Websites on Myths, Folktales, Fables, Legends...

Æsop's Fables  - More than 655 fables, alphabetically indexed and with morals listed, including fables from Ambrose Bierce and La Fontaine, with sound clips, images, and message forum.

Into Africa Adventures - Travelogue comprising some myths and legends of the VhaVenda nation in South Africa.

Myths and Legends of the Bantu - By Alice Werner (1933), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

The Place of the Elephant in the Culture of Northern Cameroon - On the elephant's important and mythical position in the culture and oral traditions among the local population of Northern Cameroon.

African-American Almanac: Folktales - Large number of Afro-American folktales.

American Folklore - Folktales, myths, legends, tall tales and ghost stories from each of the 50 states, as well as sections on Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Jesse James.

American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936 - 1940 - Collection of typescript interviews from the Federal Writers' Folklore Project offering the recollections of Americans from many walks of life.

AppLit: Resources for Readers and Teachers of Appalachian Literature for Children and Young Adults - Annotated materials, folklore texts and original literature from and about the southern Appalachian region.

Arizona Ghost Stories - True Arizona ghost stories submitted by readers.

Bawdy Ballads and Far-Fetched Folklore - An Oral History of Rural North Carolina - Ballads and folktales, including an interactive section.

The Boy & The Devil - A Cuento from the Texas borderland.

Folk Lore and the Civil War - Listing of publications on folklore of the Civil War, presented by Frank de Caro.

Folklore, Legends, Tall Tales - An Interactive Case Book for Ford Knox County, Indiana - Stories gathered from old newspaper clippings as well as stories submitted by WWW readers.

Gullah Tales - Tales and traditions of the African-American communities on the South Carolina an Georgia Sea islands.

Haitian Proverbs, Riddles, Jokes and Folktales - Collection compiled by Bob Corbett (in Creole and English).

Index of Appalachian Folktales Listed by Tale Title - Bibliography, tale types, and abstracts of tales.

Jamaica Anansi Stories - By Martha Warren Beckwith (1924), with music and riddles; e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Las Lloronas - The Crying Women - Hispanic ghost stories of women betrayed by love and lovers.

Louisiana Langiappe - Louisiana ghost stories, traiteur tales, lore, and tales from the African tradition.

Magic Tales of Mexico - Tales from the Texas Mexican border, collected by Gabriel A. Cordova Jr.

Mules and Men - African American folklore collected by famous folklorist Zora Neale Hurston, published in 1935.

Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore - Songs, stories, placenames and jokes from Newfoundland.

Paul Bunyan - The Giant Lumberjack - Illustrated version of the American tall tale.

Puerto Rican Folktales - Curriculum by Doris M. Vazquez, offering an introduction to Puerto Rican storytelling, with sample tales, and annotated bibliography.

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana - Multimedia website examining Louisiana's cultural diversity through its traditional storytellers.

The Texas & Oklahoma Campfire Tales - Regional folklore and legends from the Texas and Oklahoma area; topics include ghostly apparitions, mysterious creatures, and strange sightings.

Thinkquest: Chiloé, A Land of Myths and Legend - Student project outlining legends from Chiloé Island in the south of Chile.

Uncle Remus - History and ethnology research project of Joe Harris' tales of Uncle Remus; includes selected texts.

Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project - An ongoing undertaking to collect, preserve and make better known the folklore, especially the folksongs, of Americans in war.

Welcome to the Banks of the Mississippi River - Three sample stories of upper Mississippi river lore, from the book "Wildcat Whistle" by Phil Hoebing.

White Cong and Black Clap: The Ambient Truth of Vietnam War Legendry - Article by John Baky discussing legendary motifs occurring in print and opinion about the Vietnam war.

Yaffles & Yaffles - Baccalieu Trail fairy stories (Newfoundland).

Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tales and Stories from the English Translation: H. P. Paull (1872). Original Illustrations by Vilhelm Pedersen and Lorenz Frølich. Very comprehensive and informative site.

Bats in South American Folklore and Ancient Art - Article by Elizabeth P. Benson (1991).

Butterfly Stories - Snippets of butterfly folklore.

Elephant Lore - Elephant lore in myth, legend, religion and war.

Frog Myths Across Cultures - Transformations, Alchemy and Love - Article by Noel Wanner for Exploratorium.

Japanese Animals' Temples and Shrines - Pictures and stories of the Japanese most important animals, their shrines and temples: tanuki, kitsune, and inari.

Minibeast Folklore - American folklore regarding insects, compiled by Dianna K. Dunn.

Totem Groups - Plants and animals in the context of human culture and society.

White Dragon: Children of Arachne - Article by Suzi Fovargue on spiders in European myth and folklore.

Wolf Song of Alaska : Wolves and Folklore - Werewolves, the wolf as a symbol and wolves in stories through the ages.

Alf Laylah Wa Laylah - The Book of the Thousand and One Nights - Account by John Crocker on all aspects concerning the Arabian Nights, including history, editions, derived art works, cultural settings, bibliography and links.

Arabian Nights - A short description and contextualization of the Arabian Nights.

The Boneless Tongue of Assamese Proverbs - Article by Prasun Sonwalkar, published in The Times of India (Assamese transcription with English translation).

Common Malay Proverbs - In Malay with English translation and explanation, contributed by Siswahani Saban.

Index of Kashmiri Proverbs - Large, alphabetically ordered collection, including sayings from Sufis of Kashmir (in Kashmiri with English translation and explanation).

