Native And Tribal Art Websites

Alcheringa Gallery - Presents past, current and upcoming exhibitions as well as permanent collection of fine tribal art by Northwest Coast, Aboriginal Australian, and Papua New Guinea artists. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Arte Maya Tz'utuhil Gallery - Articles, photos of works, and paintings and textiles by Maya artists from the highlands of Guatemala.

Asian & Tribal Arts - Los Angeles - A centralized source of information about dealers and experts in tribal arts in the Los Angeles area.

Berna Tribal Arts and Antiquities - Denise and Beppe Berna, dealers in Bologna, Italy. Site is in English and Italian.

Brightpath - Tribal arts and antiques from Africa, Asia, Pre-Columbian and Oceanic cultures.

Douglas Dawson Gallery - Non-Western art, including textiles, sculpture and vessels, ceramics, and furniture. Frequent on-line exhibitions.

Dowling Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art - Art gallery featuring many well illustrated objects offered for sale.

Ethno-Textil Galerie - Tribal and ethnic textiles from Africa, Asia and the Americas. In German and English

Fake or Fabulous? - How to distinguish Latin American artifacts from the artifakes.

Folk Art International - Dealer in tribal arts and antiquities, with many images and some cultural background on objects.

Gail Martin Gallery - Ancient, antique and ethnographic textiles; modern and contemporary fiber arts.

Galerie Walu - Swiss dealer in African and Oceanic art. Rich in information, and periodic exhibitions.

Gallery Lemaire - Images of tribal arts from Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Gamaarte - Non-profit museum service organization committed to promote art and culture and the preservation of Peruvian cultural patrimony.

Gonebeyond - Dealer in worldwide tribal arts, with many images and some cultural information.

Het Magazijn - Belgian gallery specializing in antiques from Africa and Asia.

Joel Cooner Gallery - Images of African, Asian, and Oceanic tribal art objects.

Komaland - More than 300 photos of terra cotta pieces from Komaland.

Kumbi Saleh - Gallery with changing exhibitions.

Mani Gallery - African and tradition-based arts, and works by contemporary artists. French and English.

Merton D. Simpson Gallery - African and Oceanian tribal art, with many images and current exhibition.

Michael Campbell Tribal Art - Dealer in Oceanic (especially New Guinea) tribal, as well as American Indian and Indo-Asian art.

Missing Link Collection - Objects originating from the traditional cultures of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

Rasmussen African and Tribal Art - Washington dealer who lived in west Africa for many years.

San Francisco Tribal - San Francisco Bay Tribal Art Dealer Association, with links to members' websites.

Society for Folk Arts Preservation - Nonprofit archive documenting living art traditions and visual anthropology on film and video.

Tribal Art Forum - Noncommercial site with articles and discussion of tribal art from around the world, for novice through expert collectors.

Tribal Arts and Books - Netherlands dealer in tribal art, mostly Asian and African.

Tribal Arts of Harrogate - British dealer's site, with periodic exhibitions of tribal arts, mostly African.

Tribal Arts Online - On-line version of the magazine, "The World of Tribal Arts". Exhibitions, book reviews, editorials and a discussion board.

Tribal-explorer - Searchable directory of on-line resources on tribal arts.

Tribalhunter Gallery - Gallery featuring antique tribal art, African headrests, neckrests and masks.


Art and Life in Africa Project An extremely rich source of information on African art and its cultural contexts. Based on the Stanley Collection at the University of Iowa.

The Maurer Collection Collection of artifacts used in rites of divination in Central and West Africa. Extensively illustrated with scholarly text.

Adinkra Symbols of West Africa - A guide to the Asante traditional symbols, with photos of adinkras in use.

Adire African Textiles - Hand-woven textiles including Ashanti kente and adinkra, Ewe kente, Yoruba adire and aso oke, Kuba raffia cloths, and Bogolan mud cloth from Mali.

Affrica Gallery - Informative site run by gallery in Washington, D.C.

