Websites and Online Resources on Dice Games

International Bone-Rollers Guild  - Dice and gaming. Includes information on the history of dice, different types of dice available, links to relevant sites for each category, and rules listings for almost every known dice game, as well as lists of commercial suppliers of dice and custom dice manufacturers.

Blisters Dice Game - Features game information as well as Appalachian Trail facts and stories.

Classic Dice Games - Introduction, description and history of variations of the game.

Dice Drinking Games - List of games with excitement ratings and rules, as well as links to other types of drinking games.

Dice Server - A simple online dice shooter.

Dice-Play - Directory and information on dice games and dice in general.

EvilDM Dice Server - An easy-to-use, full-featured, multilingual dice server.

For Whom The Die Rolls - An online magazine. Includes back issues and game information.

Irony Games' Dice Server - Allows users to throw virtual dice. Usable for several types of gaming.

Java Dice Simulator - Offers a casino-like dice simulator, which is also available for download.

Kevin Cook's Dice Collection - Includes information on manufacturers, types and shapes of dice, links, animations, and photos.

Pass the Pigs - Analysis of strategies for the Pass the Pigs game.

Play Yahtzee Against Michael. - Try your luck against my almost unbeatable computer strategy.

Sparks Dice! - Free paper dice in Adobe Acrobat format, including Fudge dice.

Web Dice - Dice rolling utility used for online gaming. Includes Fudge dice and a Shadowrun dice roller.

Yamb 2000 - Yahtzee-like game for two or more players. Offers an option to register as an online player and a list of the best scores to date.

Dicemania - Online multi-player dice game. Includes a user guide, rules, message board, high scores, and list of resources.

Farklepimp - Roll six dice and try to collect fives, triples, or a full straight. Played in twelve rounds for points. Requires email address registration to play.

Casino Supply - Providing dice, poker chips, casino equipment and other gambling supplies.

Chessex Online - Dice and game piece manufacturer. Offers various types of dice, including blank dice. Links to catalogues for each type and to other products offered.

Dice Games - Site offering for sale precision-made dice and dice games.

Fill or Bust Game - Information on the game of Fill or Bust and other games, such as Backgammon. ordering information and a complete catalogue of products offered by the site.

Flying Buffalo Dice - Sells novelty dice designed for role-playing games.

The Game Preserve - Various dice and dice games available for order from the site, with a basic summary of the rules in the case of the dice games. Links to other products offered and an FAQ.

Institute for Math Mania - Novelty dice intended for teaching purposes, including animals, addition and subtraction. Pricing and ordering information. Links to other mathematical games.

MacGregor Historic Games - Dice, knucklebones, teetotums, and novelty dice. Includes links to other products supplied by the site, ordering and pricing information.

Pocket Gaymes - Dice Games for the entire family.

SFR Inc. - Specializes in Dragon Dice.

Spin-O - Dice-spinning top game. Includes a history of the game, rules, and ordering information.

Toy and Game Warehouse: Dice - Offers several dice games and sets.

Valiant Games Web Store - Variety of dice for gamers.

Wicked Dice - A vast array of dice for Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, and other RPGs.

XCalias.Net - Offers Dragon Dice singles for sale, catering to the avid fantasy dice gamer or collector.

Dice Games - Ancient Ivory for Windows - Addicting dice games of strategy and luck, featuring an intuitive interface, your choice of three different graphical interfaces.

Erle Greer Games - Collection of Binary games, Yahtzee-type dice and puzzle games.

5k Poker Dice - Game play is a mixture of Yahtzee and Poker. [OS X, PPC, and Windows]

Maze Yam - A 32 bit Windows dice game similar to Dice poker. Step by step tutorial included in the program.


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