Videos and Video Making Resources - A resource site providing news, tutorials and information for DV video film makers. Also available is a message board allowing you to interact with fellow DV enthusiasts.

The Early Video Project - Supports people interested in early video and video art, with interviews, articles, and reviews from a variety of sources.

Extreme Videographers - The cyber community for professional videographers and the people who hire them.

Global Digital Video Club - Providing advice on video production, with discussions, news, and resources for professional videographers and global consumers.

HowStuffWorks - An explanation of popular video formats.

Imaging Science Foundation - Establishing new standards and methodologies for the video and home theater industry.

Institute of Videography - UK-based organisation dedicated to raising the standards of video production and professionalism within the industry. - A free resource website providing tutorials and reference material for video, television, audio, internet and general electronic media.

Mediascape by Guggenheim Museum - An exhibition of video works by contemporary artists.

National Legal Video Association - The leading organization dedicated to the use of video within the legal environment.

Vancouver Island Festival - Independent video, new media and film festival on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Video Librarian Online - Video reviews and news for libraries, including a searchable database of 12,000 home video and dvd reviews.

VideoArt Denmark - Information about video and media festivals worldwide.

Warshawski, Morrie - A consultant, facilitator and writer specializing in the nonprofit arts sector. Resume, clients, bibliography.

XDCAM Pro User Group - Discussion for camera and production crews involved with XDCAM.


Undercurrents   - Series of videos about activism around the UK which comes out twice a year. Covers green issues, AR, and social justice.

Blind Eye Media - Produced the Exoptic Fields video - a video designed to deflect attention from the screen, for the relief of TV and Internet addiction.

Cannonball Express - A video project-in-progress about urban firestorms, home fire safety and the environment.

Flying Focus Video Collective - The Flying Focus Video Collective is a group of activists using video as a tool for social change. They have over 350 programs dealing with public policy issues have been cablecast and shown at occasional public screenings.

Organic Chaos Productions - Dissatisfied with what we see as the one-sided reports produced by the mainstream media, we have set up our own alternative: Organic Chaos Productions. With this not-for-profit organization we intend to report on the undercurrents in society, and show what the mainstream media prefer not to broadcast.

Paper Tiger Television - USA - A video collective pioneering media criticism through video since 1981. Over 280 programs on issues of democratic communications, media representation and the economics of the information industry.

Whispered Media - Videoactivist collective, makers of "Pie's the Limit", "Reclaim Mayday 1998", "Shut 'em Down", contributers to "Showdown in Seattle - Five Days that Shook the WTO" and "Breaking the Bank". Whispered Media also helps maintain the Video Activist Network website.

Alternate Video

Alder Image - A personal exhibit of Joshua Banton's video work, along with information about the work and the artist.

Androgyne, Mon Amour - A dance/music video by composer Barry Truax based on homoerotic poetry by Tennessee Williams, as performed by bassist Robert Black and dancer Walter Kubanek, in a celebration of gay love.

Bianco-Valente - Art production, images, texts, videos, biography, bibliography and project information.

The Blind Eye - Dedicated to videos designed to deflect attention from the screen, for relief from TV and Internet addiction.

Boyer, Jody - Interdiscplinary artist whose work explores the nature of landscape, memory and perception. .

Britshorts - A collection of downloadable alternative shorts produced within the UK and Europe. Also accepts submissions from film makers.

Bryan Zanisnik - Photographer and video artist exhibits work. News, biography and blog.

Busybox - Offers original video shorts, panoramic photography and assorted creations.

Carolyn Speranza - Biography and archive of her video installations.

Center for AudioVisual Research - CAVR constructs previously unavailible experiences via the re-structuring of our media landscape.

CinemaNu - Video work, biography and events organized by manutau

Clandestine Potatoes - An experimental film on the Irish-Gaelic language, in which writing and language create a situation where the words are the main actors.

Clouin-x-Pascall - Award-winning experimental video maker Pierre Yves Clouin: video works and screenings calendar.

The Cornelius Project - Showcases artistic multimedia projects involving an international network of collaborators. Features streaming, a gallery, forum and interactive areas.

Danielle Mericle - Includes resume, projects, and contact details.

David Hall - Video art pioneer, TV interventionist, installation artist, sculptor and filmmaker

Dolan, Rebecca - Includes installations, videos, photographs and resume.

The eddie d spot in the web - Information on and examples of the work of this Dutch video and media artist, which has produced several interactive installations.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) - A nonprofit media arts center and distribution service. Online catalogue on the 175 artists and 3,000 works in the EAI collection.