Africa Cultural Gallery & Kumbu Kumbu Gallery - Contemporary African sculpture, batiks, watercolors and oil paintings.

Africa Direct - A variety of African tribal art, with good cultural information on many of the objects.

Africa In Stone - Zimbabwean Shona sculpture in materials such as African jade, serpentine, and soapstone.

AfricaClub - Wide assortment of arts and crafts, with considerable cultural background on the objects.

African Antiques - Belgian dealer's site, with ethnographic information.

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning - A nicely annotated on-line exhibition of African art from the University of Virginia.

African Art and Artists - Bridget McNulty trades in contemporary and traditional African art and crafts.

African Art Center - Nonprofit organization promoting black artists and craftspeople of KwaZulu Natal and South Africa.

African Art Collection - African tribal arts dealer. Photographs and descriptions including some information on cultural significance.

African Art Course - Materials for a University of Virginia course on African arts, with images, bibiliographic information, and web links.

African Art: Makonde - Links to some sites specializing in Makonde arts and crafts.

African Art Shop - Tribal Art (mostly African), links, and descriptions of some African styles.

African Arts and Culture Discussion Group - Discussion group about African art and culture.

African Millennium Foundation - International trader and exhibitor of Zimbabwean Shone stone sculptures. Site displays news about recent events and images from exhibitions and galleries held in Toronto and London.

African Odyssey Interactive - Wide range of resources, originates at Kennedy Center (Washington, DC).

African Quintessence - African art, mainly from Benin, with nice images and descriptions of cultural significance.

African Sculptural Art - Papers on the development of sculptural art in Africa, from pre-iron age to modern.

African Sculpture - Images of a private collection.

African Tribal Art Museum - A comprehensive collection of African art (700 objects; 90 ethnic groups) and lots of information African tribal peoples.

Africa-Photo - Databank with over 4,000 photos from 1870 to the present and much cultural information.

Africarts - Collection of African art objects: exchange of information and/or of objects

Akan Cultural Symbols - Explanations of the iconography of Akan art.

All About Shoowa - Rich source of information about Shoowa raffia textiles.

Art and Oracle: Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition - African art and divination rituals. Includes a map of sub-Saharan Africa, and essays on divination.

Art Creations Africa - Stone sculpture gallery and exhibitions of work of African artists, including Shona Stone sculpture.

Art of Africa - Bushmen/San arts and crafts from the Kalahari.

ArtSite Africa - Directory of websites related to African art, arranged in categories.

Axis Gallery - Gary van Wyk's gallery, with exhibitions. Emphasis on South Africa.

Azani Stone Gallery Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture - Zimbabwe Shona stone sculpture, including busts, abstracts and wildlife art.

BAT Centre - Community centre in the small craft harbour, Durban, promoting local arts and culture talent of South Africa.

Belgium's Royal Museum for Central Africa - Periodic on-line exhibitions as well as a guide to the Brussells museum. Includes a search facility for finding websites with information about central Africa.

The Calverton Headrest Collection - African headrests, including many Zulu pieces.

Charles Jones African Art - Traditional African art, with many images and explanations of cultural significance of the objects.

Davis Gallery - Art and sculpture of West and Central Africa

deYoung Museum African Collection - Extensive collection of images and information from the San Francisco museum.

Dimondstein Tribal Arts - Many images and information on African tribal art.

Douglas Yaney - African tribal art objects, with sections for items likely to interest the beginner and those likely to interest more advanced collectors.

The Ebony Tree - Tribal African gallery with masks, statues, and other tribal arts

Emory University Collection of African Art - An exhibition of part of the university's permanent collection of African art. Good accompanying essays on various aspects of African art.

Ethnix Gallery of African Art & Tribal Artifacts - New York dealer.

G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture - An outstanding collection of photographs, many showing objects of art in their cultural settings.

Galerie Ezakwantu - Central and Southern African tribal art. In Franschhoek, South Africa.

