Graphic Design Art and Related Websites

Dmitry's Design Lab - Monthly articles on basics of graphic design, including color, fonts, shape, texture, the principles of using artwork, photography and animation, as well as additional subjects.

Graphic Competitions - An annotated directory of international graphic design competitions, Macintosh news, graphics news, resources and bookstore.

Graphic Design - Design resources, articles, and employment information.

L├╝rzer's Archive Online Services - Archive of advertising graphic design for print, television, product packaging, commercial illustration and other subject areas. Submission form provided.

The Study of Design - Information pertaining to design fundamentals, inspiration and creativity, and the business of design.

ABC Typography - Virtual Museum of Typography.

All Good Things Typography - Information about typography: history, classification, type choice and the fontpool.

Alphabet and Letter - Information on alphabets from around the world, with chapters from "The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering" written by Frederic W. Goudy.

Alphabytes - Dedicated to excellence in graphic design and the promotion of typography, calligraphy and the lettering arts.

Atlas Magazine - San Francisco-based webzine of photojournalism, graphics, editorials, gallery and illustration.

Beam - Bare electronic art magazine, covering the underground computer art scene.

BEAST Magazine - {ths} thomas schostok - graphic design

Before & After - Print publication which claims it can teach graphic design to anyone. Site offers library of back issues and on-line subscription form.

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)  - NY, USA. For American design professionals. A place to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research, and advance education and ethical practice.

Graphic Artists Guild - Founded 1967, Detroit, USA. For American visual creatives (design, web, illustration). A union of professionals who have come together to pursue common goals, share their experience, raise industry standards, and improve their ability to achieve satisfying and rewarding careers. Producers of the book "Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines".

American Design Awards - Gives awards to individual graphic and web designers, design professionals and companies. How to get nominated, previous awards, and graphic design news.

AIGA Design Archives - View a list of design history archives and resources from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Includes contact info for collections housed in libraries of schools and museums.

Aleksandr Rodchenko MoMA Exhibition - The Museum of Modern Art, New York presents the history and work of Aleksandr Rodchenko (1891-1956), one of the leading Russian artists in the period following the Revolution of October 1917.

American Sign Museum - Learn about the history of the sign industry and its contribution to commerce and the American landscape. Read museum news, view online exhibits, and research biographies, related events, book reviews, and sites. Includes topical forum.

Design Research - Research into graphic design, web design and interactive design.

Graphic Arts Blue Book - Directory and buying guide.

Lorem Ipsum - Reference site about Lorem Ipsum, giving information on its origins, as well as a random Lipsum generator.


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