Websites on Illustrations and Related Resources

Arenaworks - Illustrators agent for artists working in the area of children's books, book covers, editorial, advertising, film and design.

Black Inc. - Providing photography, illustration, film, web and creative services to advertising agencies, design firms, and corporate art departments. Collection of portfolios.

Bookmakers Ltd. - Agents for children's book illustrators, as well as book design and production services.

Bruck & Moss - Representing artists working in corporate, conceptual, stock and fine art illustration for print advertising, editorial and the web.

Cartoonet Illustration Agency - Global agency for illustrators, cartoonists and animators.

Affordable Illustration Source - Royalty free illustrations supplied on compact discs. The items are supplied in themes, and the illustrations are created by several illustrators.

Art by Andy Nortnik - Features retro, vintage, and cartoon style clip art and t-shirts.

At Home New Media Illustration - Specializing in vector illustrations of aviation, emergency vehicles and other subject areas.

Bob Staake Stock Illustration - Humorous illustrations, cartoons and digital art for purchase.

The Bridgeman Art Library - Fine art images for publication. Site requires registration.

Carter, Stephanie - Traditional realism and computer generated images. Stock illustrations available.

Christian Theme Illustrations - Christian oriented illustrations which express evangelical themes.

AdParade - An online collection of advertising images, arranged by category.

Ashley, Aaron - Illustration and design services, specializing in realistic technical and product illustration.

Farrell, Sean - Selection of colored and b/w pencil advertising illustrations.

Forney, Steve - Commercial digital and airbrush art-deco style illustrations. Stock art is also available.

Hussey, Steve - Computer generated illustrations for retail, agency, industry, and publishing clients.

Adelaide Airbrush Specialists - Specialist airbrush services based in Adelaide, Australia.

Advanced Airbrush - Provides gallery of work by airbrush artist Wayne Harrison. Information on teaching and artwork for production of bikes, cars, trucks, promotional vehicles. Based in Australia.

Aerografix - Airbrushed leather vests, tire covers, carnival rides, murals, custom bike decor, pet portraits and sculpture.

Bandelin, Jeff - Paint and line-art caricatures of popular celebrities, politicians, and athletes.

Bevenour, Jay - Portfolio of color and black and white editorial caricatures.

Bohn, Dave - Illustrator and storyboard artist painting likenesses of famous people. Portfolio of his work and biography.

Burgraff, Ben - Las Vegas caricaturist, available for parties and individual drawings.

Exploding Dog    - Single panel elaborate colorful stick figure art. You supply a title, and if it inspires the artist he draws it out.

Ackxhpaez - Nostalgic 50s style cartoons and spoof ads by Wartella. Humor such as a meat farm instead of an ant farm, with maggots.

Altar Ego - Christian cartoons and humor for Church and Christian publications by Cartoonist Len Jones.

Attaboy - Illustrations of strange cartoon creatures.

Aiello, Laurel - Illustrator of children's text and trade books.

Allen, Kit - Stylized and cartoon-like children's illustrations.

Arroyo, Fian - Editorial, digital art, commercial and humorous graphic illustration by artist from Miami, Fl.

Ball, David - San Francisco based illustrator.

Beach, Lou - Magazine and book cover, editorial, and music industry illustrations.

Boussuge, Francois - Drawings for French newspapers and editing agencies.

Biggles - Artist and graphic designer specializing in unusual objects as graphics for advertising, 3D illustration, interiors, and private clients.

Drake, Matt - Comics illustration in traditional media, and design.

Ferrantello, Chris - Illustrator with an emphasis on bold graphics.

Harris, Mike - Websites and general graphic design including illstrations, visuals, and animations.

Abbey, Edwin Austin (1852-1911) - An illustrated biography. Includes a portrait of Abbey by John Singer Sargent.

Alajalov, Constantin (1900-1987) - Biography.

American Illustrators Gallery - Features image gallery of artists from the "Golden Age of Illustration".

Anderson, Anne - (1874-194?) - Illustrated biography.

Birds of the World: 250 Years of Color Plate Folios - Exhibition held at the McClung Museum in 1997 presented bird illustrations from a variety of artists.

Brandler Galleries - (near London, UK) specialising in original children's book illustrations.

Elizabeth Stone Gallery - A gallery of original art and lithos by internationally known children's book illustrators.

Ian Pollock - Illustrator - Information on exhibit at the EICH Gallery held from November 1999 - January 2000.

Braun, Helene - Presenting original works.

Caron, Brian - Illustrator with sample images.

Clarke, Brian - Realistic paintings for film, magazine, book, music and video games.

Clifford, Kevin - Illustrations created with oils, watercolor, pen-and-ink, and computer graphics, on a wide variety of subjects.

Attiliis, Andy - Line illustration samples, descriptions and commentary. Styles include thick line, thin line, textured and stippled.

Brooks, Robert C. - Wide range of custom detailed illustrations featuring residential, commercial, college and university themes for individual and business needs.

Dragon Hawk Art - Display of pen and ink drawings, including custom and commissioned art work.

Duddles, Bryan - Detailed acrylic, color pencil, gouache, and pen and ink illustrations for paper and other decorational formats.

Clarke, Brian - Surrealist and photo-realist.

Cossu, Mario - Realistic and hyper-realistic paintings for advertising, editorial and other illustration.

Freidman, Dian R. - Artist/illustrator specializing in portraiture. Portraits include Sir Winston Churchill, and Pope John Paul the II.

Heine, Mark - Realistic and photorealistic illustrations for advertising and editorial use.

All About Romance: The Cover Controversy - Annual contest and review of the year's best and worst romance covers, and columns about subgenre-specific covers.

Romance Book Covers - Romance Cover Art displayed in the form of desktop wallpapers, themes, screen savers, and hotbars skins. The website is made for the lovers of romance novels.

Anderson, David Lee - SF & F Illustration - The works of illustrator David Lee Anderson, featuring an art gallery of science fiction, fantasy, and space art.

Appel, Chris - Fantasy CCG and RPG artwork of Christopher Appel.

Bagaric, Dorotea - Artist specializing in characters and landscapes executed in a range of traditional media and as digital art.

Hawcock Books - Produces pop-up illustrative art for books.

Kinsey, Stephen - Paper sculpture artwork, including colorful caricatures and bold wildlife illustrations.

McConnell & Borow, Inc. - Creators of miniature sets, props, and displays for advertising, film production, and design. [Flash]

Al White Studio - Providers of illustration, design and graphic arts services for over 35 years.

Appel Farms - Country illustrations and designs.

ArtRampage - Providing line and airbrush illustrations, print design, Flash animation, 3D graphics, clip art, and oil paintings.

Avalos Design - Graphic design services and illustrations from South Florida designer Rafael Avalos.

Amor, Lliam - Editorial and stylized spot illustration.

Barry, Rich - Specializing in vector-based humourous illustration, cartoons, caricatures, and animations.

Becker, Paula - Children's themed illustration and design.


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