Online Writing Websites and Resources

Horton's Stagepage - Site contains synopses and texts of G.L. Horton's plays.

Liapin, Victor - Features the play "Hippopotamus Dreams".

Masquerade - Paul Kruger's musical adaptation of Moliere's two wild medical satires, "The Imaginary Invalid" combined with "A Doctor In Spite of Himself".

Merde, Melissa by Adam Szymkowicz - Short plays on loan from the authors. Complete scripts available online.

Outrage - A satire sketch TV series of malevolent and abrasive observations on the events and institutions of our age.

Peace, Stephen - Plays, monologues and screenplays. [Plays are in .doc files]

Rutherford, Thomas E - Stage Plays - Short stage plays, including one with a military theme.

Santiago Serrano - Argentinean playwright, with one play in English and several in Spanish.

These Days - A tentative play.

Vigeant, Peter - Pete's Pick - A collection of unpublished plays and monologues.


Amateur Writing - Submitted fiction by a variety of authors.

Bad Grammar - Fiction by a variety of authors.

Below the Fold - Subterranean journey through words, understanding, and imagination into the dark, mythic, perilous, and wondrous realm of human possibility.

Bit-Books - Web directory to fiction published online, sorted by genre.

100 Black Boxes - A hypertext fiction by Alistair Gentry, inspired by the black box flight recorders of crashed planes. Constructed from 100 words each by 100 characters about the moment of their deaths.

Bleuskye Fiction Factory - Collection of prose, verses and short stories.

Carnival of Tiny Stories - A collection of teeny tiny stories of all genres. Each story is 55 or fewer words.

Channel 49 - Fiction for adults and children.

Collective Writings - The collected writing of one person in hypertext form.

Dads - Fiction related to fatherhood.

De-Flux Stories - Short stories by various writers in both English and Dutch.

Drifters Oasis - Showcase of up and coming writers from around the world, in all genres of fiction.

Free Online Novels - A collection of texts by Jennifer L Armstrong as well as links to other books.

Lost in the Dream - Index of stories and novels by Lyndon DeRobertis and Robert Alan.

Mirth and Dither - A collection of stories and articles.

mkgilbert61 - Short stories and novel excerpts in hypertext.

Never Bound Books - Several novels available via e-mail.

The Panther's Tale - The day-to-day life of a homeless man in Honolulu, now into its fifth year.

Plastic Surgery Short Stories - Short stories about the light and dark sides of plastic surgery and plastic surgeons.

Samantha and Scott's Crazy Complaint Letters - Fictional complaint letters to various company.

Seniority - A collection of short stories contributed by readers.

Short Stories - An anthology of short stories by James Muri and other writers. Topics include romance, politics, adventure, and fantasy.

Surreality - Short stories, novels and fan fiction.

Twisted Turn - Stories with twists in the endings.

UK Fiction - A library of contemporary UK fiction, by various authors, freely available to download.

Web-orama - Fiction only website, with short stories to read on-line.

Writers Club - Short stories by various authors.

Writers Wanted - A site that will post submitted stories.


The Online Diary History Project - There are stories out there, about the people who pioneered this genre, that are in danger of disappearing. It is this website's goal to preserve their memories of what online journalling was like in the beginning.

BellaOnline: Journals - Reviews, articles, links and discussion about weblogs, online journals, garden journals, scrapbooking and resources for journal writers.

A Creative Journal - Journal writing ideas, prompts, tips, inspiration.

The Creative Notebook - Offers quotes, writing prompts, keeping a writer's notebook, journaling techniques and methods, and weekly articles on journal writing.

Cynthia Gallaher's Journal Tips - Writing tips and prompts for journal writers.

DavidRM Software's The Journal - Personal journaling system with many features.

Daydreaming on Paper - Tips, prompts, and exercises for the creative journaler. Purple Ink.

The Definitive Source for Online Journalers - There are so many journals out there it can be hard to keep up with all of them. The purpose of this site is to put all that information in one place. - Free family-safe online diaries and blogs.

Diarist.Net Spark - A daily diary and journal writing prompt. A question or thought of the day to beat writer's block and keep the juices flowing. Includes a searchable archive. - Read diaries, use the message boards without registration. No need to leave an e-mail. Just a place to sound off about Sports, music or whatever.

Flickr: Drawing Journal - Share your random drawings, artistic lines, or just your journaling, as long as they are in a journal form.

Flickr: Picture Diary - Journalling your thoughts through pictures. A group and forum for diarists who use photos.

Flickr: Visual Journal - If you keep visual diaries and have pages you'd like to share, post them here. Share your creative thinking process with others.

How to Develop A Spiritual Journal - Advice and suggestions for how to develop a spiritual journal. Includes how to begin, what types of things to write about, what devices to use, suggestions for other resources, and excerpts from the author's own spiritual journal.

I Color My World - A service that lets you log your emotions over time using iColor. You can add your own intimate thoughts and feelings to be logged and viewed later like a diary.