Mongolia Today: Wisdom of Nomads - Ten Mongolian proverbs (in transcription) with English translation.

Mongolia Today: Wisdom of Nomads - Seven Mongolian proverbs (in transcription) with English translation.

Nihon no Kotowaza - Japanese proverbs and idioms with translation, explanation and sound files (WAV format).

Thai Proverbs and Sayings - Proverbs in Thai script with transcription, translation into English and equivalent or explanation.

Tibet Digital Library - Favorite verses, proverbs and riddles (in English).

Tibetan Proverbs - Book presentation with three sample pages.

Uyghur Makhaliler - Uighur Proverbs - Compiled by Tughluk and Clara Abdurazak.

Vietnamese Proverbs - Vietnamese proverbs with English equivalents.

Vietnamese Proverbs - In Vietnamese with English translation and explanation, brought together by Jan Dodd.

Australian Dreamtime - Overview of the oral traditions of the Aboriginals about the origins of the land and its people.

Australian Legendary Tales: Folk-Lore of the Noongahburrahs as Told to the Picaninnies - By Katherine Langloh Parker (1897), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Australian Legends - By C. W. Peck (1933), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Didjeridu Myths and Legends - From Ed Drury's Didjiridu site.

The Euahlayi Tribe - An ethnography by K. Langloh Parker (1905) on the culture, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies of the Euahlayi.

Some Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines - By W. E. Thomas (1923), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Stories - Myths from several Australian peoples, presented by a college student of archaeoastronomy.

Stories of the Dreaming - Presenting Aboriginal stories of the time before time, when the Ancestor spirits roamed the earth.

Assyro-Babylonian Mythology - FAQ about the pantheon, cosmology, and history of the Assyrians and Babylonians, by Christopher B. Siren (1999).

Babylonian Creation Myth - Translation from Tablet IV which tells of the great battle between the sky god Marduk and the earth goddess Tiamat.

Before the Legend of Noah - Essay about Mesopotamian flood legends recorded before the bible.

Gateways to Babylon - Ancient and modern texts on Mesopotamian mythology, religion, and deities.

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria - The complete book written by Donald A. Mackenzie.

The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria - By T. G. Pinches, e-text from the Project Gutenberg.

Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology - Overview article by Lars Noodén, discussing the tie between animals in Celtic and Welsh mythology with fertility and vitality.

Celtic Literature Collective - A comprehensive collection of medieval Celtic literature, relying on primary sources and modern scholarship.

Celtic Mythology - Commentary and literary resources on the ancient religious and spiritual beliefs of the Celts.

Celtic Mythology - An Anthropological View - Considers the animistic, totemistic and anthropomorphic aspects of native Celtic religious expression.

Celtic Religion and Mythology - Article about the diverse influences manifest in Celtic mythology.

Celtic Studies Resources - FAQs, articles, annotated links and reading lists on Celtic topics from an opinionated digital medievalist.

CelticGrounds: Welcome to Celtic Mythology - Introduction with illustrated primers on specific topics. - In-depth historical information about Epona, the Gaulish goddess of horses. Fully referenced and illustrated.

Gods of the Britons and Gauls - Comprehensive listing of the gods of the Celtic Britons and Gauls, including descriptions name interpretations and legends.

Legends: Erin and Alba - Annotated guide to resources on the net.

Lugodoc's Guide to Celtic Mythology - An overview of the Welsh and Irish canons.

Macleod 's Celtic Mythology Page - Brief listing of Celtic mythological characters.

Mitoloxía Asturiana - Asturian Mythology - On the mythology of Asturia in northern Spain and its ties with Celtic pre-christian beliefs (downloadable DOC format).

Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race - By Thomas Rolleston (1911), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Of Celts - Windsor Castle - Of Celts, fairy tales, stories, and history.

The Sacred Fire - A celebration of ancient Celtic history and lore, including legends, myths, festivals, the calendar, druids, ogham, faeries and leprechauns.

Tuatha De Danann, Genealogy, Fairies - The history and genealogy of the Tuatha De Danann showing the descent to the heirs of the throne of Arthur. The link to the Holy Grail, the Cistercians, and the Templars is discussed. Much information not available elsewhere.

The World of Gwdihw, Bard of Conwy - Dedicated to Welsh mythological tales.

Animals of Indian Mythology - On the role of animals and animal gods in Hindu mythology.

Gods in Hindu Dharma - The concept of God in Hindu religion, with an overview of the major deities and their manifestations.

Hindu Gods - Spiritual purpose, physical characteristics, and places of worship of Hindu deities.

Indian Mythology - A substantial collection of links to individual stories on the web, and indices on the terminology and principal characters.

Indian Mythology - A glimpse into the rich mythology, various gods, goddesses and legends of India with some detailed information and colorful images.

Kamat's Potpourri - Mythology - Index of topics at Kamat's Potpourri on the mythology of India.

Lakshmi and Saraswati - Tales in Mythology and Art - Accounts of the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati, with examples of images.

Mythology Stories of India - Retelling for children of many stories such of the origin of Ganesha, and the Ramayana.

Myths and Legends of Indian Temples - From Templenet: a selection of stories and legends connected with the temples and presiding deities.

Sages, Rushis & Saints - Vignettes on the more important sages from mythology as well as from history.

Stories for Children - A collection of stories taken from the Mahabharata, in simple English in a form suitable for children.

Stories from Indian Mythology for Children - Popular tales summarized for children to enjoy, including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

The Vedic Age - Astronomy and creation myths of Vedic India.


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