Websites on Games You Can Play by Mail

Darkness of Silverfall - Space combat and conquest game set in a realistic 3 dimensional unlimited galaxy.

It's Not All Football - Personal homepage detailing turn by turn accounts of the various play by mail teams that the site owner manages and runs.

Mech Mayhem - A PBM of robot combat in the near future. Contains general and technical information.

The Playbook for Everything Gameplan - Directory of Gameplan related sites, the American football play-by-mail system in the UK.

Seadogs and Darlings - Historical roleplaying game set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth where social standing is of utmost importance.


Advanced Gaming Enterprises - Offers products covering Fantasy and Science Fiction genres including a mix of human and computer moderated games. Includes gaming issues, links, and industry news [United States].

Dark Well Space - Features general information on the role playing game, along with news, maps, and rules sections [United States].

Flying Buffalo Inc - Offers news on games provided, rules, a winners list, and a FAQ section [United States].

Game Systems, Inc - Features include hints and articles, FAQ section, information on the general concept of play by mail games, and how to register for some of the games that are being offered [United States].

Games By Mail - Offers a football management simulation game. Houses information on how to join, what the game's about, and pricing details [United Kingdom].

Harlequin Games - evelops and sponsors fantasy turn-based strategic games including Legends, Serim Ral and Exile. Provides information on each game, testimonials, and a portfolio of each fantasy wargame published [United Kingdom].

Madhouse UK - Includes a "ground floor" and "higher floors" section, featuring forums, chat rooms, feedback forms, and gaming information [United Kingdom].

Mercury Games - Provides information on the company, along with news, updates, and a collection of links [Australia].

NFLA: An Unofficial Web Site - An unofficial companion to the original league of the award-winning Play By Mail game Gameplan.

Pegasus Productions - Offers news updates, rules, and strategy resources of the game Alamaze [United States].

Reality Simulations, Inc - Featured games include Duelmasters, Hyborian War, and Forgotten Realms. Offers a brief introduction to the concept of play by mail games, company information, and rules [United States and Australia].

Rolling Thunder Games, Inc - Includes a "what's new" section, company information, and gaming policies [United States].

Shadow Island Games - Provides information on Olympia, a large-scale strategic fantasy simulation. Features a brief introduction to the game, along with turn reports and web archives [United States].

Undying King Games - Includes reviews, news updates, rules, background, and example turns for their play-by-mail games.


Flagship - Published bi-monthly, contains news about the PBM world, reviews of new and existing games, new developments, players comments and Galactic View - listing of all known UK and European PBM games and PBM moderators.


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