Elyasaf Kowner : My Case - Video artist offering experimental films, photography, and alternative art. Features movie collection, information about projects, exhibitions, events and contact details.

Experimental video - Peruvian born New york Artist using Video and music in an unique style. Show case New York Film Festival. Installations using video, sculpture, sound and light.

FornOOne - Organization of independent artists for the production and diffusion of cinematographic, audio-visual and photographic works and organisation of events.

ForNoOne Association - An artistic group from Paris, France, who make movies, video art, photographs and graphic design.

FW:Fwd online exhibition of artists short films - 8 international artists explore techniques of viral filmmaking and present 8 micromovies here in Quicktime.

Galvala - Collection of video shorts and animations.

Gazzo, Monica - Avant-garde filmmaker and mixed media artist whose work is a combination of visual poetry, originality and intimacy, generally challenging issues of gender and race.

Globalvision - Independent media production company specializing in human rights documentaries and news magazines.

Hayley Barker - Experimental video about memory, and movement through emotional spaces.

interventura - Online content from Jacob Stratton. A site of art, film, video and photography.

Kotchy - Creator of video, electronic and acoustic music. Includes samples in Quicktime format.

The LakeFill - The LakeFill is a collection of independent film, music, photography, and prose. An alternative to alternative media.

Lemmons the Shiny Clown - Documents the efforts of a schizophrenic character to make sense of his world. Many Quicktime videos are available.

Lisa DiLillo - Offers video installations and photographs. Includes videography, biography, and contact information.

Lost Lake - Detailed description by video artist Chris Welsby of his 16-monitor video wall installation.

Lost Woods Films - Guerilla filmmaking in the Netherlands...

Lothe Lachmann Videoteatr Poza - Documentation of video work by Jolanta Lothe and Peter Lachmann.

Lumen Eclipse - An online gallery of video and media shorts exhibited as public art in Harvard Square.

Marc Provins - Marc Provins is a visual artist working with video and photography. Based in Manchester, England.

MobileVideoNet - Media project offering free videos to mobile phone users in designated areas, as well as more traditional art viewing spaces. Includes video archive, calendar of events and projects, technical information and contact details.

Modefy - Video ArtisT Mo Stoebe's digital presence. Contains video art clips of many different genres.

Modern Television - Media commentary, satire, and video from San Francisco independent producer Phil Patiris (creator of The Iraq Campaign 1991).

Nam June Paik's Megatron - Paik's profile and links.

Nelson, Eric - Experimental Videos from 1999 to present.

Netdotart - Online video, sound and digital printmaking gallery by Peter Baldes.

Parallel Ports - Artists Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum. Video art and politically inspired work. Includes project documentation, statements and exhibition listing.

Paul Greenhaw - Archive of current and older video pieces by NYC artist. Older works were created as video "tags" -- recent work has been in live music/video performance and alternate tuning systems.

Periot, Jean-Gabriel - Personal site of artist and video director. [English/French].

Poetry with Video - Poems by Rosemary Norman and Jane Michelson with experimental video by Stuart Pound.

Post Video Art - For artists and experimental filmmakers, offering festivals information, video art gallery lists, artists' links, and a forum.

Professor Bright Films - Based in the New York City area, Ben Coccio and Dave Shuff produce entertainment as well as corporate video work.

Raxfilm - Videos by Gregor Kuschmirz.

Recent Video Works and Biography - Browse the current video works and projects of Oakland, California based artist Sarah Klein.

Ross, Catherine - New York-based artist shows video works, includes CV and exhibitions and projects.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Bill Viola's recent video installation exhibition. Video excerpts and interview with the artist.

Siw Amina Bech - Siw Amina Bech is a Norwegian artist working with sound and image processing in a vide variety of ways. This site is a collection of her work with video.

Smart Project Space - Amsterdam Centre for Contemporary Art and Cinema. With online program and impressions of products.

Soloton - Web video music by Joerg Oswald.

Sozra's Music Art Painting Video - A representation in video of the structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations, and hence, music.

Subversive Pictures - End of the World Online Series - A satirical dark comedy series independently produced for the internet. Free alternative content for mature audiences (some violence and language).

Sweet Intoxication Films - Site of experimental filmmaker Geert Wachtelaer. Streaming media, installations.

Technologies to the People - Showcasing the usage of video as a medium of artistic expression. [Requires specific configuration of system, browser and plug-ins.]

