Links to Party Games For Fun And Celebration Party Games - Free instructions for playing unusual party games. Suitable for all ages, but especially fun for high school and college people.

Fib-Or-Not Game - Game in which a story is told and the audience must guess whether or not the person is fibbing.

Humpfest - A game were people take photos of themselves with various objects. Image gallery and rules.

Party Game Central - Party games and birthday games for kids, teens, and adults including ideas for large groups, icebreakers, pool parties, team building and outdoor activities.

Party Game Ideas - Categorized collection of party games and activities for birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, and holidays.

Party Games Etc. - Categorized directory of party game ideas and instructions. Includes games for baby showers, bridal showers, holidays, kid's parties, adult and dancing games.

Party411 Party Games - Collection of games to be played at all types of parties -- kids and adults. - Features instructions for a selection of party games including outdoor, relay races, ice breakers, and shower games.

The Pumpkin Shell - Ebook featuring information, ideas, and themes for planning and hosting a scavenger hunt game. Other ebooks offered include 25 party games, and kids craft recipes.

The Screen Test Game - Home video camera game in which teams perform short movie scenes. Includes instructions, tip list, and purchase information. - Gift-giving party game suitable for small to large groups. Offers free download of the official rules for a Yankee Swap in PDF format.

Drinking Games

The Absolutely Fabulous Drinking Game - Instructions on how to become intoxicated while watching the program. Drinking Games - Categorized collection including luck, vocal, skill-based, card, coin, dice, and other drinking games.

Audio Drinking Companion - ADC includes twelve songs about twelve of your fave types of booze, the style of the song fitting the style of the booze. Drinking games can be played to each song.

Bar None - Many different drinking games listed by type of game. - Large, categorized collection of drinking games including rules, player ratings, and buzz level.

Beer Checkers - Drinking version of classic Checkers game. Includes rules, variations, and purchase information.

Beer Fun - Drinking games involving cards, coins, dice and lots of beer.

The Bill Nye the Science Guy Drinking Game - Game involving frequent elements on the show.

Bingo Boards and Drinking Games - Delightful media-based drinking games and bingo for anime, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Deep Purple, Xena, and Friends.

Boingo Games - Proud manufacturer of the Wheel of Intoxication, a very social board game with a drinking game theme.

Brew This - Collection of drinking game rules and guidelines. Featuring card games, dice games, and party games.

Carling: Cold Beer Amnesty Game - Swap your unopened can of warm beer for an ice cold Carling.

Cocktails-in-the-Mail Drinking Games - User submitted list of drinking games.

College Beer Games - Offers instructions and rules for drinking games.

Drink101 - Catalogue of drinking games,organized by type and name.

Drink Lord - A site with drinking games (over 1,000), as well as mixed drink recipes and other entertaining things.

Drinking Game Portal - Supplies the basic rules and game play for many of the popular drinking games.

Drinking Games - Drinking games for entertainment and delicious recipes for mixed drinks and shots!

Drinking Games Collection - Offers instructions and rules for various games.

Drinking Games from the Webtender - A large collection of drinking games categorized by type and "buzz level".

Drinking Habits - Contains instructions for general and TV show based games. Drinking Games - Collection of card, coin and dice-based games.

Drinkswap - A list of user supplied drinking games including movie and tv show games.

Drunkball - Drinking game combining the art of chugging with lots of action. Includes rules, pictures, and forums.'s Drinking Games - Card games, coin games and skill games.

Flip Cup - Includes history, game rules, and annual tournament information.

Flip Cup Guys ~ Flip Cup Tournaments, Flip Cup Photos, Flip Cup Gear & Everything Flip Cup - Flip Cup Guys is the home for everything Flip Cup! Check out the site to hear about our upcoming tournaments, see Flip Cup photos and videos, and get Flip Cup gear! - Instructions on how to play the drinking game flip cup.

Flippy Cup - Offering traditional rules and variations for this team based drinking game.

Fun Drinking Games - A large collection of drinking games categorized by type, also offers game submission.

The Google Drinking Game - A rule set for a drinking game based on adding words to a Google web search.

Hour of Power - Downloadable program to keep time during the game.

I've Never Game - Drinking board game played to reveal what players really have or have not done. Includes game details, retailers, and other purchase information.

Kathryn's Deep Blue Sea Drinking Game - Drinking game for the movie Deep Blue Sea. Drinking Games - Offers rules for games played while watching TV programs including Columbo, Quincy, Quantum Leap, Simpsons, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Incredible Hulk, and Star Wars.

Kegerator - Group dedicated to competitive beer drinking. Includes statistics, news, and message forum.

The Lawrence Welk Drinking Game - Offers rules for game played while watching The Lawrence Welk Show.

The Monopoly Drinking Game - A drinking game based on everyone's favorite capitalist board game.

The OC Drinking Game - Drinking game to go along with the soap opera "The O.C.".

Ocho Rojo - Tutorials, examples, rules, and variations of this drinking game.

The Passions Drinking Game - Instructions for the game to play along with the NBC soap "Passions."

PBS Drinking Game. - The classic Drinking Game overlayed onto the classic PBS Pledge Drives.

PinkyMcDrinky - Two-person drinking game played with dice. Includes rules, statistics, and list of other drinking games.

Play Quarters .net It's Play Time! - Site dedicated to drinking coin games.

Random Drinking Games - A list of top ten random drinking games and their rules

Real Beer Page: Games - Real Beer's Fun Guide, including beer games, burps, toasts, bar humor, beer quotes, polls and contests.

Ring This... TV Drinking Games - A large collection of TV and Movie based drinking games.

