Typgraphy and Font Related Websites


ABC Typography - Virtual Museum of Typography.

All Good Things Typography - Information about typography: history, classification, type choice and the fontpool.

Alphabet and Letter - Information on alphabets from around the world, with chapters from "The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering" written by Frederic W. Goudy.

Alphabytes - Dedicated to excellence in graphic design and the promotion of typography, calligraphy and the lettering arts.

Arabic Type - Research on Arabic typography, its relationship to calligraphy and culture, and the development of new Arabic fonts.

Arabic typography - Arabic typographical experiments.

ATypI - The site of the Association Typographique International, the organisation of the international type community. Information on events, ATypI publications and conferences.

Ban Comic Sans - Download and print stickers and flyers to campaign against the font, also free comic fonts to use instead.

Cary Graphic Arts Press - Publication arm of the Melbert Cary Graphic Arts Collection at Rochester Institute of Technology, offering publications on the history of the graphic arts.

Cavendish Typography - Gallery of images and text relating to typography and print through the ages.

Character Design Standards - General rules for character shapes in Latin based languages in digital fonts. From Microsoft.com.

Commonly Confused Characters - Unicode and graphic examples of proper quote, hyphen, and space encoding and typographical mistakes.

Creative Pro : Fonts Department - Font news and software reviews links. Exclusive feature articles on typography from Creative Pro's staff of graphic design writers.

daidala - A blog by Jon Coltz. Features reviews of typefaces and observations from the life of a type lover.

DigitalThread: TypeHaus - Contains featured foundries, honorable foundries, type resources, and typography links.

Dr. Leslie and The Composing Room - MFA thesis project by Erin K. Malone explores the history of typesetting firm located in New York City.

Encyclopaedia of Typography and Electronic Communication - A short-subject encyclopedia and glossary covering typography, printing, electronic publishing, and electronic communication.

The Evolution of Type - Information on the main characteristics of the letterform, styles and elements of printing types, and the history of the alphabet.

Font Lover - Font news from around the globe and A+ font links.

The Glory of Chinese Printing - Online exhibit that details history of printing in China, from block printing through the invention of movable wood type, brass plates, and two-color techniques.

Greeking Machine - Lorem Ipsum generator supporting Latin and several humorous choices.

Information Design Associates - Corporate, information design, and web design.

The International Type Index - A directory of fonts and foundries with the ambitious goal of indexing all existing fonts in the world.

LetterPerfect - Design services, lettering tours, publications, and fonts available for purchase and download.

Medieval Unicode Font Initiative - Non-profit group of scholars working toward a solution to the problem of encoding special characters in Medieval texts written in the Latin alphabet.

Name This Font - Encyclopedia of letterforms. Information on the author plus where to purchase the book.

National Print Museum - Site of Ireland's National Print Museum. Contains a short tour of the museum, description of exhibits, a brief history of printing in Ireland and visitor information.

Pixel Fonts Explained - In-depth look at the history of bitmap (pixel) typography.

Planet Typography - This portal dedicated to typography includes directory, news, online manual and free fonts to download. Home of The Typographic Times, a font-related eZine with interviews of type designers and portraits of typefaces.

Society of Typographic Aficionados - Rochester, NY based S{o}TA is an International Organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of type, its history and development, its use in the world of print and digital imagery, its designers, and its admirers.

Type Books - Resource for publications concerning the letterform arts.

TypeRight - Mission: to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property.

Types and Typography - A guide - A complete guide to the history and science of types, fonts and typography.

TypoBlog - Medium sized article, subtitled "How personal typographic Web sites are giving the musty, elitist field of typography is a stiff kick in the keister"

Typo.cz - Information on Central European typography includes foundry listing, software, books and general rules. In English and Czech.

Typographic - Information on typography from 3500 B.C. to the present day, including evolution, timeline, anatomy, image gallery, studies, glossary and related information.

typogRaphic - Exploration and experimentation between typography and imagery.

The Typographic Circle - Membership organization providing information on committee, events, publications and membership.

Typographica. A Journal of Typography. - News, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.

Typolis - In German and English, this site is an ambitious private project which details the history of alphabets, describes type classifications and provides information about designers as well as about the art of graphic design.

