Body Art, Mehndi, Tattoing... Websites

Beauty 2000 - Insurance company offering services to tattoo and piercing artists and studios. Available in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contains contact and company information.

Bellaonline: Body Art - Includes articles, photo galleries, message boards and a newsletter.

Blacklight Kabuki - Forum for the promotion of ultra violet artwork. Contains image galleries, upcoming event details, and submission instructions.

Bodies of Cultures - From the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Image gallery of body modification through history. Information on piercing, tattoos, and mehndi.

The Henna Page  - A page devoted to the practicalities of using henna for body decoration. Application instructions, links, message forum for henna artists and those just learning the art of mehndi.

The Art Of Henna - Description of the art and answers to commonly asked question. Also contains a small image gallery, links, and contact information.

The Art of Mehndi - Includes an informative tutorial, photo and design galleries, supplier listings, henna books, and a comprehensive international listing of henna artists.

Bindi - Information about tattoos, henna paste ingredients, aftercare, and how henna works on the skin. Includes a brief history and merchandise.

Body Art Central - History, instructions, designs, recipes, image gallery, articles, albums and forum.

Henna Art - Application instructions, design ideas, and answers to commonly asked questions. Also offers henna paste and a small image gallery. - Art by Albert Jeffers. Original flash, links, an image gallery, and frequently asked questions. Also contains machines for sale, instructions on ink making, cleaning, and sterilization.

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum - Virtual tour with images of flash and machines from around the world.

Artelino: The Magic of Art - Introduction and background on Japanese tattoo art with reference to tattoo images in Japanese prints.

Barnadreams - Solar tattoos that can be applied temporarily leaving a design after sunbathing. Contact information and an image gallery.

Bodyart /Tattoo FAQ - Answers to general questions. Contains sections covering such items as: sanitation, aftercare, removal, and artists listings.

Celebrity Tattoos - Descriptions and photos of tattoos worn by historical figures and modern day celebrities.

Airbrush Tattoo Made Easy - Instructions, set-up, recommendations, and details pertaining to the application, aftercare, and equipment needed. Also includes a rating of most supply companies.

Custom Airbrushing World of Pamela Shanteau - Information and images pertaining to temporary tattoos, bodyart, custom automobile and motorcycle painting, and fantasy art. Also includes a selection of paint-on pigments, accessories, transfers, henna kits, airbrush supplies, and how-to videos.

European Bodypainting Festival - Features a photographic documentary of past festivals and image galleries showcasing various types of bodyart. Workshops and related merchandise is also available.


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