Websites on Entertainment Art and Media

Celebchaos - Provides guide to celebrity photo galleries, world news resources, and reality television shows.

CineMedia - Searchable, browsable directory of web sites pertaining to film, video, television, radio and other media. Links to performers, directors, production, research, festivals, schools and theaters.

Citibay - Collection of links to movies, film, music, television and reading information.

EntsWeb - Directory of entertainment, entertainers, music and musicians plus leisure activities, tourism and pastimes from the UK and around the world.

Eye on the Industry - Links to entertainment industry news and resources. - Home video information for films, television programs, as well as musical and sports videos by title, genre, leading cast, director, and studio. Organized alphabetically, also provides a search function.

Renegade Webpagelords - Links to comics, anime, and games.

Attending Awards - Outlines the networking opportunities at awards functions and provides a chart with contact information of most major awards for theater, film, music, and dance.

Awards Avenue - Information about award shows for movies, television, music, and theater.

British Academy of Film and Television Arts - BAFTA promotes and honors excellence in film, television, and Internet and multimedia technologies. Information, eligibility, events, winners, members, and archival information.

CAMIE Awards - Recognizes motion pictures, television programming, and those responsible for entertainment that reflects character and morality. Information and winners.

The Darius Awards - Awarded on a case-by-case basis for movies, graphic novels, literature, poetry, comic books, music videos, and drama. - Experts and amateurs meet to predict the winners of the Academy Awards, Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globes. News, information, commentary and interviews.

Kennedy Center Honors - Celebrates the lifetime achievements of American performing artists, writers, and composers.

People's Choice Awards - Venue for the American public to honor their favorite actors and actresses, musical performers, television shows, and motion pictures. Information, voting, history, and past winners.

The Princess Grace Awards - Identifies and assists young talent in theater, dance and film through grants in the form of scholarships, apprenticeships and fellowships.

CIA: Cinematic Intelligence Agency - News, previews and reviews for music, films, and television, as well as release dates, images, DVD and VHS content, and a "Star trek" database. Based in Australia.

The Cinema Source - News, reviews, trailers, contests, and statistics covering films, theatre, and television.

DigiChannel.Net - News, discussion, and downloads related to movies, music, theatre, and dance. Includes newsletters.

Entertain Your Brain - News, reviews, and information for fans of movies, television, music, books, and video games.

Entertainment Scene - Statistics and links on movies, music, books, theater, entertainment-related awards, and celebrities. Includes list of fast-food tie-ins to movies and television shows.

The Funkier Than Thou Network - Music, art, essays, and reviews from a community of artists, writers, musicians, and fans with a hip-hop perspective. Includes message board.

ABC News Entertainment - Headlines from the network and other sources, as well as downloads of trailers and clips.

American Entertainment: TheWebNewsroom - News and commentary on reality shows, movies, and music.

AOL News - Entertainment - Provides the latest entertainment news on movies, music, television and Hollywood. - Online distribution service for news and press releases covering visual and performing arts, literature, and films.

AOL Video On Demand - Browse the AOL Video catalog or search the Web and find video clips.

At Whurl TV - Online entertainment laboratory in which you can experiment with the current project. Includes interactive animations, virtual reality, music videos and 3D images.

BBC Entertainment Online - Includes video clips, games, quizzes, competitions, trivia and audio.

Dellacroix Haunted House - This is a virtual haunted house created for fun, it is not intended for small children. It has graphic photos and descriptions of murder and mayhem. Includes hidden items, lots of ways to die and each death will let you reply directly by email. Rated PG-13.

Dull Grey Studios - Creators of Macromedia Flash games, film and other media.

The Entertainment Zone - Downloads of movie trailers, selected video clips, music videos, and Hindi MP3s.

Blunt Review - Covers movies, music, and theater. Includes news and interviews.

Classic Film and Television - Reviews of classic movies and television shows.

The Critical Eye - Reviews of movies, videos, books, music, and technology, plus interviews with the people who make them.

ESpy - Reviews covering gaming, movies, music, television, and comics.

Film Monthly - Reviews and commentary on film, video, tv, and pop culture.

Filmnote - Film and book reviews, as well as list of favored music.

Foocha! - Movie, TV, media and video from the UK.

Joe - Movie, DVD, TV, game and book reviews, previews, news, and features.

JustPressPlay - Movie, music and game reviews. - Recommendation engine for rating authors, video games, movies, and music.

Listen To Me - Humorous reviews of films, music, video games, and television shows.

Livid - Dedicated to individuals who are grumpy, moody, unimpressed. News and reviews, primarily of films.

Lotta Reviews - Archived movie and TV review site.

Metacritic - Reviews, quotes, and composite review scores from major critics for film, video, DVD, music, and video games. - Provides reviews sorted by genre and information about collecting memorabilia. Also discusses video games and anime.

Mrs. - Commentary on books, music, movies, television shows, and music video.

My Review Center - Covers book, films and music. - Features reviews of movies, books, music, and board games. Includes short fiction and humor.

One Stop Review - Covers movies in theatres and on DVD, as well as music and television shows.

Poopgang - Focuses on videogames, DVDs and film. Also features forum.

PopMatters - Cultural criticism including music, television, films, books, multimedia, and theatre. Offers articles, reviews, and interviews.

Pulp Film - Reviews focusing on film, anime, and computer games. Includes message board and links to entertainment news.


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