Typophile - Active discussion board with font identification and type design critique forums. Sporadic features include interviews with typographers, news feed, and type design courses.

The Typophiles - Founded 70 years ago by Frederic Goudy, Paul Bennett, and others, an educational association that encourages the appreciation and production of fine typography and bookmaking.

Typotheque - Information about typography, free type utilities, articles on type and type design, and fonts for sale.

Will-Harris House Writing, Design and Typography - Home of Esperfonto, the web's only interactive typeface selection system, TypoFile magazine for people who use and love type, a design office with corporate ID's, business cards and illustrations, and the Point Reyes Chipmunk Observatory and Garden.

BBC News: Helvetica at 50 - The Helvetica font is celebrating its 50th birthday. You've probably seen it a thousand times today. Why? (May 9, 2007)

Computer Fonts

Font Finder - Tools and Resources for identifying and locating fonts.

FontFinder.ws - Search engine for free and commercial fonts from across the web. Search results include previews and are sorted by relevancy.

Fontresource - Sorted foundries. Directly to creator site.

FontSeek - Search for free and commercial fonts on the web. Results comes with preview and download link.

Free-Fonts.com - Search engine for free fonts on the web. Search results come with preview and download URL.


Aerotype - Offer OpenType, PostScript and TrueType fonts for Mac and Windows systems.

Altered Ego Fonts - Designs by Brian Sooy. Condensed and narrow-width text fonts. Also, picture and dingbat fonts.

Ancient World Languages - TrueType and Postscript archaeology fonts Mayan, Egyptian, archaeological font packages, and Native American southeastern and southwestern Indian glyphs.

Archive Type - Specializes in fonts from old designs found in old prints, books and samples.

Astigmatic One Eye - Traditional styled typefaces, as well as many bizarre and theme styled commercial and freeware typefaces.

Baseline Fonts Design & Type Co. - Baseline Fonts is an independent typeface foundry offering a collection of historic fonts and new fonts.

Bay Animation, Inc. - Download and licensing information on LetterPress TrueType and PostScript font collection. [PC/Mac]

Berthold - Collections of downloadable fonts offered for sale online. Includes lists of local distributors.

Bitstream - Bitstream is the leading developer of font technology, digital fonts, and custom typeface designs for a wide variety of markets.

BrainEaters - Typefaces based on B-Movies, Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation, and other trash.

Canada Type - Founded in 2004 by Rebecca Alaccari and Patrick Griffin. Offers mostly revivals of mid-20th century designs and some new designs.

CastleType - An eclectic collection of typefaces, including many art deco revivals, classic type styles inspired by ancient sources, and decorative fonts.

Chank - Minneapolis-based type house offering custom font design services and font sales. [Windows, MacOS]

Charles Rennie Mackintosh font - A TrueType font featuring the style developed and made famous by the renowned scottish architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The Classic Font Company - Classical font designs, postscript Type-1, TrueType, Acorn outline fonts, high quality typography, classical type designs.

Comicbook Fonts - Produces fonts for comic book lettering. Also paraphernalia and links to similar sites.

Cool Fonts Online - Fonts available for Windows and Mac download the font catalog in PDF format.

Customised Font Design - Providing custom fonts for Blue Chip clients. Logotypes, lettering and some retail fonts.

Dalton Maag - Font studio offering font sales, custom font and logo design services. Based in London, UK. [Windows, MacOS]

Deniart Systems - From Egyptian Hieroglyphics to modern Zodiacs, give documents a sense of design with historically accurate symbol.

Device Fonts - Retro-esque fonts by Rian Hughes

Dinc Type - Designs include Barking Dog, Metropolitan, Broken Promise, and Instant Karma.

The Dingbatcave - Original dingbat fonts by fine artists Ann Stretton and Stan Starbuck.

DSType - Founded by Dino dos Santos, based in Portugal. Diverse selection of styles. Mostly body text and script fonts.

Educational Fontware, Inc - Independent design house that produces and sells handwriting fonts for teachers and homeschoolers. Based in Bainbridge Island, Washington State, USA. [Windows, MacOS]

Electronic Font Foundry - Developing multilingual fonts and specialist fonts for Risc OS, Windows, Mac OS systems.