Inspired to Journal - Essays, prompts, quotes, personal entries, and a new workshop. Designed to inspire and advise journalers.

Journal Writing - This site offers interviews with journaling experts, reviews of journal technique books, historical and private journals, a hints and tips section, book recommendations and links to other journal sites.

Just Journal - Books and articles about keeping journals for personal growth and freedom.

Life Tales - Information, newsletters and an e-zine about journaling, including writing exercises.

LifeJournal - Journal writing software for the PC, for personal and professional use.

Memory Triggering Corner - Trigger autobiographical memories online, using techniques from the acclaimed Proust Press book. For scrapbooking, journals, writers and others.

MindsView Journaling Software - Allows users to connect relations, feelings and emotions to each entry. Features a search term tool, daily reminders, goal management and reporting capabilities.

New Life Stories - Help for writing your own life story.

Open Journal - The simple Open Journal perl script will manage and maintain your Web-based musings and writings from a completely Web-based interface (say bye-bye to FTP, manual archiving).

Personal Journaling - Part of the Writer's Digest site, a magazine for writing about your life. Newsletter, webrings, email lists, tips and advice.

Right Mind Logic - Journal writing software for professionals with a special focus on capturing ideas and bits of knowledge and experience. Supports quickly finding those bits with full-text search.

Scribe Time: Writing Tips - Journal writing tips, creative writing exercises and journal writing prompts from a stationery shop.

Writer's - WEAS is devoted to providing writing, journal-keeping and other resources for the writing and journaling community.

Writing The Journey - An online journal writing workshop that presents journal writing concepts, tools, techniques, writing exercises, and links to supportive resources.


The American Register Newsletter - The articles focus on the rights of women, teens, blacks and homosexuals.

The Blue Hammer - A journal of nonfiction of every kind, including essays, reviews, personal history, investigative journalism, humor, and nonsense.

A Cracker-Barrel Moment - Many topics including art, books, original stories, children's tales, games, puzzles, recipes, nostalgia, essays, and poetry.

1954 Diary of a 10 Year Old Boy - Depicts play and recreational activities of small town boys during the 1950's, before the effects of television.

Diary of a Garterbelt Feminist - Essay was written by Lucinda Rosenfeld recalls the experiences of a young woman in college. - Young columnists write things about being young and trendy: parties, music, lounging and high-tech gadgets.

Disenchanted - Connections, relationships, and revealing theories of the way the world works.

A Fine Kettle of Fish - An extensive collection of stories covering many topics including sexual and physical abuse, relationship and marital problems, anxiety, depression, suicide, self-injury, grief, anger and violence. - A clearinghouse for creative expression. Questions presented on a regular basis. Selected responses published in a series of journals.

Inspirare - A one year-long writing journey during which writers took part in an in-depth exploration of the sources and expressions of their own spiritual and creative energy.

La Serrania Odysseys - Inspirational articles, essays and poetry by published authors and creative writing professors, artists, healers, and other creative professionals.

Lock, Craig - Offers a variety of articles including creative writing course, financial advise and personal growth.

The NothinOfficial Hangout - Hangout to exchange unofficial non-pseudo philosophical thoughts and views on life, old age, and nature.

Open Letters - A magazine of first-person writing in the form of personal correspondence.

S(c)htick - Non-fiction and art about the small overlooked bits of everyday culture and living. Blog and essays cover a range from honking in NYC to elevator misoperation in Italy.

Scriven - Writing includes observations on technology, society, science and journalism.

The Watchers Connection - Article about subjects such as violence in schools, racism, and the death penalty by a teen staff.

Where Were You July 20, 1969? - Collecting and offering stories from people who witnessed the famous day in the history of Earth, the day of the first Moon landing.

Words in a Row - The musings, ramblings, opinions and essays of nonprofessional writers.


Betty's the Budgie Poetry - Text and sound file collection of poetry from a talking bird. Includes an overview of the style, downloads, and links to other sites.

Cowboy's Legacy III - Original Cowboy-written poetry dealing with love and life.

Crow Poetry - Poetry about crows and ravens. You can also submit your own poetry, or apply for an award for your website.

Old Poet's Poem of the Day - Based on the asumption that everyone needs a little poetry. Poetry about old age.

Poetry for Charity: Pen a Poem for Life - Community of people wishing to contribute to a book of poetry about the effects of serious illness. Proceeds from the book will go to the Brian D. Silber Spine Tumor Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital. Includes newsletter.

The Web of Loneliness - Contains poetry about loneliness and other places to read about people's experiences of loneliness.


Amplifier: Linking Poet and Audience - Strengthens the voices of experienced and aspiring poets by providing them with free categorized poetry web sites where they may post their poems. Includes links to contests and writing sites. Part of

The Beehive - A place for poetry by women named Deborah (or any variation of the name). Has poetry, poets' biographies, and submission information. Submissions are by email.

