Puzzles, Riddles And Crosswords

Adventure Puzzles - Serial adventures, continuing story and puzzles building towards a final puzzle and solution.

Crosskit.com - Offers printable crossword and sudoku puzzles. Puzzles are offered daily and weekly with an archive. Also offers a crossword dictionary, daily horoscope, and discussion forums.

The Game - A puzzle hunt run every year at Stanford.

Holiday Puzzles - Collection of original puzzles developed over the years to celebrate the winter holidays.

Logicville - Educational puzzles, brain teasers, mathematical recreations and word games. A resource for anagrams, cryptograms, alphametics, word puzzles, logic problems, doublets, tangrams, chess, and math quizzes.

MyCharades.com - Includes charades, riddles, and enigmas.

The Puppeteer's Cosmic Puzzle - Pictographic puzzle microcosm of old and new playing cards, poems, games and lore. New suits: the zodiac, solar system, evolution, human family, ancient elements, astronomical basis of the calendar and compass.

Puzzle Choice - Crosswords, wordsearches, cryptograms, quizzes, wordplay and other interactive and printable puzzles and games.

Puzzle Monster - Original trivia, logic, visual and word puzzles.

The Puzzle Page - Collection of puzzles, brain teasers, mind benders, logic problems, cryptograms, patterns, and enigmas.

Puzzle Space - Information about language and culture independent puzzles and logic games.

Puzzletome - Contests of varying difficulty and types. Also has tutorials with worked examples and practice games. [Registration required]

Rainier Beer Bottlecap Puzzles - The answers to the bottlecap rebus style puzzles found on Rainier Beer and Pearl Beer caps.

The Substitute Teacher: Puzzles and other Diversions - Printable puzzles and other diversions to help substitute teachers involve their temporary students in mind stretching activities.

Tim's World of Puzzles - Information on World Puzzle Championships including links to sample word and logic puzzles.

The Ultimate Puzzle Site - Challenging puzzles and riddles and interactive quizzes and tests.

Variety Games - Shareware software programs available to create custom crossword and word searches.

VNC: Volker-Noelle.com - Collection of brain teasers, logic puzzles, paradoxes and mathematical riddles.


Ambigram Art and Tattoos - Commercial site with stencils for the body from Wowtattoos.

Ambigram Clothing - First and only line of all ambigram clothing T=shirts from Inversion Clothing.

Ambigram Designs by Brett J. Gilbert - A varied collection of elegant ambigram designs.

Ambigram.Com - Includes Ambigram-Matic for creating your own personal ambigrams online, plus reversible matchbox art and links.

Ambigram.net - Various ambigram designs, based primarily on peoples' names.


Anagram Choice - Hundreds of anagrams for you to solve.

Anagram Genius - Includes free anagram-generating server and searchable database of 25000+ anagrams.

Anagram Journey - Tour the Roman city of Chester with anagram interludes.

The Anagram Page - Monthly anagram puzzles plus anagrammed and headless cinema titles.

Anagram Puzzler - See how many of these can you solve in 30 minutes.

Anagram Soup - Contains words from which players make anagrams and shorter words and then checking their answers against the solutions provided.

Anagram Wordplay - A collection of pithy alternatives.

The Anagrammy Awards - A monthly anagram competition, where you can vote for nominated anagrams in 9 categories. Also discussion board and resources.

Anagrams from Nashville - Find the country music artists hidden in these clues.

Anagrams from Startdl - Your answers spell out a proverb.

Anagrams Never Lie - An essay, incorporating anagrams, on the development of computing.

Anagrams of Neil Young - The resulting phrases are then given some unusual definitions.

Anagramsite.com - A list of anagrams plus a generator for words and telephone numbers..

Davezilla - Fictional interviews based on anagrams of well known personalities names.

English Word Unjumble - Unjumbles your words within a moment.

Lexigrams for Fun - Lexigrams are words or phrases constructed from larger words, names or phrases.

Mike's Anagrams - A list created by Mike Keith.

The Morning Oigle - Team Chaos members find out what others think of them.

The Mystical Phenomenon of Anagrams - A historical look at the origin of anagrams.

Brain Teasers

Able2Know - Message board of user submitted riddles and brain teasers.

Abnorm's Conundrums - Easy, medium and difficult brain teasers without answers.

All-Star Puzzles: Logic Problems - Collection of logic problems to solve. Printable.

The Amazing Art Site - Huge collection of optical illusions, hidden imagery, ambiguous art and upside downs.

Archimedes' Laboratory - Recreational mathematics including puzzles to make and solve, tessellations, geometric puzzles, optical illusions, and curiosities.

AVAV - Collection of optical illusions, brain teasers and riddles.

Bill's Brain Teasers - A collection of visual and linguistic riddles.


About.com Crossword Puzzles - Offers reviews and information about several puzzle sites.