Elfring Fonts - MICR / E13-B fonts for check encoding plus secure fonts for print check amounts and payee names.

Emigre - Award-winning independent type foundry always on the cutting edge.

Emtype Foundry - Based in Barcelona, Spain. Founded in 1997 by Eduardo Manso, Emtype produces display and text fonts.

The Enschede Font Foundry - Original booktype faces in the 'Dutch' tradition of Jan van Krimpen and Joh. Enschede. Most by designer Bram de Does.

Fabrizio Schiavi Design - Handhinted fonts, custom fonts, fonts for Flash.

Font Bureau - An independent digital type foundry located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Font City - Decorative designs by Artem Gerasimov, with extended character sets.

Font Diner - Selection of retro and 1950s style fonts.

Font Mesa - Develops western Truetype and Type1 for Windows and Mac, and logo fonts.

Font Source - Company specializes in signature fonts, logo fonts, educational fonts, and commercial typefaces. Licensing for corporate identity typefaces, custom typefaces and Delta+ professional hinting for screen clarity.

Fonteam International - View current catalog of Macintosh and PC Truetype fonts and variations for sale as downloads. Information on character sets and formats, downloads, ordering, and contact information.

FontFont - Searchable catalog with fonts created by different designers, covering a wide range of styles and functions.

FontGod - Creators of custom handwriting fonts based on a customers handwriting style. Truetype fonts for PC or Mac.

Fonthead Design - A foundry dedicated to creating quality, contemporary fonts that range from whimsical to serious. Many free fonts available as well.

Font-o-ville - Free original typeface designs for Mac and PCs.

Fonts by Dennis Palumbo - Unique, original, handcrafted PostScript Type 1 Fonts, TrueType Fonts and Typefaces for Windows and Macintosh.

FontShop - Online font sales. Browse by name, designer or foundry. Also provides custom creation and conversions, blog and magazine. [Windows/MacOS]

Fontsmith - Type designers creating customised fonts for clients such as channel 4, Post Office, Powergen, Saudi Aramco

formgebung Atelier für Schrift - Provide type design solutions for publishing professionals throughout the world. Designed, digitized or modified thousands of typefaces to meet customers needs. [Bilingual site]

Fountain - The friendly typefoundry. A Swedish typefoundry with some very nice original faces.

Fuelfonts Type Foundry - A small Swedish type foundry.

Galápagos Design Group - Professional type development and consultation. Originators of new and interesting type designs. Free download of Web-O-Mints available.

Garage Fonts - Offering a selection of fonts created by type designers from around the globe.

GD&T/SPC Symbol Font - GD&T - Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing or SPC - Statistical Process Control fonts for Windows or Mac applications including CAD, Solidworks, Excel, Word, Wordperfect.

Glyph Systems - Specializes in custom type development, including TrueType, OpenType, PostScript fonts, multilingual fonts, logo design and font conversions.

Graphx Edge - Sales of font collections. Available packages include calligraphy fonts and dingbat fonts. [Windows, MacOS]

Grilledcheese Fonts - Original freeware, shareware, and commercial fonts downloadable for Windows and Macintosh computers.

House Industries - Founded in 1993 by Andy Cruz and Rich Roat, House Industries has grown into a studio which sells unique display typography, illustration and design services.

Jack Yan & Associates Fonts - Australasia's leading font company, with a range of useful and elegant typefaces.

JL-types Ky - Cyrillic, Central European, Baltic, Barcode fonts

Just Another Foundry - Text fonts with extended glyph sets and advanced typographic OpenType features.

Kenn Munk - Kenn Munk offers alternative typefaces, dingbats and free stencils. The site also includes his photos, clothing designs and the Versus Project.

Killer Fonts - Typefaces made from the handwriting of infamous killers and famous people.

Letterhead Fonts - Specializes in rare and unique old typefaces from the turn of the century.

Linguist's Software - Commercial site specializing in fonts supporting more than 660 languages. Products include TrueType and Type 1 fonts plus keyboard drivers for PC and Mac.