Galerie Peter Herrmann - A commercial gallery. Bilingual (German and English), with many images of African items. Also has a section describing ongoing African art related exhibitions and events elsewhere.

Gallery Quackelbeen - Brussels dealer with images of pots, masks, textiles and statues.

Gati Gallery - Dealer in African arts.

H-AfrArts Expressive Cultures of Africa - A seriously scholarly site, with moderated discussion boards. From Michigan State University.

Hamill Gallery of African Art - A commercial site with nicely documented thematic exhibitions that change every few months. Past exhibitions are viewable as well.

Jembetat Gallery of African Art - Tribal art from West and Central Africa.

Joy Christie's Gallery - Dallas, Texas dealer in tribal arts and artifacts,contemporary paintings and original jewelry featuring tribal components.

Kerr Museum Productions - Consultants on African art and display installations. Offers 3-D images of African sculpture.

Komaland - Personal collection and background information about Koma sculptures.

Masengo Gallery - Calgary (Alberta, Canada) gallery of Shona Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe.

Masks and More - Masks, african art and primitive paintings, beautifully presented.

McCue Tribal Art - Many images and some cultural information.

Moba Art - Information on Moba (Togo and Ghana) sculpture.

Museum for African Art - New York's Museum for African Art.

National Museum of African Art - The National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution. Site includes exhibitions, articles, museum calendar of events.

Nerart - Swiss exhibition venue dedicated to contemporary African arts, crafts and design. Site is multilingual

Pan-Africa - Multilingual categorized collection of links to sites about African art.

Picard Trade Bead Museum And African Art Gallery - Dealer in African art and trade beads, with a trade bead museum.

Ralph Proctor Gallery - A gallery of African art, with periodic thematic exhibitions.

Rand African Art - Images of a private collection with lots of pictures and information.

Ryann Willis Ancient Art - Dealer specializing in ancient African arts (mostly terracotta), with nice exhibitions.

Sculptures of Zimbabwe - Gallery of Shona stone sculpture..

Senufo Art - Brief description of the Senufo aesthetic tradition; part of an auction house series.

Shani Gallery - African masks and sculpture with brief descriptions of their traditional significance.

Shona Sculpture - A collection of 67 Shona sculptures from Zimbabwe, with some history of this genre.

StoneAge Art Company - Shona sculpture from 250 Zimbabwe carvers.

The Suaga Collection - Noncommercial site showcasing a private collection of African masks.

Sukuma Museum - Museum devoted to the culture and art of the Sukuma (Tanzania, Africa).

Tamarin Gallery - A gallery of African art. Periodic exhibitions and a collection of links to other sources.

Tellem Gallery - Sculpture (masks, statuettes, etc.) and jewelry from many African regions; pre-Columbian art and pottery.

Tribal Art Africa - Dealer in tribal African artifacts (mostly masks and statues).

UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History - Emphasis on works from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas, past and present.

The World of Beduin Weaving - Extensive information on weaving by the Beduins of North Africa.

Yahoo! Groups: AfricanAntiques - Discussion board on African art.

Zambezi Sculpture - Zimbabwe stone sculpture, Shona and others using traditional techniques.


Antique Tibetan Rugs, Art and Textiles - Lots of background information on Tibetan artifacts.

ArtAsia Gallery - Himalayan, Southeast and Central Asian art and ethnographic objects.

Art-Pacific - A commercial site featuring tribal and folk art of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Has rather extensive educational text along with the many images.

Asiatic Fine Arts (Singapore) - Arts and craft, mainly tribal and folk, from southeast Asia.

Atelier Sarawak - Society of Sarawak residents dedicated to promotion and preservation of local culture and crafts. Includes exhibitions, publications, lists of courses, and some information on crafts.

Clarke and Clarke - Asian antiques and tribal arts; images and information.

Federico's Moro Swords - Collector's display of Muslim Filipino swords ("moros").

Himalayan Mercantile Antiques & Ethnographica - Himalayan, Nagaland and northeast Indian tribal art, ethnographica and ethnographic videos.

