Computer and Video Games Websites

Action - Browser Based

Adios, Amoebas - Kill a number of amoebas and advance to the next level.

Adveractive: Brunch in Manhattan - Protect the city by moving a soldier through the streets to shoot aliens in this online Shockwave game. Includes three rounds of play and a high score list.

Ai Pengo - Online Java game played by moving a penguin through a maze of ice blocks. Complete each level by pushing the blocks to squash all the monsters. Offers 36 levels and highscore list.

Alien Flashball 3D - Online ball game played in a virtual 3D room. Includes a highscore list and ability to play offline. Requires Flash 5 Plug-in.

Armadillo Cowboy Club - Try to hit five coyotes in sixty seconds using a lasso or a slingshot in this Flash-based game. Watch out for bystanders, hit three per round to lose.

Battlezone in 32 hrs - Coded by Bill Witts who wrote the original Atari-approved Quicksilva BattleZone game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in 1983-84.

Bubble Struggle - Use a variety of weapons to shoot the bubbles before they hit the devil in this multi-level online game. Play available for one or two players. Includes high score list.

BubbleGame - Click the bubbles to earn points in this Flash-based game. The smaller and faster the bubbles the more points awarded.

Commando Arena - Flash-based topview combat game against minibots and androids.

Cops and Robbers - Move the red dot to avoid the blue dots in this online Flash game. Includes high score list.

The Curb Game - Try to get a hedgehog across the road without getting hit by a car. Game includes sound effects and a high score list. Requires Shockwave plugin.

Defend The LCP - Defend The London College of Printing. A flash 5 game by Andrew Kendall.

DigZone - Dig from one zone to the next without getting trapped or killed by hazards in this online strategy game. Requires Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or greater to run.

Action - Downloads

Air Hockey Deluxe - Play air hockey on your computer. Offers a challenge for both the beginning and experienced player.

Arcadroid - Offers information and downloads.

Bomby - In a labyrinth bombs are placed in order to destroy walls, attack monsters and the other players. Numerous extras and random events guarantee exciting matches.

CrazyMice - Action and Strategy shareware games. Download demo for free.

Destruction - A two-player split-screen Amiga retro action game.

Dinomatt Games - Simple action games.

GamerBlitz - Contains screenshots and downloads of PC games Defensor, Blitz Invader, and 3D Breakout, and Atari ST games Annihilator, Pacman, Missile Alert, and Space Invaders.

Goof Ball - Ball based game with action and puzzle elements. Describes game types, with FAQ and download.

Krakout Unlimited 2 - Describes remake of Krakout, with download, features, and highscores.

Lode Runner - A remake of the classic game.

Magic Snake Game - The official homepage of Magic Snake Game.

Oil Tycoon - Manage an oil business. Oil Tycoon is not associated with other Tycoon game products currently available.

The Outlaw D.A.D. - Download maps for the game Outlaws. It is a shootem up game that is played over the Internet with mIRC. News, Outlaws photo album and lawmaker files.


Adventures of Tuber - 3D family games for children aged 4+. Features screenshots, characters, gameplay, treasure, plants, system requirements, statistics, forum, account and contact.

Boulder Dash - Remake of the First Star Software original game with 4 free levels before purchase [$9.95]. Available for Windows PC only.

JetJumper - Jump the jet from one platform to another. Suitable for Windows PC. Free trial before purchase [$19.95].

Lugaru - Official site. Features game information, movie clips and downloadable demo. [Windows/Macintosh/Linux]

Montezooma - Running and jumping platform game for Windows PC in which Montezooma is the warrior sent to find the lost garden. 10 free levels in download and 40 in full version [£14.85 UK].

Board Games

ContraPloy - Free, turn-based, two-player strategy board game with hidden piece values that change with terrain. Includes annual tournament and message board.

CrossCheck - Slide pieces down the intersecting slots to be the first player to get four in a row in this online strategy board game. Played against the computer.

Final Conquest - Multiplayer strategy game of world conquest similar to Risk. Offers rules, FAQ, rankings, and forum.

