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Austin 42 Club - Austin, Texas. Includes forums, news, standings, upcoming matches, and league information. 42 - Features rules, strategy, scoring, bidding, and variations. Also has information about the domino game called Moon.

Compendia - Rules to the game of Mexican trains, played with double twelve dominoes.

Domino Games - Description of several different games, terminology, links, and bibliography.

Domino Logic - Describes a single player version of domino logic. The challenge is to find out the positioning of all the dominoes logically.

Domino Plaza - History, links, software, and rules for game variations.

Dominoes - History of the game and some scoring techniques.

Dominoes - Offers a history of the game and links.

Dominoes Hall Online - Dominoes, Moon, and 42. Includes ladders, rules, and tournaments for each game. - Portal with a collection of rules, as well as a directory of domino games for Windows, Macintosh, PocketPC, PalmOS, and online play.

Game Cabinet: Dominoes - Rules, shareware download, and strategies.

Karibino - This is a variant of classic Dominoes. Play against computer or against other KBN Community members online.

LearnPlayWin Dominoes Guide - Dominoes guide with rules, tips and strategies for domino games, and a directory of free domino games online

National 42 Players Association - Information on the game and information on tournaments and player rankings in Texas and the United States.

National Domino Federation USA - Features news, upcoming events, tournaments, rules, and history.

Open Dominoes Game - The proposed game allows one to place dominoes elements onto playing board squares.

Rules of Card Games: Forty-two - Includes set of rules plus links.

Texas 42 - Join groups and play online tournament games.

Texas 42 - Rules and strategy for 42, a four-player domino game. Graphics and sample hand included. Download available.

Texas42Club - Texas42 is a fun, fast-paced, and easy-to-learn bidding trick-taking game you can at the Dominoes Hall Online.

Western Domino Games - Information on the history of dominoes, as well as rules for dozens of domino games and variations.

Wikipedia - Dominoes - Article with history and the rules of various domino games.

Wikipedia: 42 (dominoes) - Encyclopedia article with history, rules, terminology, and rules variations.

World Championship Domino Tournament - Annual tournament In Andalusia, Alabama with a history of awarding over $450,000 in prize money and trophies. Includes area information, history of dominos, previous champions, prize money, registration, tournament rules, and schedule of events.

Yahoo! Groups : dominoes42texasstyle2 - Message board for Texas 42 players.


Worldwide Scrabble  - Official site provides history, trivia, and strategy tips for this board game, plus product information and links to clubs and organizations. - Find the words from a given set of letters (up to 16) and determines their Scrabble scores.

The Daily Scrabble Puzzle Blog - Daily crossword and anagram puzzles for scrabble enthusiasts.

Onwords Scrabble Magazine - Quarterly magazine for Scrabble enthusiasts, and contains annotated games, word lists, challenges, competitions, strategy articles, reviews and news. - How to Have Fun with Scrabble. A post-colonial and postmodern analysis, by Julian Darius.

Scrabble Information and Resources - Has many Scrabble-related links on it including online dictionaries and some variations of the game.

Scrabble Junction - Offers word study lists, links, and games.

Scrabble Pages - Resources and strategy articles. Includes profiles of multiple champion players.

Scrabble Solver - Finds words for Scrabble and Crossword games.

Scrabble Thoughts - Articles from Donald Sauter about playing Scrabble with real words.

ScrabbleClub - Provides information about clubs, events, and resources for players. - A scrabble directory with rules, history, graphics, books, articles, software, quizzes, forums, playsites, leagues, and tournaments.

SOWPODS - Includes word lists, software, publications, a list of tournaments, mailing lists, and information about playing online.

Steven Alexander's Scrabble FAQ - Includes information on activities, publications, play-by-mail games and variants.

Only A Game Story : National School Scrabble Championships - Report on the 2005 USA school championship held in Boston. [Story starts at the 38:00 mark of this 49:30 streaming audio broadcast] (April 16, 2005)

Boston Observer - The Spell of Scrabble - Sam Allis checks out a class at the local community for competitive Scrabble and discusses the differences between amateurs and experts. (June 24, 2001)

JVP's First Tournament - Christian Science Monitor reporter tells of his first-time tournament experience at a 1994 Boston-area Scrabble event. (May, 1994)

Mah Jongg

Four Winds Mah Jong Knowledge Base - Information on the history, symbolism and rules of major Mahjong variants. Maintained by Lagarto, the maker of Four Winds Mah Jong game software.

Sloperama's Mah-jong Zone - Repository of the newsgroup's FAQ. Documentation about most aspects of the game : rules variations, types of sets, accessories, tips for buyers and sellers, basic strategies, books, links. Exchange board to find players and trade sets.

Analytical Articles on Mah-Jong - Bit and pieces of mathematical studies about Mahjong. Mostly Chinese Official rules.

Anne's Mah-jongg page - Western rules adapted from Chinese classical rules. In Dutch and English.

Board Games with Scott : Mah Jong In Depth - Flash and Quicktime video introduction to Mahjong.

CHarli's Web: All Things Mah Jong - Mahjong sets dealer giving advice about care, restoration and purchase of vintage sets.

Cool Old Games - Devoted to vintage board games of the 1920s through 1940s with an emphasis on Mahjong. Includes photo galleries and information on care and restoration.

Gareth and Jane Saunders: About Mah Jong - Lists outlets in England, Scotland and Ireland where Mahjong sets can be purchased on-line and on the street. Downloadable print-it-yourself Mahjong kards

Hiroshima Cock's-Eye Mahjong News & Other Stuff - This weblog reports on the activities of a group of Hiroshima-based foreigners and their Japanese friends who play three-player mahjong.

A Home for All Mah Jong Players - Overview of rules, tile materials and Mahjong accessories.


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