Linotype Library - Offers searchable library of original fonts (also organised by theme, style, alphabetically), typeface identifier, custom font design and corporate licensing services. [OpenType, Windows, MacOS]

LucasFonts - Selected type families all created by Luc(as) de Groot, available as PostScript or TrueType for Windows and Macintosh. Well hinted TrueType fonts with a large selection of weights.

MADType - Matt Desmond's one man type foundry. Specializes in unique original retail and custom type design.

Match Fonts - Offers a large variety of fonts for Windows and Macintosh, text fonts, display types, Calligraphy and handwriting, education, Foreign, special fonts and custom fonts.

Michael Browers - Dingbat and display fonts by Michael Browers.

MICR font - Font set with auto-calibration program and anti-fraud secure number fonts. Free samples available. [Windows/Macintosh]

Mindcandy - Twelve type foundries providing over 450 original, meticulously designed typefaces for both display and body copy.

Monotype - Sell libraries of typefaces from independent foundries/designers. Also offers custom font design, font licensing management services and technology (printer drivers/layout engines).

MVB Fonts - Publisher of original typeface designs available in PostScript Type 1 format for Macintosh and PC. Information on character sets and formats, downloads, ordering, and contact information.

MyFont - Custom handwriting Font service. Order and contact information, and samples available for viewing.

One Way Out Fonts - Decorative fonts. Fonts includes full character sets, 3 icons, and meticulous kerning.

P22 Type Foundry - Fonts denote a cross section of art, natural science and history.

ParaType, Inc - Font foundry offering custom design/conversion services. Also sell fonts from their own (and other) foundries. [Windows, MacOS]

Personal Handwritten Fonts - Personal handwriting converted into a personal computer font. A signature feature is also included. Samples, and order forum.

Pixietype - Offers bitmap, pixel, screen fonts for use on for Internet and in Flash design.

Popdog Fonts - Serious fonts for serious people. Original english and greek fonts.

Process Type Foundry - Located in Minneapolis Minnesota, the Process Type Foundry is an independent type design studio specializing in the production and distribution of original typefaces for retail and custom use.

Proggy Programming Fonts - Fixed-width screen fonts that are designed for code listings.

Psy/Ops Type - San Francisco's type studio, featuring a unique type collection, and offering a full range of typographic services. [Flash]

Pure Confection Dingbat Fonts - Dingbat fonts for web designers to use in creating web graphics sets. Several free Windows TrueType fonts available.

Quick Fonts - Logos and signature converted into fonts for business and personal communications.

2 Rebels - Type designers in Montréal, Canada.

Scriptorium Fonts - Original fonts based on historical calligraphy and digitizations of antique typefaces.

SelfBuild Type Foundry - Contemporary typefaces for Mac and PC.

Shinn Type Foundry - Assortment of contemporary typefaces designed by Nick Shinn. Each font shown in four different formats.

Sign DNA Fonts - Hand painted script, casual and display fonts for signmakers, designers and typographers. Available for Mac and PC in both PS and TT.

SignatureFactory - Convert signatures and logos to TrueType fonts. Sample conversions available.

Signfonts.com - Fonts for sign artist, created by sign artist specifically for use in sign design and vinyl cutting.

Storm Type Foundry - Information regarding a collection of fonts produced by Frantisek Storm.

066.STUDIO - Small studio founded in 1997 from Poland designing alternative fonts.

Studio Daedalus Comics Fonts - Featuring WhizBang, one of the very first authentic comics lettering fonts made available to amateurs, semi-pros, and publishers alike.

Synfonts - Digital Type foundry providing fonts to the type world since 1994.

T-26 - Started by Carlos Segura in 1994, T-26’s then experimental fonts are now considered mainstream. T-26 offers hundreds of original fonts.

Telegraphics - Telegraphics has been studying digital typography since 1986. Some of our experiments are freely downloadable from the site.

Terrapin Solutions Limited - Sells collections of fonts from major foundries and barcode fonts. Also offer custom font design and licencing services. Based in London, UK.

Test Pilot Collective - A new type foundry featuring digital fonts and graphic design.

Thirstype - Retro modern fonts.

TLai Enterprises - Acquire specialty fonts for military aircraft marking, sci-fi fonts and several utilities for Macintosh-based PalmPilots.