Pacru - Strategic board game playable by two to four players. Also offers single player game against the computer. Includes rules and downloadable game for offline play.

Star Fleet Battles Online - SFB Online is an internet-based Star Fleet Battles tournament game service. Subscribers will be able to play SFB tournament games over the internet with SFB players around the world.

3D Game Software - Board Games for the entire family. Full color 3D rendered graphics and animation.

Free Board Game Download - Smart Reversi is a award-winning computer version of the classic board game Reversi/Othello, that involves quick score changes and long-range thinking. [Win 95/98/NT4/2000/ME]

Lagoon - A nautical board game similar to chess. Try your strategy skills and lead one of the sea armies in battle in a duel to the end. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]

NetIntellGames - Card and board shareware games: cribbage, chess, checkers, gin rummy, spades, and poker. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]


Card Counter Pro - Automatic card counter for use on online card games like Spades, Hearts, Pinochle and Bridge.

Deck Builders Guild - Deck files to use with Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Hardwood Solitaire and Hardwood Euchre.

Silver Creek Entertainment - Hardwood Euchre, Hearts, Spades and Solitaire. Free trial downloads.

Wichita Faro - Flash faro game simulating play in an Old West saloon. Includes rules and history.

The Zoo - Gaming community offering card game rooms and tournaments for spades, gin, pinochle, and hearts.

Accidental Software - Gin, Hearts, Poker and other games. Play all offline, play some online.

3C Card Games - Downloads, rules and playing strategy for Texas Holdem, Omaha, Draw Poker, Jin Rummy, Bezique, Bela, Piquet, Thousand and Terts.

Galleus Home - Presents a memory and solitaire game. [All Windows]

Keera's Pishdi - Animated number matching game for children. Site contains screenshots and information on how to play. [Windows]

KidsMemo Home - Home of the highly customizable memory/matching game KidsMemo.

King - Logical game for childredn and adults.

Match It Master - A memory game played with cards.

MeggieSoft Games - Euchre, Whist, Rummy, Piquet and Pinochle games to play online or against your computer.

Multimedia Store - Offers Windows shareware card games and screen savers.

NetIntellGames - Gin, Cribbage, Spades and other games available to play offline or online.

SAC Software Card Games - Cribbage, Pinochle, Uno and Canasta Windows software.

Softgame Company - Hearts, Spades, Cribbage, Go Fish and Solitaire games for Windows.

Special K Software - Provides shareware versions of several card games and links to other software.


International Bone-Rollers Guild  - Dice and gaming. Includes information on the history of dice, different types of dice available, links to relevant sites for each category, and rules listings for almost every known dice game, as well as lists of commercial suppliers of dice and custom dice manufacturers.

Blisters Dice Game - Features game information as well as Appalachian Trail facts and stories.

Classic Dice Games - Introduction, description and history of variations of the game.

Dice Drinking Games - List of games with excitement ratings and rules, as well as links to other types of drinking games.

Dice Server - A simple online dice shooter.

Dice-Play - Directory and information on dice games and dice in general.

EvilDM Dice Server - An easy-to-use, full-featured, multilingual dice server.

For Whom The Die Rolls - An online magazine. Includes back issues and game information.

Irony Games' Dice Server - Allows users to throw virtual dice. Usable for several types of gaming.

Java Dice Simulator - Offers a casino-like dice simulator, which is also available for download.

Kevin Cook's Dice Collection - Includes information on manufacturers, types and shapes of dice, links, animations, and photos.

Pass the Pigs - Analysis of strategies for the Pass the Pigs game.

Play Yahtzee Against Michael. - Try your luck against my almost unbeatable computer strategy.

Sparks Dice! - Free paper dice in Adobe Acrobat format, including Fudge dice.

Web Dice - Dice rolling utility used for online gaming. Includes Fudge dice and a Shadowrun dice roller.

Yamb 2000 - Yahtzee-like game for two or more players. Offers an option to register as an online player and a list of the best scores to date.

Driving and Racing

AltoGames: Racing Games - Contains screenshots and wallpapers from various racing games.

