Hand Games, Clapping Games, Rock, Paper and Scissors Games

Hand Clapping

Chants, Clapping Games, and Jump Rope Rhymes - The lyrics and instructions for several games.

Games Kids Play: Jump Rope Rhymes - Dozens of clapping and jumping game rhymes.

Hand Games - Hand/body rhythm sequences, with detailed instructions and variations.

Streetplay.com: Clap and Rhyme Games - Memories of clapping games with lyrics for two.

Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Janken in the World - Scissors, paper, stone games as played in different cultures.

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide - Strategy and game news from the World RPS Society.

Professional Rock Paper Scissors - Details strategy and statistics for the game of RPS, including an original match format.

Rochambeau - Phil Price does a bit of research on the game's origins.

Rock, Scissors, Paper Plus - Rules to add Bomb, Bird, Water, Chopper hand forms.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Button Game - Rules for a party game, moving the arena of combat from gestures to wearable buttons.

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Spock-Lizard - A variation with five options instead of the traditional three.

RoShamBo (aka Rock Paper Scissors) with Christmas Lights - Humorous results of a Roshambo contest between brothers using Christmas lights captured by a webcam.

RoShamBo Programming Competition - Write a program to play Rock-Paper-Scissors, and enter it to play in an open competition against other programs.

Roshambo Rampage - Play by email with your chosen opponent.

1620 Spruce SEGA RoShamBo Tournament - Results of a competition for a game console.

USA Rock Paper Scissors League - Professional tournaments sponsored by Bud Light, with national finals in Las Vegas. News, rules, history of the game, and humor.

Wikipedia: Rock, Paper, Scissors - An article explaining the rules, variations, strategies, and lists recently played tournaments.

WWWF Grudge Match: Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors - Humorous article on the three-way conflict, with comments from those who voted for their favorite weapon.

MindZine: Second International Roshambo Programming Contest - The Roshambo Challenge Rides Again, Mind Sports Organization article. (June 20, 2000)

Slashdot: Rock-Paper-Scissors - Online discussion of the Roshambo programming competition. (June 19, 2000)

Mating Games and Lizards - Ivars Peterson's MathLand describes the game parallel in the mating ritual of the California side blotched lizard. (April 15, 1996)

Thumb Wrestling

Monochrom's Massive Multiplayer Thumb-Wrestling - Explains the basics as well as multi-player variations. Includes photographs.

Samurai Thumbs - Describes how to play this game using helmeted thumb wrestlers as warriors. Includes some variations.

Thumb Wrestling - Describes how to thumb wrestle, with a snake in the grass variation.

Wikipedia - Thumb Wrestling - Description of how the game is played.