Holger Braun Fine Asian & Tribal Art - Buddhist sculpture and Oceanic tribal art, with good images and information about the significance of the objects.

Hoogenbosch Gallery - Tribal and Asian art with emphasis on Southeast Asia.

Indigenous and Folk Arts - Articles and information relating to indigenous and folk arts.

Information about Asian Bronze Drums - Information about the history, culture and motifs of Asian rain drums, also known as Dongson drums, Moko drums and frog drums.

Kanika - Classic Sand Paintings from India - Site devoted to old and modern Indian sand paintings. - Marcus Ledatherdale, Canadian photographer specializing in the tribal peoples of India.

Mark A. Johnson Asian and Tribal Art - Asian, tribal and primitive art including travelogues.

Primitive Destinations International - Indonesian ethnographic art and travel arrangements.

Saral's Marbled Art Works - Ahmet Saral's site about "ebru", Turkish marbled paper.

Sri Asian Arts - Masks, sculpture and other arts, mostly Himalayan, Indonesian and Indian.

Tribal Art Asia - Tribal Art Asia Author David Howard's site, with tribal artifacts for sale and for rent, and an excellent directory of information sources.

Tribal Art from Borneo Gallery - Tribal and ritual objects. In German,Italian,French and English

Tribal Artifacts,Inc. - A potpourri of information and artifacts from the cultures of southeast Asia.

Tribal Textiles - Photographer/textile collector's record of her travels, mostly in southeast Asia, with a strong emphasis on tribal textiles and their use.

Tribal Trappings - Tribal art, antiques and ethnographica from Southeast and Central Asia, and the Middle East.

North America

Alaska Indian Arts, Inc - Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to the art of the Tlingit. Workshops in carving; totem poles on commission. Home of the Chilkat Dancers and a gallery of local artists in the Valley of the Eagles.

Alaska Native Arts Resource Directory - Resource Directory of Alaskan Native artists and arts organizations, Alaska Native carvers, weavers, jewelry artists, basketry artists, dance regalia makers, as well as musicians and dancers, and a listing of arts materials suppliers and organizations.

Alaskan Native Baskets - Alaskan Native Tlingit Baskets, made out of cedar bark and spruce roots, with cultural and historic information.

Arte Para El Alma: Paintings, Santos, Retablos, Altars, and Angels - Armando Lopez, a Tarascan Indian folk-artist, living in Abiquiu, New Mexico, creates Paintings, Altars, Santos, Retablos, Deities, and Angels, using egg tempera, 22k gold leaf, precious stones, and other natural materials.

Artwork by John Reuben - A self taught Cree artist from Moosonee, Ontario, who has established himself as an artist of recognition.

Arviat Artists and Carvers - Arviat's Inuit artists are producers of soapstone carvings and sculptures, shaman dolls, paintings, wall hangings, beadwork and weaving.

Cherokee Moon - American Indian arts, predominantly Cherokee. Traditional and contemporary paintings, drawings, prints and artifacts.

CIAC - Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture - A non-profit research and educational foundation established to foster, develop, and contribute to the support and understanding of authentic Native American Indian arts, crafts, customs, traditions, and cultures.

Claire Carew Art Gallery - Paintings, sculptures, poems and thesis based on shamanistic cultures and rituals in Native communities in Canada, Guyana and Mexico.

Contemporary Native American photographer Tom Fields - Welcome to our web gallery of fine arts. You will find various mediums from clay sculpture, to painting, to photography.

Crowcraft Art Studio - Native american pottery, sculptures, and mythology by Missourian artist, Jim Phillips

Dakota Bones - Horse hair, buffalo hair and pheasant feather pottery, carved antler necklaces.

A Deeper Look Inside - Native Art - Ojibwa artist LauraLee K. Harris presents oil paintings on wood, along with poetry about the history and spirituality of Ojibwa living in Canada.

Desert Moon Native Crafts - Custom handmade native arts and crafts, made the old ways.