Australia's PAL Gaming Network - Review of the Moto GP '07 game by Capcom, by Matt Keller: "MotoGP 07's sheer lack of content is offensive, given the asking price." [Score: 5 out of 10] (November 2, 2007)

Racing Cockpit - Offers detailed instructions on how to build a racing cockpit for video games.

TOCA WTC Official Unofficial Online Championship - Host an online championship for TOCA WTC.

BumpRace - Arcade race for Windows, Linux, or BeOS. Get to the finish line without crashing into deadly blocks.

ID-Car - A multiplayer 2D car race for Linux in which you must destroy opponents or win the race. (Open Source)

MyPlayCity: Ringed Racing Fun - Two-dimensional top-down racing game.

Nitto 1320 Challenge - Free online drag racing simulator from Nitto Tire corporation.

Race - A 2d arcade overhead car racer for Windows or Linux with computer opponents, music, sound effects, and a track editor.

Space Race - A contest in outer space for DOS.

Trophy - A 2D car race for Linux. (Open Source, GPL)

XRally - A Linux clone of the classic Rally X arcade game. You control a blue (good) car, that has to collect yellow flags around a maze-like map, while avoiding the red (bad) cars. (Open Source)


ABC Spelling and Math Games - Spelling and quiz game that allows users to add spelling lists and quizzes.

Australian Mammals - [Win] Software for learning about Australian mammals.

Barbara A. Brown: Shareware - Training games developed to facilitate and test learning: a "Millionaire" type game and a "Jeopardy" style game. The instructor can input their own questions and answers.

B-DAG - Games and award winning, educational multimedia based on TV cartoon characters.

Black Quest - [Win] An educational game on CD ROM, highlighting African American history, cultural achievements, contributions, and experiences.

The Choice Game - The first of 5 part series of games. An interactive CD-ROM Soap Opera in which anyone interested in dating make choices on subjects related to dating, sex, smoking, drugs and friends, see the consequences these choices have in their lives.

Curiosoft - Games that introduce children to role-models such as veterinarians, dinosaur hunter, fashion designer, Einstein, Shakespeare, and Mozart. Also offers free jigsaw puzzles, free coloring pages, free audiobooks, and free games.

Dino Trilogy - Contains three games: Dino Match (memory), Dino Numbers (math), and Dino Spell (spelling). Offers ordering information and download.

Escalation - Students roleplay President Johnson during the Vietnam war. The program gives different scenarios depending on student decisions.

Got Game 2 - Teen choices and their consequences are explored in an online game format from a Catholic Christian perspective. Flash or HTML.

Interactive Fiction

Adventure Games Hall of Fame, The - Adventure game spoilers, walkthroughs, tips, hints, solutions, pictures and reviews.

Adventure Games Home Page - Links to reviews, previews, walkthroughs, patches and saved games.

Adventureland - A categorized list of adventure games produced over the years, broken down by company. Also lists game systems, Interpreters and emulators.

Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, The - The free interactive fiction competition judged by readers of

Balrog, The - A homage to the Amstrad adventure scene.

Brass Lantern - News, articles, and interviews about adventure games, edited by Steven Granade.

Cyberpunk games - Site discusses many cyberpunk games (or heavily influence by cyberpunk) including various text and graphic adventure games from 1984 to 2003.

Download Interactive Fiction Games - Contains authoring tools, games, program manuals, and frequently asked questions.

Music and Dance - Covers multiple games, with news, media files, forums, tutorials, and release dates.

Konami Music Games Forum - Forum at Konami of America's official site for players to voice their opinions.


Big Phil - Aightkid's website that covers the fishing game industry

FlySim Simulation Games - Official home of FlySim, the fly fishing game and KiteSim, the kite surfing simulator.

Virtual Outdoorsman - PC hunting and other outdoors sports game reviews and previews.

Fishing Games - Reviews and box scans of a large variety of games for both console and PC.

My Fishy Site - A personal collection of small funny and/or bizarre freeware fishing games.

The World of Computer Fishing Games - Information, screenshots, and links for fishing games.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 3 - Rated 5.5/10 by Head Games Publishing. Contains a review, pictures, and game information.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter Series - Official site for Cabela's Big Game Hunter Series.

