Websites on Rhetoric, Rhetorical Texts

Aristotle's Rhetoric - Discussion of one of Aristotle's major works; by Christof Rapp. From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Bibliography for Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication - Listing of more than 7,600 articles in 26 professional journals, coverage 1971-1998, searchable by key word.

The Classical Conception of Rhetoric - Offers a summary of this conception of rhetoric. Links to related lecture notes.

Composition & Rhetoric Bibliographic Database - Downloadable citations from journals and books in composition and rhetoric studies. By Lee Honeycutt.

Democracy: Rhetorical Texts - A catalog of e-texts of important speeches, largely from presidents and historic feminist figures, with research resources. Compiled by Robert Ivie.

A Few Definitions of Rhetoric - Selection of definitions of rhetoric through the history.

Gender and Rhetoric Bibliography - Bibliography of works dealing with gender and rhetoric. University course material. [PDF]

H-Net Book Reviews for H-Rhetor - Collection of reviews of books on rhetoric. Arranged by author.

H-Rhetor - Scholarly discussion board, primarily on rhetoric issues. Linked to H-Net's academic announcements.

Immediacy of Rhetoric - Doctoral thesis about immediacy of the internet as a rhetorical forum. Updated in 2002.

Plato on Rhetoric and Poetry - Charles Griswold examines Plato's ideas on rhetoric an dpoetry. With bibliography. From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

The Power of Words - A description with examples of twenty types of emotional appeals, fallacious arguments, and other verbal manipulations that touch the heart and manipulate the mind.

Rhetoric and Composition Book Reviews Corner - Compilation of reviews of books on rhetoric and composition. Arranged by title.

Rhetoric Approaches to Poetry - Examination of the rhetorical approaches to poetry and literary criticism. By John Holcombe.

Rhetoric Notes - Handout of a graduate course on rhetoric and its theory. With texts and background material on classical and early Christian rhetoric.

Rhetorica ad Digitum Prototype - Ongoing interactive online rhetoric textbook. Outline of definitions of rhetoric and some Classical, modern and contemporary rhetorical theorists.

Thinking about Words, and Words to Think By - This site seeks to assist viewers in the use and selection of words in the public discussion. Examines terms such as conflict, nature and belief, and offers a discussion forum.

Victor Vitanza. Negation, Subjectivity and The History of Rhetoric - Review by J. D. H. Amador of this book by Victor Vitanza that critiques the discursive traditions and philosophical foundations giving shape to the history of rhetoric.

Women's History in Rhetoric and Language - Mailing list devoted to the field.

Art of Rhetoric - Benet Brandreth offers custom workshops and one-on-one tuition in the USA and the UK on rhetoric, public speaking, business communications, debating and advocacy.

Corax of Syracuse - Wikipedia - Profile of the Greek rhetorician who structured judicial speeches into various parts.

Gisbert, Blaise - French rhetorician and critic; born at Cahors, 21 February, 1657; died at Montpellier, 21 February, 1731.

Research on Pietism and Rhetoric: Reinhard Breymayer - Short presentation of Reinhard Breymayer, lecturer for General Rhetoric at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. Bibliography of his publications.

Rhetoric Web - Undergraduate students at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, present rhetorical theorists, such as Jurgen Habermas, Kenneth Burke and Stephen Toulmin. With bibliography.

Severus Sanctus Endelechus - Christian rhetorician and poet of the fourth century.

Theories of Language: Kenneth Burke - Annotated list of links introducing the theory of language of the American writer.

Victorinus, Caius Marius - Profile of the fourth-century grammarian, rhetorician, philosopher, and theologian.


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