Australian Crossword Club Site - Offers word lists, anagrams, and a monthly club magazine.

Beat the Champ - A scrabble-style crossword puzzle.

Brian Jacques: Redwall Crossword Puzzles - A collection of themed crosswords based on British author Brian Jacques's Redwall Abbey.

ClueMaster - A collection of puzzles available to solve online or download. Fee required.

The Crossword Centre - A resource guide with links, books, software, and a collection of interactive and downloadable puzzles.

Crossword Puzzle Games - Offers thousands of puzzles ranging in size and difficulty. Site also offers a creator and a solver.

Crossword Puzzles - Offers many types of crossword puzzles, creation software, and solving tools.

Crossword Puzzles: The Complete Guide - Offers free puzzles to solve, tips for creators, a history, and links to other related resources.

Crosswording - Randomly-generated free puzzles to play online or print and enjoy later.

CrosswordLinks.com - A resource with rules and helpful tips, articles, software, forums, and information about leagues, tournaments and online play.

Crosswords, Word Puzzles and More - Free daily puzzles available to print out and solve.


All-Star Puzzles' Cryptograms - Daily problems with browser based solver. The author's name is hidden in the cipher alphabet. [Requires Java]

American Cryptogram Association: Crypto Drop Box - Sample journal issue, links to member homepages, subject-related graphics, subscription information, and resources.

Between Waters - Daily problems and solutions available with or without interactive browser-based solver.

Copycreate.com Cryptoquote/Cryptogram - Daily cryptoquotes, and archive. Has browser-based helper form.

CRpuzzles - Collection with browser-based solver tool. Includes hints. After deciphering the hidden quotation, solvers must derive the author's name from the cipher-quote letter pairs to complete their puzzle task. [Requires Java]

CryptaGram - Offers download of limited version solver software. Extended version available for purchase. Has 14 quote topics, three levels of difficulty, and helpers. [Windows 95/98]


Color Cube - Offers a 3 dimensional puzzle based upon color schemes.

3D Puzzles - About making three dimensional puzzles in wood or other materials.

3D-Puzzles in Foam - Flat-to-box puzzles in foam. Six square can build a cube, combining five squares with two pentagon pieces gives pentagon box. Six levels. Solutions too.

Fozex - Includes description and photos of a dinosaur fossil exacavation puzzle.

Game Puzzles - Catalog of original puzzles and games in lasercut acrylic and wood.

Wrebbit Inc. - Offers an online catalog and other information.


Distractions Puzzle Magazine - A magazine written by Princeton University students, and published four times per year. Contains online puzzles, and conundrums. Subscriptions available.

Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles - A hobby reference site specific to this brand of puzzles.


CellFighter - Shareware game based around an extension of the game of life.

IBM Research: Ponder This - Monthly logic and math puzzles set by IBM researchers with solutions.

Jim Loy's Puzzle Page - Classic and original puzzles.

Kakuro-san - Providing graded Kakuro puzzles every day, plus old puzzles.

Leisure Ideas: Puzzles - Some mathematical puzzles with answers and/or a hint.

Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzles - Information on polyominos and square puzzles.

Monty Hall Game - JavaScript example of the Monty Hall Game. This game demonstrates the real (empirical) affect of statistics. [Does not display correctly in all browsers.]

The Monty Hall Problem - A probability theory puzzle with solutions. [English and German.]

Perplexus - A forum and collection of brain teasers, logic problems, math problems, paradoxes, science games, probability, riddles, and geometric shapes. The puzzles are searchable and categorized, most have solutions.


Brain Binders - Paper puzzles free to download.

Brass Puzzles by Rocky - Maker of hand machined brass puzzles.

Hockey Puck Puzzle - Offers a Rubik's cube related 3D puzzle shaped like a hockey puck, with many different design patterns.

Impossible Bottles - Learn the puzzling art of putting large objects into small bottles.

Livewire Puzzles - Makes wire puzzles of various levels of difficulty.

Meffert's World of Puzzles - Manufacturer of many different types of Rubik like puzzles.


Conceptis Puzzles - Creator and supplier of picture-forming logic puzzles. Contains online games and those for sale from Japan.

Griddlers Solver with Animator - Freeware application with auto-solver and ingenious animations. Includes article about solving by computers. [Windows]

Japanese Puzzles - Online flash game with black and white puzzles.

Nonogram Solver - Information about Nonogram logic puzzles and how to solve them, plus examples of two on-line solvers, software, and links.

Paint by Numbers - Offers two color puzzles available to print out or solve online.

Solving Paint-by-Numbers Puzzles with Integer Programming - Article and instructions on solving puzzles.

Online Trivia

The Trivia Portal - A collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes. Includes rankings, community forums, an archive of useless facts, plus the ability to create and share trivia games online.

ActionQuiz - Trivia quiz show game played against computer opponents. Categories include pop music, movies, geography, science, computer, literature, and classical music.