3D Hunting: Home Page - Official site for 3D Hunting games by Macmillian.


Dragon Hunter Pinball for Palm OS - A shareware pinball game for Palm OS organizers.

LittleWing Pinball - Official site including Tristan, Crystal Caliburn, Loony Labyrinth, Angel Egg, Golden Logres and Jinni Zeala.

Pinball Zone - Offers online pinball games for download.

CBS Sportsline - Baseball themed virtual pinball machine in Shockwave.

The Pinball Zone - Directory of online pinball games featuring preview screenshots and brief review for each game.

War Against Terror - A pinball game with an anti-war theme.

Emila Pinball - Open Source 3D game with a zombie theme. Works on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Emilia Pinball - Open Source game. Site contains download, screenshots, and a FAQ.


Ruff Trigger - The Vanocore Conspiracy - Official site. Character information, features, and screenshots.

Scavenger for X Window System - A Lode Runner-based game. Includes level information and download.

Superfrog - Adventure platformer. Includes a FAQ, storyline, how to play, links, and downloads.

The Adventures of Jason - Java platformer in which one or more players jump around in a rectangular world, trying to catch stars and shoot each other. [Open Source, GPL]

Adventures of Johnny Jetpack - Guide Johnny through his 3D world of platforms and lava to collect all the coins. (Open Source)

Ladder - A classic ASCII based arcade game similar to Donkey Kong. (Requires the Java runtime environment.)

Robot Battle - An evolving programming game that allows players to design and build intelligent robots using a simple scripting language.

Super Pooch - A scrolling platformer for Windows similar to Super Mario.

TurboLode - 3D derivation of the game 'Lode Runner' for Windows with a real time stereoscopic mode.

VideoToons - Multiplayer Java platformer. [Open Source, GPL]


GameSpot: Puzzle Games - Portal to Gamespot puzzle reviews, downloads, pictures, and links.

GameZone: Dell Magazines Crosswords - Reviewed by "Suzie Sez", score: 9.5 out of 10. "This is as good as it gets, folks!" Includes screen shots. (May 10, 2001)

ADDiction - Solve each Java-based puzzle by swapping pairs of adjacent numbered tiles whose sum is a multiple of 3 or 5. Available for play online, or download.

AOL Games - Puzzles - Offers online and downloadable puzzle games.

Blueee's Number Puzzle - Online game that displays a random choice of one of 15,000 different math puzzles. Six nested equations are shown with icons instead of digits. Find the digits to solve the puzzle.

Brainwave - Determine the shape that doesn't fit in this series of ten visual logic puzzles. Solve all ten and get a top 5% brain award.


AOL Games - Sports Games - Offers online and downloadable sports games.

Dynasty Manager - Resource for players to chronicle their season-to-season achievements for most popular sports video games. Includes discussion forums.

GameSpot: Winter Heat - Coverage of this winter olympic sports game for the Saturn game system. Includes news, review, videos, screen shots, and cheat codes.

Media Dunk Tank - Shockwave game of skill. Your reward is dunking a celebrity in a vat of acid.

NabiscoWorld Sports Land - Play sports games online at NabiscoWorld Sports Land.

Slalom Kayak - Navigate a kayak around the river, under the gates, and to the finish line in this online Flash game.

Word Games

BigOpolis Daily Fill-It-In - Daily online fill-it-in puzzle similar to a crossword puzzle but easier.

Bill's Free Word Puzzles - Free word puzzles available online with more available via mail. - Play either Word Invaders or Cryptogram.

Brain Games Web Guide - Word Puzzles - Directory of word games.

Conundrum - Guess the scrambled nine letter word in thirty seconds. - Offers cryptogram contests. Fun and Games - New crossword puzzles, word search games every day.

East of the Web Word Games - A collection of free word games to play by yourself or against others. Includes fast-paced vocabulary, anagrams, and mastermind.

The Enigma Device - A fun online Java word game. Features three new word puzzles every day.

Etymologic - Presented with ten randomly selected roots.


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