Drawn from Prehistory - Smithsonian gallery of precolumbian Mexican art.

Dream Catchers - History of the dreamcatcher, instructions on how to make one, and links to artist sites.

Earth Made - Tucson retailer of Southwestern Native American jewelry, pottery, and kachinas, ristras (chili strings) and Southwestern crafts.

European Home of Authentic Native American Art - Native American art. Members of IACA Indian Arts & Crafts Association.

Fly Little Butterfly - Trading post for hand crafted Native American arts and crafts, with information Pow Wows and events.

Flying Eagle Westcoast Native Art Gallery - Traditional west coast style native art by "K-" (W.L. Kuhnley), and his apprentice, W. Lindsay. Creations carved in cedar, with inlays of abalone and copper.

Gary Natomagan: Select Language - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan artist combines traditional Native themes to Canada's north, wildlife, spiritual and Native themes.

George Twok Aden Ahgupuk Native Inupiat Alaskan Artist - Biography and examples of artwork of George Ahgupuk Native Artist from Shishmaref, Alaska

Gordon Frost Folk Art Collection - Guatemalan folk art collected by the late Gordon Frost.

The Hemmer Collection - Online exhibit of Mono Indian baskets, compiled by a California museum.

Huichol Art Centro: El Centro De La Rosa - Provides Huichol art.

The Image Makers - Paintings by Canadian Native artists.

Jacobson House - Native American art center in Norman, Oklahoma. Home of the Kiowa Five.

Jerome Bushyhead - Virtual gallery of paintings the late Cheyenne artist.

Latin American Folk and Tribal Art - Huichol and Tepehuano yarn paintings, dance masks and lacquerware from Mexico, indigenous textiles from Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and crafts from throughout Latin America.

Martin's Crafts - North American Beadwork and Crafts - Beadwork, leatherwork, and Iroquoian traditional clothing; bead and leather supplies.

Migrations - Non-profit distributor of Native American art and craft. Information on individual artists, Black Mesa Weavers organization.

Modo Gallery - Fine Works in Clay by American Indian Artists

Museum of The Red River - Display of Native American art and artifacts of the Caddo and Choctaw peoples.

Native American Art Secrets - Nice source of information on the cultural background for the art of Native Americans.

Native American Artworks by Kesh-Ko-Sa - Artwork by Prairie band Potawatomi artist Robert Lara. Feather Fans, gourds, NAC items as well as pow-wow items.

Native American Church Art - Online gallery of fine and ceremonial peyote religious art, including "The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke," and the work of traditional and contemporary NAC artists.

Native American Images homepage - Publishers of full blood Cherokee artist Donald Vann. Contains all currently available posters, prints, lithographs and original watercolors.

Native American Indian Art Information - The late Paula Giese's reviews, discussion, information, and examples of Indian beadwork, pottery, basketry, regalia and other art forms. Links to galleries.

Native and Turkic Art - We have unique Mammoth Ivory carvings and other unique carvings such as Ojibway totems. We have a wide selection of Native and Turkic arts and crafts

Native Art Network - Native American fine arts of the United States and Canada from the artists themselves. Native Art Network is 100% American Indian owned and operated.

Nativemoon - Handcrafted and custom dreamcatchers for sale by a woman of Creek/Cherokee descent.

Nighteagle Flute Company - Handcrafted flutes.

Northern Art Impressions - Gallery of Inuit and Indian art in the Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Northern Plains Quillwork - Quillwork crafted in the traditional ways of the buffalo days

Northern Plains Studio - Online portfolio of Northern Arapaho artist, Jackie Sevier. Work includes pastels, embossed paper and miniature traditional shirts and dresses.

One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver - One Feather has been carving spirit and sacred peace pipes, figure, animal, and fetish carvings for many years. Artwork pictures, Cherokee heritage, genealogy, recipes, the trail of tears, and free email.