TellingTime: A Video Document by Norene Griffin - A daily video diary exalting the "unglamorous moment," begun in 2000. Presented in stills.

This is Patrick Power - Random personal media.

Topsy Turvy - Three working class artists capture the surreal underbelly of the industrial carcass known as Buffalo, NY.

TVnook - Broadband and narrowband alternative videos related to pop-culture, rock music, politics and parodies of broadcasting. Includes RealVideo samples.

Uncertainty Principle - Artists Joe Zane and Julia Featheringill offer video art, digital installations and flip books.

UNCUT Productions homepage - UNCUT uses new media to explore new ways of storytelling and produces video for commercial or experimental purposes.

Unwatchable Films - Independent alternative video studio producing short videos, some of which are viewable on the web.

Video Art: The Early Years - Invaluable online chronology of key screenings, exhibitions and related events in the first two decades of British video art.

640 480 Video Collective - Students and graduates of the University of Toronto present their videos. [Requires Quicktime to view videos.]

Video Data Bank - A resource in the United States for videotapes by, and about, contemporary artists.

Videogeist - Studio of Philip Geist. Includes biography, resume, projects, concepts and calendar. [English/German].

Videologia - Video art festival in Volgograd, Russia

Vid-IO - Explorations in abstract video and sound by multiple-media artist Robert York, Jr. This work presents a mix of high and low-fi technologies.

Virocode - Artwork in the media of film, video, photography, fiction and multimedia. Topics include: science, biology, disease, illness, medicine, communication, information, and evolution.

VistaPlana - A collection of video art by René Aeberhard.

VJ Sputnik - Digital manipulation of images, sound and video in real time. Based in New York City.

Vogania - Strange web design, video art and installation documentation from artist Cathy Vogan.

Walter Mirtl - A portfolio of video sequences including loop, trailer, chatbox and portrait as well as a collection of abstract photography. Includes biography and list of exhibitions.

WarpTV - New Zealand VJs live improvised video mix, includes booking information, bio, pictures, small video clips and information.

Watch on Demand - Streaming videos in Windows Media format from a group of young performance artists in Nottingham, England.

Who is Johnny Neurotic - This short film takes us on a fast paced roller coaster ride through the pitiful and sometimes humorous life of ex-crack head Johnny Neurotic.

Wolfpup - The digital and video work of Australian artist John Vucic-Wolfpup.

X-8 - Ambient videos for background usage by Los Angeles underground artist X-8. - Art in progress project by Alfred Himmelweiss. It is a video installation with 100 video portraits of girls smoking a cigarette.

Community Video

Akaku Maui Community Television - - Community TV station that provides training and equipment.

Community Connector - A comprehensive resource on community networking seeking to support awareness of digital resources and the emerging field of community networking.

Free Speech TV Cable Project - FSTV is a part-time cable network dedicated to progressive and alternative media. FSTV acquires work from artists and activists, packages it into thematic blocks, and broadcasts it on 50 community cable channels, reaching over 7 million U.S. homes each week.

Independent Community Television Co-operative - Vancouver - Facility offering a voice for economically, socially or politically marginalized members of the community, as well as artists and local performers.

International Community TV and Video Exchange - Australia - Information about programs available for exchange between organisations and individuals.

Open Channels for Europe - This website is dedicated to the European process for democracy and freedom of expression in electronic media.

Reel Voices - Produces documentaries on African immigrants in Philadelphia and provides technical assistance to community organizations in using video as a means to express their indigenous experiences

UnCut Video - Upload and share videos from your camcorder, webcam, mobile phone or desktop.


Caught On Video - Footage segments and video clip links directory from all over the web.

Epanorama: Video - Links to articles and essays on video technology.

LIfilm - Resources for film and video professionals in the New York City area.

Mefeedia - A directory and aggregator for video blogs.

Sci-fiCaster - Simple click syndication site for fiction and character based video.

Space Videos - A directory of free, public-domain videos related to space exploration and science.

Strmz - Collection of Internet TV channels and aggregate RSS video feeds. Offers personalized subscriptions and playlists.

The Webtv Directory - Directory of TV content available on the web.

YouTube - Directory of online and original videos.

Distribution Services

Alex Mendoza and Associates - Consulting firm specializing in domestic and international distribution advice, business plans and other services for independent filmakers and companies.

American Film Foundation - Online catalogue for award winning titles produced and distributed by the foundation.