Treacyfaces: Headliners - The home of true graphic arts quality typography.

Treehouse - Collection includes several unusual novelty fonts

Typadelic Fonts - A small foundry offering a wide range of very unique typefaces. Available in Mac and PC format.

the Type Fetish - Selection of grunge fonts.

The Type Quarry - A small digital foundry specializing in historical, handwriting, and other fine fonts for print and web designers.

Typeco - Type foundry for the designs of principal, James Grieshaber, as well as a provider of typographic services and solutions.

TypeCulture - Independent digital type foundry and an academic resource with articles, essays, movies, and research directory.

Typephases Design - A collection of freeware dingbats, illustration and text fonts created by Joan Mas.

Underware Type Foundry - Underware is a (typo) graphic design studio that is specialized in designing and producing typefaces. These are published for retail sale or are especially tailor-made.

URW++ - A commercial typeface foundry providing high quality fonts for western European, eastern European, Turkish, Baltic, Greek and Cyrillic languages.

Vanderfont - Vanderfont is the online home for typefaces by illustrator and type designer Joe VanDerBos.

Vintage Type - Foundry specializes in antique typewriter fonts for screenwriters and old-fashioned telegram fonts. Additional fonts covering Celtic, label maker, screenplay, classic, fun, books on type, and fonts for layout and design.

vLetter, inc. Custom Handwriting Fonts and Signatures - Handwriting made into a handwriting font using patented Real Cursive and Printed font technology. Downloads, FAQs, product specification, ordering, and contact information.

Waldorf Fonts TrueType - Commercial TrueType fonts.

Wood Type Fonts - Fonts that are historically accurate reproductions of wood type produced in the 19th century in a variety of styles. Fonts are available only for the MAC in type 1 Postscript format.

Zang-O-Fonts - Decorative designs by Jamie Nazaroff.


Archetype font creation and modification - Archetype creates and modifies fonts, converts from Mac to PC format and back, creates and edits bitmaps, installs special characters and graphics into existing fonts.

Dan Cotton Lettering Design - Hand lettering, calligraphy, graphic designs, and brush illustrations.

Everson Typography - Samples of CeltScript, Everson Mono, Ogham and Inukitut.

Face2Face - Collaboratorium for turbulent typeface design and challenging letterbased performances.

Joe Finocchiaro Design - Specializing in typeface design, symbol and logo design and graphic illustrations with an emphasis on type.

Keith Tam: typography + beyond - An online type and typography resource including a typography web log, articles on typography, type design and graphic design, links, book reviews plus a portfolio of Keith Tam's typography and type design work.

Linotype Library: Font Designer Gallery - Links to pages of type designers.

Paul Baker Typography - Information on typography in general as well as gallery of typefaces designed for clients such as Yale University Press, National Gallery of Art and Children's Memorial Hospital.

Recife, Eduardo - Misprinted Type - Portfolio of drawings and fonts, and information on current projects.

Richard Hunt, Typographer - Biography and resume of Richard Hunt, Canadian typographer, consultant and typography instructor. Includes teaching philosophy and links to Archetype document formatting, font creation and modification typography site.

Typophage on the web - Personal site dedicated to typo and graphic works of Christophe Badani.


Baseline - An international typographic magazine includes articles, links, events, forums and other information on typography.

The FontSite - Monthly web magazine devoted to digital typography and graphic design, offering free fonts, fonts for sale, feature articles by well-known writers and industry insiders and an extensive listing of resources related to fonts and design.

Fontzone - Opinion, news, and reviews available with subscription. FontSpider locates articles on other typography sites.

Letter Arts Review - International magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists. Articles available with a subscription for a fee.

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography - Table of contents listings for past issues. Now out of print.

The Terminal - Online magazine of the P22 type foundry, featuring interviews, essays and articles about historical typography.

Typofile Magazine - Daniel Will-Harris offers essays and information about typography, with an emphasis on readable fonts for the computer screen.

Typographer.org - Digest of typography news and commentary from David John Earls and Yves Peters.

U&lc Online - The online companion to the ITC foundry's magazine. Features commentary on current topics and issues in typography and graphic design.


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