The Online World Of Bobby Kayetennae Crowwolf - The artist studio /gallery depicting the American Indian culture, also depicting the wildlife in the pointillist style. Included is a small sample of crowwolf's fantasy illustrations.

Pacific Editions Limited - Works by artists of the northwest coast of British Columbia and the woodlands of Ontario.

Pacific Northwest Coast Art at Coastal Arts - Gallery of masks, prints, carvings and totem poles by artists of the Pacific Northwest coast. Includes an introduction to mythological and artistic themes.

Pola Lopezm - Chicana Artist New Mexico - Ethnic Native Art by Award Winning Pola Lopez.

Pottery by Native American Women - An art gallery that highlights pottery artwork from Native American women of the west.

Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest - Exhibition of pottery vessels and figures from twelve pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona.

Raven Publishing: Northwest Coast Native Indian art books - Northwest Coast Native Indian art styles and designs.

Ravenwerkes - Contemporary Fine Art, Artifacts, Traditional Native American Art available for purchase. Includes work by Northwest, Western and Southwest artists.

R.B.Ravens - Navajo textiles, pottery and artifacts.

Riley Charters - Thompson/Shuswhap Aboriginal Artist in BC Canada.

Rock Art / Petroglyphs - Mexico - Homepage - The entry page to Rock Art / Petroglyphs - Mexico Web site. Investigation based in Mexico's and other countries, study of the Archeological richness, concerning Rock Art."

Sakhomenewa - Here you will find images of my carvings of Hopi Kachina Dolls and Clowns.

Shiprock Trading Company - Located in Shiprock New Mexico, dealer in Native American arts and crafts.

Silver Moon Traders - Source for southwestern and tribal fetish, pottery, and jewelry.

SkyHawkFireHeart - Gallery of artwork by a Blackfeet/Umatilla artist. In English and French.

Spirit Of The Rock' - Dedicated to the study of the ancient art of stone tools and how they were made and used.

Tânsi - Speaking the Language of Spiders: a First Nations virtual contemporary art.

Thunder People - Digital Art, Poems, Native American Culture, Music, Metaphysical and Articles from Bear Thunder and Friends

Toe Knee Stanger - Original Native American portraits by artist T. Stanger.

Tsimshian Historic Cultural Event 2007 - Commemorating 120th anniversary of Tsimshian move from British Columbia to Metlakatla, Alaska.

William Yazzie - Navajo pottery artist in Salt Lake City.

Woodland Native Art Gallery - Featuring Native art prints

Zuni Fetish Carvings - Fetish carvings from various Zuni artists.


deYoung Museum Oceanic Art - Collection of images and information from the San Francisco museum.

Dreamweb Oceania - Aboriginal art, culture, news, exhibitions, and links. Dutch with English-language option.

Galerie Meyer Oceanic Art - French dealer specializing in Oceanic arts. Gallery, schedule of events, and other information.

Gallery Maori - Gallery in Gistel, Belgium exhibiting oceanic ethnic art. Main focus is Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands.

Maori Artist - Theresa Reihana, Maori artist, specialises in painting and creates multimedia relief prints based on her culture.

Michael Hamson Oceanic Art - New Guinea oceanic art and material culture, including bowls, plates, drums, figures and masks.

Oceanic Art Links - Links to Oceanic art galleries, museums, societies and book dealers.

Oceanic Art Society - Society dedicated to Pacific Island and Australian arts. Newsletter, exhibitions, publications, lectures, seminars.

Steve's Web Site - Art - Annotated links about contemporary aboriginal and ancestral bushman (San) rock art.

Tribal Art Brokers - Sales and information about tribal art from Australia, Oceania, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Tribal Melbourne - Crispin Howarth's collection of Oceanic art, with a focus on Melanesian ethnographical items.

Tribalsite - Site devoted to traditional tribal cultures, with strong emphasis on those of Pacific islands. Includes illustrated articles with accounts of visits to some of the islands.

A Wander Out Yonder - Inlaid beads, Maori fishhook designs, bone and horn carvings, mostly from Oceania.


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