The Associates - A video, DVD and theatrical information database, for use by the media and video industry. Includes information to assist distribution.

Big Film Shorts - Award-wining short films for worldwide markets. Single copies also available via an online catalog.

Canada Promedia Inc. - Provides end to end solutions for broadcast in China with the best service representatives in the industry.

Cine Line - Distributes Korean movies across North America.

Desert Island Films, Inc. - Source for broadcast quality public domain films, television shows, and animation.

Devillier Donegan Enterprises - Program development and distribution company serving independent producers and broadcasters worldwide. Site provides categorized list of films and details of titles recently released or in production.

DSP Films - Internet film distributors featuring independent and short film distribution.

DV&A Multimedia - Distributor of close-out videos, previously played videos and video games in Florida, USA.

Electronic Arts Intermix - Online catalogue of a nonprofit media arts organization, representing a broad mix of international media art, from seminal works of the 1960s to work by young artists of the 1990s.

Hive4media - Video purchase resources, including access to multiple distribution channels, and information on research and title performance, suppliers and breaking industry news.

Insight Media - Resource for distribution of educational and instructional videos and CDROMs for college and high school classrooms.

Intermedia Film - Entertainment company with strategic alignments to a unique group of filmmakers and distributors.

Lamb Productions - Videos, on the art of playing acoustic guitar, and on home improvement projects taught by professional building instructors.

Marathon International - Production and international distribution company specialized in drama, animation and documentaries.

Mediabank - Makers of automated, small footprint vending machines, ideal for distribution setups in locations where space is at a premium.

Monarch Films - Engaged in the distribution of documentary films and reality programming to broadcast TV worldwide. Site includes detailed synopses, reviews, and streamed promos of Monarch's 200 hours of programming, a submission area for filmmakers, and indie film information resources.

Movie Licensing USA - Provides public performance site licenses which meet the requirements of Federal Copyright Law to schools in the United States.

Nick's Video Trade - A website devoted to trading video recordings of all sorts, on VHS and Beta formats.

On-Board Movies - Serving cruise ships worldwide with licensed Hollywood movie entertainment.

PFG Entertainment - Full-service foreign sales company offering worldwide marketing and distribution of completed motion pictures.

Point.360 - Provides broadcast quality video duplication, distribution and related value-added services including distribution of national television spot advertising, trailers and electronic press kits.

Potential Films - Specializes in distributing films to cinemas in Australia and New Zealand. Film classics, contemporary foreign films and other world cinema.

Pyramid Media - Distributor and producer of films, videos and interactive media designed to teach, train and entertain. Based in Santa Monica, California.

Screen Edge Media - Releases movies, DVDs, photos, music and books. Dedicated to bringing the work of talented and unknown film directors and artists into the public eye. Includes some free streams and downloads.

Spin Television International - Television program distribution and production worldwide.

Swank Motion Pictures - Movie distributor and a public performance licensing agent in non-theatrical markets where feature entertainment movies are shown.

Terra Entertainment - Focuses on on-line dynamic distribution, of enriching media, which provides efficient solutions for all businesses.

Video Data Bank - Distributes video art, documentaries and taped interviews with visual artists, photographers and critics. They do not deal in features originating on film and distributed on videotape. Site contains listing of resources available.

Willow Mixed Media - Non-profit, arts and educational organization engaged in producing and distributing works of art and social interest.

ZDF Enterprises - Subsidiary and commercial arm of ZDF German Television Network, is an independent programming and distribution company.

Education - Devoted to TV news photography. Includes discussion forums and tips from the professionals.

Digital Director - Beginner's guide to digital video editing, including tutorials, forums, and downloads.

DVworkshop - Help and advice on video to DVD, LP to CD, tape to CD, building a video editing PC on a budget, independent buying advice for camcorder and PCs, and database of video clubs.

Mississippi State University Television Center - A wide range of audio, video, and multimedia services that can assist educators in creating exciting and meaningful programs to meet a variety of media objectives. - Discussion forum for television, film, and interactive media professionals. Topic threads include sound, vision, HDTV, and broadband.

A Sound Person's Guide to Video - Monthly e-zine with articles covering film and video technology and production, developed from the original feature series by David Mellor in Audio Media magazine.

The Television Cameraman's Website - Resources, information, forum, and news and articles for camera personnel.

Video Recording Formats - Compares and contrasts most video formats.

Internet Broadcasting

AOL Viral Video - Features a variety of funny video clips to choose from.