Black Rose Poetry - A gallery devoted to poetry of a darker nature; accepts submissions and offers a monthly contest.

Cadence Cafe - A place to find poetry by greats such as T.S. Eliot, e e cummings, and Donald Justice. There is also an amateur writing section for reader-submitted poetry, essays, and short stories.

Chiff and Fipple Presents Tinwhistle Haiku - You can submit your own haiku and near-haiku about tin whistles.

Distracted Poets Club - Users may read and submit poetry, and obtain a web-based e-mail account.

Global Poetry - Aims at the empowerment of the culture of peace through poetry, and at providing a platform for poets around the world to express their art before the rest of the world. Poetry by famous and new poets, biographies, project news, and submission information.

ilovepoetry - Users can read and submit poetry. Also has poetry e-cards, feedback, contests, audio playback, and poetry writing aids.

International Young Poets Society - Provides a forum for young people to express themselves to a global audience and to encourage others to express themselves. Includes a number of poetry competions.

Ivory Elephant Productions - No longer updated. Contains the works of eight poets.

J.Mark Press - Accepts poems in a variety of different categories to become published or win prizes. Offers guidelines.

JY Entertainment - Original poems can be submitted by webform to be displayed here.

Madpoetry of Terra - International poetry. Includes readings, slams, local poets, featured poem, and contests.

Marvin Gardens - Collection of miscellaneous poetry.

Pale Forest - Non-profit site which posts poetry by members. Registration is free. Includes poetry, tree photographs, introductions and technical pages, and sign-up form.

Peachy Feathers - Poetry by the site owner, by famous poets of various cultures (originals and translations), and by you.

PJ's Poets of the World - Multiple international authors. Invites submissions.

Poem Online - Poets and critics can submit and discuss poems. Includes various poetry-related communites, a showcased poet, a featured critic of the month, and chat. - Users can submit their own poetry, and interact with other poets by commenting on their work or chatting.

Poems and Quotes - Presents poems classified by subject, including love, friendship, life, occasional poems, and funny and sad poems. Users can review and rate poems, as well as submitting their own.

Poetism - Featured work, an archive, submission program, a forum and an email list.

Poetry and Poets - Provides free sites for poets that want to publish their poetry on the web.

Poetry Display - Fee based poetry submission website run by a literary agency. Submissions and payment are by mail.

Poetry Galore - Showcases submitted original poems in multiple categories, as well as novels and short stories. Forum available for discussion.

Poetry Heaven - Showcase of poetry from members of Arts Poets Group.

Poetry In Music - Community where writers in any genre can come to read the works of others, or contact the author of any work. Includes an anonymous section, and copyright information. Emphasizes lyrics.

Poetry Pen - Provides free multi-page websites for poets. Poets have full control to add, delete, and modify their poetry, and can publish an unlimited number of poems.

Poetry Poem - Provides free multi-page poetry websites for those wishing to publish their poetry. Poets have full control to add, delete, and modify an unlimited number of poems.

The Poetry Web Site UK - Send us a poem. Tell us about your up and coming poetry events. Just come and read some poetry.

PoetryAtHome - Poetry for the rest of us. A small site for reading and posting poetry.

Poetry-Philes - Poetry about the emotions, by both famous and amateur authors. Also has voice chat. - Expression in its many forms. The poetry section has been built for people that would like to share their poetry yet retain the ability to protect it from the world and people that they don't approve of. All services are free and all people are welcome.

Purple Dream - Writers' submissions are welcome, in English or Traditional Chinese. Prose also accepted.

Simple Gray - Striving to build the most extensive collection of amateur poetry on the Internet. Submissions welcome. Offers a mailing list and poetry organized by topic and form.

Soul Factory - A community based site that showcases all poets, as well as the site owner. They offer community-style feedback and help with poems, as well as a place to kick back and hang out.

Soulharvester - Offers original short stories and poems.

Spinning the Wheel of Dharma - An online venue wihtout a house style, they feature each poet they accept for an extended period. Poetry, submissions, links to related poetry and art sites.

Teen Poetry - The Student Center - Features a place for teenagers to submit poems. Includes forum and chat.

TheCriticalPoet - Designed for poets, critics, and lovers of poetry. "Poem of the Week" contest. Has features on poets, movements, and forms. Includes forum and mailing list.

Unknown Poets - A site where poets can post their poetry.

Virtual Poetry Collection - Parallel sites in English and Hungarian for poetry submissions by visitors. Automatic software for submission and administration. Also has chatrooms and communities on various topics.

Webstatic - Poetry and prose about love, life, truth and passion.

When Minds Wander - Unpublished poets can request their own pages here. Also poems by the site owner, Terence West.

Writers United - Poetry, prose, short stories and autobiographies submitted by members. There is a fee for membership.

Your Poems On-Line - An opportunity to have your poetry published on-line. Also has links to Jo Witt's other websites and to anorexia nervosa support resources.


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