Anne's Quizzes - Set of educational trivia quizzes on a variety of specialty subjects. Includes automatic scoring, and references.

Ask Me Another - Answer yes or no to a series of personal questions and opinions on the trivia of everyday life. Answers may be compared to other players.

Braingle's Trivia and Quizzes - Take fun and interesting quizzes on a wide range of topics. Create your own quizzes for other people to test their knowledge.

Cameron's Trivia Facts - Offers a new trivia question each day, plus answers posted the following week. Includes a weekly trivia newsletter and user submitted trivia facts.

Cascoly Online Trivia Games - Set of quizzes covering topics that include art, geography, history, Shakespeare, dinosaurs, and travel.

ChatGames - Offers daily and weekly trivia quizzes and puzzles played for points. Includes live multiplayer quiz games each day, plus player rankings.

Optical Illusions

Akiyoshi's illusion pages - Many works of Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Designs around standard illusions crafted to maximise the illusory effect.

All In Fun Magic - Over 50 optical illusions and ambiguous drawings.

Amazing Eyetricks - Gallery of pictures that will trick your eyes.

Amos Storkey - Visual Illusion of the Month - Collection of illusions and images chosen for novelty and distinction from the usual set found in most collections.

Braingle's Optical Illusions - Dozens of optical illusions to tease your brain.

Cool Optical Illusions - A growing collection of optical illusions and eye tricks, including original illusion pictures and a collection of optical illusion desktop wallpaper.


Able2Know - A public forum for riddlers and riddle lovers in several topics.

Amusements in Mathematics - Riddles by Henry Ernest Dudeney.

BrainDen.com: Brain Teasers and Riddles - Classic puzzles and riddles sorted in several sections - general logic, weighing puzzles, Einstein's riddles, number sequences, and crossing river.

Braingle's Riddles - Contains thousands of popular riddles, as well as user submitted and rated riddles.

A Collection of Quant Riddles - Logical and lateral type thinking riddles with some answers.

Daily Outrageous Rebus Riddle Contest - Cartoon rebus riddles posted daily. Answers are submitted by e-mail.

DiMensIoNS - Riddles abound, odd and complex riddles, brain teasers. Explained meanings and complete answers.

Fleabusters' Kids Fun Page - Riddles with responses as well as unanswered.

Self-Referential Sentences

Self-Referential Sentences - Exhaustive lists of "This sentence has three a's" sentences.

Solve my base three numerical self-referential sentences puzzle! - The object of this difficult puzzle is to make four sentences mutually truthful by filling in base three numbers.


Christiaan Olie - Personal page describing Sudoku, rules, strategies, and offering puzzles to print. [Dutch/English]

Daily SuDoku - Offers daily printable puzzles of varying difficulties, including Sudoku for Kids. Also offers archive of past puzzles, tool for rendering custom puzzles, FAQ, and books for purchase.

Daily Sudoku - Offers a different printable puzzle each day. Also includes solutions and FAQ.

Dan Rice's Sudoku Blog - Weblog discussing techniques for creating and solving puzzles, including hard puzzles. Also offers a daily puzzle.

Flying Frog Consultancy - This web page describes a 19-line (769-byte) OCaml program that solves Sudoku puzzles.

Free Sudoku Puzzles - Offers a free javascript version of the sudoku game.

Word Games

Answers to Rhetorical Questions - Covers a wide-ranging number of subjects.

Before and After - The object is to fill in the blanks. Example: "____ day ____" becomes "Sun day light", that is, "Sunday" and "Daylight".

Bovilexics.com - Humorous new words and phrases created to define various important and unimportant concepts.

A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia - Includes book of word records, palindromic words, pangrams, most beautiful and ugly words, Scrabble words, and Bible word trivia.

The Collective Noun Page - Entertaining and annotated listing of collective nouns such as 'a murder of crows' and 'a pomposity of professors'.

Corsinet.com - Offers collections of word play, insults, riddles and jokes.

Dave's Fun Words - Categorized list of words which are fun to say.

Dislexicon Word Generator - Contains Dislexicon, which generates new made-up words and definitions for them.

Divinest-Sense.com: Tom Swifties - Definition of this style of play on words, a collection of original and previously-known examples, and links to other collections.

Word Search

ABC Toon Center - A family safe site with original interactive games and a word search of the sites characters.

All-Star Puzzles' Word Searches - The on-line word search applet offers several solving modes. Player can choose printable puzzle and answer sheet.

Anagramania Word Search Puzzles - Play games online. Subjects covered include animals, sports, superheroes and cartoon characters.

Bambam's Puzzles - Dutch puzzle site with online and printable English word find puzzles. They also have crossword puzzles and other games.

Bible Word Search - A JavaScript Web game. Find all the Bible words in the puzzle. The leftover letters reveal the mystery word.

The Big Zoo - Several animal-themed word searches.