AtomFilms - Broadband entertainment network for original short films and web shows. - Streaming video interviews and clips from shows including The West Wing, Alias, Fear Factor and Son of the Beach.

Date or Disaster - Includes biographies of the daters, information on how to become a dater on the show, and where to watch.

eyecandytv - The broadband magazine of the life you wish you had. Video and sounds, girls and boys, sports, toys, pets and sex, all available in a tasty, stain-proof formula. - Slammin' footage. What your mind and soul has been waiting for.

I Witness Online - Virtual online thriller in episodic format. Includes story line, floor plans, and past episodes [Requires Flash and QuickTime].

MixRemix - Multi-media site for video and audio producers to present their work to the public.

Moment Factory - Witness the creation of alternate universes as parallel lives collide into a kaleidoscopic horizon. Updated weekly! - Network of the World - The first truly converged Internet and digital TV service. Original entertainment programming for television and web, featuring streaming video and broadband content.

RadicalZoo Entertainment - The outsider independent entertainment network. Open source entertainment studio with free video and MP3 hosting.

Screenblast - Provides broadband content that includes audio and video clips with creation tools by Sonic Foundry: Acid, Sound Forge, Siren Jukebox and Video Factory.

Sitcom: A Sitcom - Episodes of a romantic comedy series about 20-year-olds falling in and out of love while running a dotcom company.

Sputnik 7 - Sputnik7 is a broadcast network offering a sophisticated mix of independent music, film, and anime programming via interactive Video Stations, Audio Stations, Videos on Demand, and Digital Downloads.

Television Internet - "Muscle Beach", starring the sexiest bodybuilders and models alive. - The first integrated entertainment network designed specifically for the first broadband generation. Leverages the strengths of traditional and new media to create a participatory user community.

Magazines - Magazine for the video buff. Provides news, reviews, and new technology updates.

HighDef - A useful resource for information on HD production for TV and digital cinema.

RES - The magazine of digital film-making.

Video University - Information on making money with video.

VideoAge - Includes current issue, archive, calendar of screenings in Los Angeles, information on the publisher, and link for subscriptions.

Videography Online - Magazine for video production, technology, and applications.

Production - Magazine for the video buff. Provides news, reviews, and new technology updates.

HighDef - A useful resource for information on HD production for TV and digital cinema.

RES - The magazine of digital film-making.

Video University - Information on making money with video.

VideoAge - Includes current issue, archive, calendar of screenings in Los Angeles, information on the publisher, and link for subscriptions.

Videography Online - Magazine for video production, technology, and applications.


Video 101 - Offers tutorials on the fundamentals of film and video production. Includes video clips, flash animations, and explanations.

Ace Digital Media Institute of Technology - Ace Digital Media Institute of Technology is a hands-on digital media training school that offers classes on all aspects of digital video filmmaking and digital broadcast media. Students learn by doing and by interacting with industry professionals.

Adobe After Effects Project Based Templates, Tutorials, and Training Videos - Offers Adobe After Effects products including templates, tutorials, training to videographers.

AV-ONE Studio - The Post-Production Training Center in Thailand. Providing training course for Avid, Boris RED, Discreet Combustion, Lustre, 3DS Max, Nuendo and Scenarist. - Monthly workshops from Elfstrom who teaches as he shoots, with enthusiasm, integrity, and skillful improvisation.

Breaking the Silence - HIV prevention, media literacy, and video production for Caribbean youth.

Complete Media - Complete Services for excellence in training media.

Crime Prevention Resources - A video production company that provides resources to help teach. Our productions deal with substance abuse, personal safety, disaster preparedness, community and neighborhood safety.

custom video productions - custom video for training, resume, insurance, travel and special projects

The Digital FilmMaking Workshops - Learn all aspects of video and film production, from scriptwriting to lighting, camera, editing, marketing, and screening of your independent film and video projects.

Digital Media Training Center - Moviola provides professional training for film and video editors, effects artists and graphic designers

DVworkshops - Digital Video Training in San francisco. Hands-on classes in documentary, final cut pro and story structure.

Fine Cut Films - A series of instructional pages on the art and craft of production. The sections include a glossary of terms, an overview of the production process, scripting and screenwriting.

GeniusDV - Offers certified training classes for Final Cut Pro, and Avid video editing software. Includes training tutorials and a discussion forum.

