlando, Florida.

Discount Anime Toys - Main focus is Yu-Gi-Oh, but other cards and accessories available.

DJs Sports Cards - Offers singles.

Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy - CCGs, comics, miniatures, anime, manga, and gaming supplies. Locations in Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio.

Edge-Man Gaming Cards - Wholesaler only.

Flash Cards - Trading cards that are personalized to include the buyers information. - Offers collectible card games, sportscards and accessories.

Gathering Ground - All CCGs and accessories. Includes message board, policies and tournament schedule.

Grand Slam Sports Cards - Sells sealed products.

Hill's WholeSale Gaming - Includes Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Magic the Gathering.

Home Field Cards - Single cards, booster boxes, cases, decks and supplies.

JK Collectibles - Specializing in non-sports sets, chase, inserts and binders.

Legendary Gaming Shop - Online only seller offering singles and supplies. Based in the USA.

Legendary L5R - Offering Legend of the 5 Rings singles. Accepts PayPal and ships internationally.

Match Attax Outlet - Specializing in individual and unopened packets of UK Football Cards.

Mencik's Sportscards - Featuring American and Japanese booster packs, theme decks, and supplies. Located in Maryland, USA.

Monster Cards, Inc. - Showcases a trading card game called Monster Cards, and allows for the online ordering of the cards.

Neutral Ground - MTG, World of Warcraft, and Pokemon.

Paladin Games & Hobbies - Game store in Bakersfield, CA.

Phoenix Games - Collectible games and board games.

PokeOrder - Includes Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Dragonball Z.

PokezorWorld - Sells wide variety of cards. USA based.

Potomac Distribution - CCG's, sport and non-sports cards. Comics and Beanie Babies.

PSI Soft Games - Single cards and sealed products. Hosts tournaments.

Rush / Wild Things - Assorted selection of singles. - Offers Pokemon and Yugioh.

Utena Tarot Deck - Information on how to order, pictures and package sizes.

Wall Of Fame.Net - American and Japanese booster packs, decks, and singles.

Warclick - World of Warcraft specialist.

Warp 9 Non-Sport Cards & Collectibles - Non-sport cards, inserts, chase cards, factory autograph cards, and older graded singles.