The Shot Caller - Timer for Power Hour and Century Club! Alerts you to drink. Keeps track of your time.

Shot Glass Chess - Features shot glass chess and shot glass checkers drinking games.

SlackerTown Drunk Dialing - Drinking game where players dial (321) 600-1200 to leave a message for the slackertown web site. - Offers rules for a selection of drinking games categorized by game type.

The Stupid College Kid - Drinking Games, Beers of Choice, People of the Year and jerks of the Year.

Super Bowl Super Drinking Game - Rules for a beer drinking game to be played while watching the Super Bowl. - Drinking Games - Movie and television drinking games.

The Tecmo Super Bowl Drinking Game - Instructions for a drinking game based on the Nintendo game, "Tecmo Super Bowl".

Tom Baker or Normal? - Game based on the actor Tom Baker, includes a description of the game and how to play.

Wikipedia: Drinking game - Free encyclopedia article covering history of drinking games, types of games, and some of the more popular games.

Educational Games

Yan Koloba - Group activity that teaches good character traits, cultural diversity, and team building.

Holidays and Celebration

Adult and Children's Party Games - Over 400 party games: children's party games, adult party games. For children's birthday party, adult birthday party, family party, Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine's Day, and weddings.

This N That - Games for bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party and Christmas. Pen and paper games that can be printed out and used, plus non-paper games.

Baby Shower Games - Includes a selection of baby shower games and themes.

Baby Shower Games Galore - Custom baby shower games that can be downloaded and printed directly from the site. - Set up an online baby pool. Send announcements and invitations via e-mail, and create an online homepage for your newborn child. - Create a personalized online baby pool. Friends and family can guess date of birth, weight, baby's name, and leave congratulations. Includes statistics and printable PDF version.

Icebreaker Games

Education World Lesson Planning: Icebreakers - 150+ get-to-know-you activities for the first days of school.

Fun-Attic Ice Breaker Games - Ice Breaker games for parties, showers, youth groups and events, and schools. - Collection of group games, icebreakers, and team-building activities categorized by age and game type.

Ice Breakers - Ice breakers for resident assistants.

Ice Breakers - Business Fundamentals - Ice breakers and energizers for customer service training. Also includes business products and training services.

Ice Breakers & Energizers - Ice Breakers for teachers. Links to other educator resources.

Ice Breakers - The Ultimate Camp Resource - Contains categorized descriptions of ice breakers and name games, as well as activity search function and related links.

Icebreakers, Warmups, Energizers & Deinhibitizers - Provides descriptions of short activities to get groups loosened up and working together.

Murder Mystery

Ace Murder Mystery Games - Murder mystery games for 8 to 10 players including teens and adults.

Act4Murder - Custom scripts for any size group.

Bearly Together Company - Murder mystery events, dinner theater entertainment and books.

The Butler Didn't Do It - Mystery party games designed for home parties.

Creative Parties - Party ideas including recipes, games, murder mystery characters, and costumes.

Dave Hunts "The Murder Game!" - Home-based murder mystery game designed for six or more people aged 12 and older.

Dial Us For Murder - Customized mysteries written for your party of any size or age group.

Dinner and a Murder - Interactive themed mystery party games for 8+ guests, available by mail order or download.

An Evening of Murder - A series of murder mystery party games available on CD or through e-mail.

Host a Murder Online - Custom mysteries for parties, team building and corporate events.

Host Party - Wide selection of murder mystery games and kid's mysteries, all downloadable.

An Invitation to Murder - Murder mystery party game with character descriptions.

The Jury Box - Reprint of vintage 1930s Mystery Game

Library Mystery Night Programs - Adults murder mystery kits for library programs and other organizations.

Murder Mystery Evening - Offers murder mystery parties, events, dinner shows and weekends across the US.

Murder Mystery Games - Offers a large selection of the popular boxed murder mystery games.

Murder Mystery Machine - Providing free-form, interactive murder mystery events to the public and private groups.

Murder Mystery Maniacs - Customized murder mystery games for holiday, teen, and dinner parties or for corporate events.

Murder Mystery Parties - Murder mystery party games that can be professionally hosted or do-it-yourself based in Australia.

Murder Party Games - A mystery game designed for an 8-person group.

Murder Party UK murder mystery weekends and evenings - Customized evening or weekend murder mystery events for corporate or private functions. Based in the UK.

Murderer Among Us Mystery Parties - Custom murder mystery parties designed for 12 to 200 guests.

Mysteries and More - Sells murder mysteries from various game suppliers.

Mysteries by Vincent - Sells murder mystery party games and skits and specializes in women's parties.

Mystery Game Central - Collection of mystery board games, party games, downloads, jigsaw puzzles, and online mystery games.

A Party to Murder - Custom written murder mystery parties for 10 to 100. - Sells both boxed and downloadable murder mystery games.

Pool Party Murder Mysteries - A poolside mystery game for 12 to 20 adults. Swimming pool is required.

Qismat Murder Mysteries - Interactive murder mysteries hosted in Australia.

Shot In The Dark Mystery Games - Adult murder mystery games and kid's games (non-murder.

UK Murder Mystery Games - Downloadable murder mystery games for all ages.

Truth or Dare 

elephantQ - Polling community in which members can create, answer, or search for online truth or dare type questions.

GetDare - Online random dare database, rated for all ages or PG-13. Includes forum.

How to Play Truth or Dare - Offers step-by-step instructions, plus user submitted tips and dares.

Truth Or Dare Online - An online, interactive and customizable version of the game include. - Online database of random truth or dares.


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