How To Products- Video and DVD Training - Provides Video and DVD training on Medisoft, SOAPware EMR, SpringCharts EMR and MediLync software

How-to Information for Videographers - Online resource for learning about all kinds of video equipment.

iceni TV Corporate Video and DVD Design - A training video TV and DVD production company. Quality DVD film and TV producers work with public and private sector companies worldwide.

I-MOTUS - Offers video editing services for creating corporate training videos.

Instructional video for camcorder users. - Instructional video, complete with table of contents, sneak peeks & reviews. It also features valuable links to other websites relating to video production.

InVision - Certified training in Orlando, Florida for Apple digital editing video products including Final Cut Pro, and DVD Studio Pro.

Mediaventures - The techniques used for successful live-surgery transmissions, congresses, dvd creation, interactive website creation and natural history movies. Here you can submit questions for quotes, review past projects and check out future projects.

Mobile-Video Productions - Full-service video production services for training, corporate communication, and marketing video programs.

Niagara's effective photography and digital video - Digital video production for corporate, industrial or Government. Located in Niagara Falls Ontario.

One Sky International Productions - Aiming to develop career skills of native Americans, in particular, Alaskan natives, they offer a comprehensive course in videography.

OPENChannel Co-operative - Resource organization and support network for independent filmmakers in Melbourne, Australia.

Pittsburgh Video Production - A resource for people who want to learn about more about all aspects of Video Production.

Planet PC Training - Offers a wide variety of software video editing courses including Avid, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro,Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Power Image Workshop for film & video editing - A New York based training center offering short-term courses on Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Avid, & DVD Studio Pro in small class set-up.

Purple Mouse of South Africa - Provides Avid training courses, besides workflow consultancy and plug-in demos and recommendations.

Randy Stubbs - Wedding Video Training Tapes - Techniques on camera skills and editing for creative wedding video production.

Reel Story - Wedding, History and Self Motiviation videos about your life.

Sasafrazz Film & Video Productions - Corporate communications video production company in Toronto Canada

School of Visual Arts - New York based college offering courses in television art, film and video and related disciplines.

Take Zer0 - A free video podcast on filmmaking.

Ultimate Guide to Canon Camcorders - DVD training course on how to use the Canon MiniDV camcorders such as the XL2, XL1s, and GL2.

Underwater Video - A community of scuba divers who shoot video underwater. We have a free underwater video course, a housing finder, and forums.

Unit for Media & Communications - Engaged in media production, teaching, research and dissemination at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay, India.

VET - Provides Avid certified training and other video production courses in Hoxton, London. Also provides off- and on-line post-production services on Avid Symphony and DS Nitris and Final Cut Pro.

Video Art Program, University of Iowa - Gain skills in analyzing established visual languages and producing in various visual media.

The Video Business Advisor - Membership-based resource for videographers, wedding videographers and independent videomakers, concentrating on marketing, promotional and business aspects of small video businesses.

Video Editing - Collects and organizes information related to video editing. Includes tutorials, fonts, jargon, training, images, software, magazines, reviews, cameras and links.

Video Training by Swan Rose - Provides training for video camcorders and using Adobe Premiere to edit the videos.

Wedding Videography Training and Consulting - Creative Wedding and Personal Inventory Videos

Video Editing

Big Foot Digital - Offers a wide variety of digital solutions to its clients. Services include non-linear editing, DV camera packages and assist systems.

Digital Editor - News, information, tutorials, support and tips for popular editing applications.

Digital Outpost - Offers digital audiovisual editing and authoring, video compression, multimedia production and post-production services.

DV Post - Providing video professionals with affordable DV-based non-linear editing services.

Editmaxaz - All digital audiovisual editing studio based in Phoenix. They employ Quantel's Editbox and Avid Media Composer as well as a Mac based Avid portable unit for field editing.

Egan Media Productions - Video production and editing, custom music, sound effects and voice-overs.

Oakslade Studios - Online and offline non-linear, sound recording and editing, and animation facilities; located in the Warwickshire countryside.

Planet Video - A non-linear editing bay in Los Angeles that specializes in the creation of unique actor demo reels at reasonable prices.

Sanderford Productions - Video editing, audio recording and mastering facilities.

Sparkys World - Information and help for those interested in editing videos at home. Provides useful links to technical sites for a range of hobby topics.

Stealing Time - Independent commercial and film editing company. The site offers details about their editors, work and location.

Video for Film Release - Technical information about shooting video, and converting it to film.

Virgin Moon Post - Provides editing, digital graphics and compression services. Also markets and distributes videos from its website.


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